Day: October 8, 2020

DC’s Hotel Zena aims to make a statement about female empowerment

Hotel Zena, the new Logan Circle hotel, aims to serve as a cultural hub celebrating female empowerment through provocative art and design and relevant programming.

Hotel Zena is open in Logan Circle and aims to serve as a cultural hub celebrating female empowerment through provocative art and design and relevant programming.

Courtesy Viceroy Hotels & Resorts

The lobby includes a large portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which was part of the design plans well before the Supreme Court justice’s recent death.

Courtesy Viceroy Hotels & Resorts

In the spring, the rooftop deck and pool will open.

Courtesy Viceroy Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Zena, the new hotel managed by West Hollywood, California-based Viceroy Hotels & Resorts in D.C.’s Logan Circle, isn’t just a boutique hotel. It aims to serve as a cultural hub celebrating female empowerment though provocative art and design and relevant programming.

The 191-room Hotel Zena replaces the Kimpton-run

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Small Business Deal: Spend $10, Get $10

Illustration for article titled Treat Yourself to the Best Small Business Products You Can Buy on Amazon, and Get $10 Back for Prime Day

Image: Amazon

Shop Small Business, Get $10 Back | Amazon

In an effort to support small businesses this Prime Day, Amazon has created an initiative that nets you $10 for every $10 or more you spend with small businesses. “Unfortunately, even if you’d like to pull away from online shopping entirely, it’s not always feasible when you need an uncommon item in a pinch. For those moments, or if you’re too far out to make it into your nearest local shops but still want to help, Amazon will give you $10 to spend on Prime Day for every $10 you spend at select small businesses,” writes Jordan McMahon, Tech Editor at The Inventory.

I’ve put together ten items under $15 you can buy so you can get the credit and support a small business today. These items and this promotion help make treating yourself today possible— because you deserve

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Amazon Offers A Peek Of Rivian-Designed Delivery Vans

Amazon unveiled Thursday the first of the electric delivery vans resulting from its partnership with Rivian Automotive.

The retail giant placed its first order last year with the Plymouth, Michigan-based electric vehicle startup for up to 100,000 delivery vans by 2030. Amazon said it expects 10,000 Rivian-designed vans to be operating by as early as 2022.

The partnership is a major step in Amazon’s goal to eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Amazon released a video and blog post Thursday of one of the three models Rivian is producing for the retailer. Each van will be equipped with exterior cameras that

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Donald Trump suggests veterans’ families could have given him Covid

Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that relatives of fallen soldiers could have given him coronavirus after they visited the White House – as the timetable for the remaining two presidential debates between Trump and Biden was thrown into turmoil.

In a phone interview with the Fox Business TV channel on Thursday morning, Trump complained about coming into close contact with the veterans’ families in a gathering one day after an event at the White House where Trump nominated a new supreme court justice. Many senior figures in attendance at that event later tested positive for Covid-19.

Of the Gold Star families event at the White House on Sunday 27 September, Trump told Fox he “went through, like 35 people” whose family members had died, “and everyone had a different story”, adding: “I can’t back up and say: ‘Give me room. I want room. Give me 12 feet. Stay 12 feet

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5 things I do every morning before I open my compute

It will come as no surprise that my mornings look quite different these days than they did seven months ago. It’s clear: The whole world looks very different.

Aside from the mundane life changes which make up our new “new normal” (taking coffee at home, wearing masks outdoors, dropping my daughter off at the dining table instead of her school and embracing that “#wfh life” instead of meeting my team at our design studio), there is one major shift that I think most people can relate to. As a parent and entrepreneur, I find myself onboarding new employees through Zoom, attending virtual trade shows, catching up with friends and family through FaceTime, using distance learning for my daughter, and unwinding in front of the TV. After a day of these activities, it seems my whole life is unfolding before a screen. And with my phone in hand most waking hours,

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Jersey City Council has plan to flush away filthy port-a-johns

Jersey City residents may not have to “just hold it” when they pass a portable toilet in the future.

The City Council introduced an ordinance Wednesday that will establish maintenance and cleaning standards for portable lavatories, flushing away unkempt porta-johns around the city.

The legislation would require portale toilets to be cleaned at least once a week, including the removal of waste from toilets, deodorizing and sanitizing the interior, as well as restocking hand soaps, sanitizers and hand towels.

Council President Joyce Watterman said residents who live near Berry Lane Park complained about a porta-john in the park that was filthy. She said the city had to track down the company that owns the portable toilet to get it cleaned.

Watterman said due to COVID-19 restrictions that closed some public bathrooms, porta-johns should not currently be in parks.

“People were constantly using it and it was filthy,” Watterman said.


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Mom of 8 kids sets up cubicles at home to improve virtual learning: ‘A huge difference’

In today’s professional age, you’re never too young to get cozy in a cubicle.

A creative mom of eight has reconfigured a room in her home to serve as a virtual learning study space by deploying a go-to seating arrangement from the office days of yore: cubicles.

Heather James of Tempe, Ariz., said that the school year began with a “nightmare” of a start, as seven of her eight children struggled to get the hang of their new, partly online learning regimen, Insider reported on Wednesday.


James’ kids range in age from 10 to 20, and their mom said that the dining room, kitchen table and couches just weren’t cutting it as makeshift

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How one South Dakotan is continuing her education


This article was produced by Startup Sioux Falls and the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship and is syndicated by the Sioux Falls Business Journal. Startup Sioux Falls is a digital hub that aims to connect the communities, companies and non-profits that make up Sioux Falls’ startup ecosystem.

Sara Lum sought out an internship with the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship to gain experience with a local nonprofit organization as part of her MBA program at the University of South Dakota.

But she started as an architect.

Lum earned her Bachelor of Science degree in design and architectural studies as well as a Master of Architecture, and she currently works full-time for the South Eastern Council of Governments as a planner.

Lum sat down with Startup reporter Andrea Van Essen to talk about her work an architect and how she thinks an internship at Zeal will add to

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Amazon Shows Prototype of Its Rivian-Built Electric Delivery Van

  • Amazon unveiled a working prototype of its Rivian-built electric delivery vans.
  • The van will have Alexa integration, delivery optimization software, and safety features including a bulkhead door and multiple cameras for a 360-degree view around the van.
  • The electric Rivian vans will start deliveries in 2021 and Amazon says that there will 100,000 thousand in its fleet by 2030.

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    We’ve seen renderings. We’ve seen clay models. Now Amazon and Rivian are showing off a working prototype of one of the Amazon delivery vans that will start appearing on roads and delivering packages in 2021. The vehicle is one of three models that will be built by Rivian for Amazon. In all, Amazon says that its electric fleet of delivery

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    Another N.J. restaurant refuses to follow Murphy’s rules. Who can blame them? | Opinion

    It would be easy to dismiss the latest controversy at Cuban Pete’s in Montclair as just another reckless restaurant owner gone rogue.

    For months, Dominick Restaino has ignored Gov. Phil Murphy’s dining mandates, first being cited for illegal indoor dining over the summer and now filling his dining room well beyond the current 25% capacity limit.

    “If I have to, I will go to jail,” Restaino told

    Restaino would fit right in at The Lakeside Diner in Lacey, which began allowing indoor dining in June, well before it was reinstated by Murphy in September. They were cited by the authorities at least 10 times for it, but kept reopening even when the police called a locksmith and changed the locks on them.

    While these restaurants are largely in the wrong, taking public safety into their own hands and ignoring executive orders informed by health experts, they will surely not

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