Nick Cordero’s Family and Friends Honor Late Star During Musical-Filled Virtual Memorial

Nick Cordero’s Wife Amanda Kloots Tells PEOPLE: ‘Words Can’t Describe How Much I Will Miss Him’

Nick Cordero died on Sunday at 41 after spending 95 days in the hospital fighting coronavirus complications

Nick Cordero was honored by his family, friends and colleagues during a virtual memorial on Sunday, two months after he died from coronavirus complications at the age of 41.

The two-hour memorial, which streamed for free on Broadway On Demand, included a collage of photos and videos from Cordero’s life with appearances from his wife Amanda Kloots, his mom Lesley, and many of his former castmates from his theater and acting jobs.

At the start of the memorial, Kloots, 38, reminded viewers to make donations in Cordero’s honor to the Save the Music Foundation.

“Nick would want this memorial to be a celebration — something that makes people smile, that makes people sing, that makes people remember

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During pandemic, Black families put trust in Black doctors

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Dr. Janice Bacon was exactly the person Kay McField hoped to talk to when she found herself spending most of her days in bed, feeling too depressed to get up as the coronavirus pandemic threatened those around her.

As she watched those closest to her test positive for the virus — a goddaughter and her uncle, whom she cares for, among them — McField said she was terrified that she or her daughter, who both suffer from autoimmune diseases, would fall ill. When she wasn’t in bed, the 51-year-old single mother was cleaning her house compulsively.

“It was just this constant panic,” she said, her arms pressed to her chest. “I wanted to talk to someone I knew was going to listen, who I could trust.”

A Black primary care physician practicing in Mississippi for nearly four decades, Bacon works at an all-African American-run trio of

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A crisis hotline for transgender people, by transgender people

Oriana, a volunteer with the peer-support network Trans Lifeline, at home in Boston in July. The phone shows the total calls answered by the nonprofit to date. <span class="copyright">(Christina House / Los Angeles Times)</span>
Oriana, a volunteer with the peer-support network Trans Lifeline, at home in Boston in July. The phone shows the total calls answered by the nonprofit to date. (Christina House / Los Angeles Times)

Oriana went through the usual motions of preparing for a two-hour shift on the hotline. They filled a big glass of water, swaddled their armchair in a blanket and laid out a crochet hook and yarn on the desk, in case there was a lull in calls.

Downtime was unlikely, though, on this summer night.

The Trump administration had just finalized a rule that would reduce protections for transgender patients from discrimination by doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies. And Trans Lifeline, which describes itself as the only crisis hotline for trans people operated entirely by trans people, is flooded with calls every time the nation’s highest office does something that threatens the LGBTQ community.

The calls

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Dating Over 50? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Here’s the happy truth about dating over 50: Your long-married peers will probably be envious. Because at this age, you and your Gen X/Y cohort will have weathered children, financial reversals, second or third marriages, sexual drought, 3.5 different career paths—in short, lots of challenges. So, while being hunkered down in cohabitational bliss with your true love is great, real talk: How many people do you know that have that, really? Here’s to dating after 50 as a do-over, a love mulligan that has the potential to enrich your life experience. How to get that happening? We talked to a sociologist, dating app tech guru, single ladies and gentlemen and, yes, a matchmaker about best practices for dating over 50.

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Everyone—dating professionals to happily social singles—agrees: You’re more likely to have a pleasant dating experience if you spend

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Lindt is launching its first ever chocolate tin for Christmas

Lindt is launching its first ever chocolate box for Christmas. (Getty Images)
Lindt is launching its first ever chocolate box for Christmas. (Getty Images)

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If you love melt-in-the-middle, uber-creamy chocolate, then you’ll know that there is no better go-to than a perfectly-formed Lindt Lindor truffle.

The only problem is that if you’re after a family-sized amount, or a varied selection, you’ll end up having to stock up on multiple boxes, which takes up room and ends up costing more.

However, the ever-generous chocolatiers behind Lindt have solved all that with the announcement that they will be launching an entire tin of the truffles – and just in time for Christmas.

The Lindor assorted tin will feature the smooth, creamy truffles we know and love, all in one

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why the September frenzy is a thing of the past

Max Mara coats are a timeless purchase which can be worn for years to come - Getty
Max Mara coats are a timeless purchase which can be worn for years to come – Getty

La rentrée is the French term for the first few weeks of September, and the return to normal life after a month of swimming costumes, sun and rosé. And the main event of la rentrée? Buying le manteau, bien sûr.

While we Brits may not have had a special word for the back-to-school sensation September brings, for a long time this month was also marked by our most important purchase of the year: our winter coats. Every autumn, one major stand-out trend was decided upon (military, camel, Victoriana, tartan, mini, maxi…) and we would rush out to department stores, high streets and designer boutiques to make sure we owned it by October. Remember the infamous M&S pink duster coat that half of Britain wore throughout winter 2013? Well, that.

But in the last

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Malala Yousafzai, Steph Curry, Richard Branson among celebs hosting new themed book clubs

Book clubs, virtual or otherwise, are great in theory, but there’s always work involved for participants. Sometimes getting around to acquiring the book can take more time than actually reading it.

And in celebrity book clubs, like those run by Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, there isn’t a lot of discussion or debate online, if any, with the celebrity host. But Literati wants to give readers the virtual celebrity book club experience with the ease of home delivery and an app that will encourage discourse with a detailed discussion board.

A subscription-based monthly book service for children, Literati is expanding to monthly book clubs for adults that are curated by notable figures, known as “luminaries.” The curators include Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, NBA star Steph Curry,best-selling writer Susan Orlean, entrepreneur Richard Branson and scholars at the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

There will be several discussion boards in each club depending where

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Zap-Map’s EV charging point locator app now lets you pay for power too

While electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is improving, the overall user experience still needs a bit of ironing out — but things are improving!

Unlike gasoline filling stations where you can drive up to any location, fill up your car, pay, and drive off, EV chargers often require the user to register and set up an account to process payments. It can be a bit of a laborious process just to charge your car, and then there’re all the supporting apps you have to use to access the chargers.

[Read: Norwegian ebike owners ride 4x as much after buying their bikes]

Thankfully things are changing, today, one of the UK’s most popular EV charger mapping apps, Zap-Map announced the launch of its Zap-Pay service, which aims to address the inelegance associated with using multiple EV chargers.

The new feature is integrated into the regular Zap-Map app, which allows EV drivers

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This sex trafficking victim is behind bars, suicidal. She seeks Newsom’s clemency

Keiana Aldrich, a sex trafficking victim, is petitioning Gov. Gavin Newsom for clemency. <span class="copyright">(Courtesy of Maggy Krell)</span>
Keiana Aldrich, a sex trafficking victim, is petitioning Gov. Gavin Newsom for clemency. (Courtesy of Maggy Krell)

Keiana Aldrich has struggled to keep herself alive inside the California Institution for Women for months, anxious about the coronavirus, scared of retaliation for reporting alleged sexual abuse and fighting the urge to kill herself.

“Being locked in a room 24 hours a day except to shower sucks,” Aldrich wrote in an August email from the Riverside County prison. She has too much time to think, she said, “and it makes me go crazy.”

Last week, after being cut off from communication with the outside world for weeks, Aldrich, 25, reportedly slashed her wrists and neck with razor blades, then swallowed two of them, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. State authorities declined to give specifics about Aldrich, citing medical privacy laws.

Though Aldrich did not die, those closest to

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Gia Coppola on her YouTube culture satire

Her grandfather Francis Ford Coppola made “The Godfather”, so it’s hardly surprisingly that family plays an outsized role in Gia Coppola’s life and her blossoming career as a director.

As the niece of Sofia Coppola — who directed “Virgin Suicides” and “Lost in Translation” — Gia Coppola spent a chunk of her childhood on her aunt’s sets.

And it clearly rubbed off.  

Screenings for “Mainstream”, her satire on YouTubers and the often toxic culture of social media influencers, booked out at the Venice film festival before you could say click to subscribe.

And for once the festival’s hottest ticket did not disappoint, with a mesmerising performance by British actor Andrew Garfield as a charismatic drifter who becomes an online sensation.

– ‘Victim to validation’ –

Made from the gut, and using YouTubers’ own graphic tricks and emojis — the female lead vomits broken hearts when her boyfriend cheats on her

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