How to Make Homestyle Dosas: A Primer

When Epicurious approached Tara O’Brady about writing this dosa primer, accepting the assignment was not as simple as saying yes or no. Read O’Brady’s essay about the decision here.

Dosa (alternatively, dhosai or dhosha), a fermented rice and lentil crepe originating in south India, has been a staple bread for at least a thousand years. It was classically a breakfast food, but as its popularity spread across the subcontinent and beyond, demand stretched to 24/7.

The most well-known dosa is made from long-grain white rice, skinned urad dal (black gram), and salt, all of which are soaked and ground with water to form a batter that is then cooked until golden and crisp. Consider this the default dosa: single-named, ubiquitous.

Homestyle Dosas with Tomato Chutney

Tara O’Brady

At restaurants this type of dosa can reach impressive physical proportions, the batter spread thin, then coaxed into rolls that span the width

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Build your online presence with this lifetime subscription

Build your online presence with this lifetime subscription
Build your online presence with this lifetime subscription

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to BoxHosting Online Hosting is on sale for £34.35 as of August 9, saving you 91% on list price.

When you’re building a website for your business, band, or wild fan theories, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want the process to go smoothly. You want the site to stay up, and be reliable. And you want to communicate easily with the people who visit your new cyber-home. While those things sound simple, it can be tough to find them all in one place without paying an expert a hefty sum.

BoxHosting is in fact one of those places. It’s budget-friendly, reliable, easy to use, and — best of all — the last web hosting service you’ll need since you can get a lifetime deal on sale for just £34.35.

SEE ALSO: These online

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I Love My College Students But I’m Terrified To Go Back To My College Classroom

I am a college professor at a state school where almost 30% of the population are first-generation college students, just as I was. I never returned to my office after spring break because we began emergency remote learning—very different than distance learning—to protect the lives of our students and families. Not even my succulents could possibly still be alive on my windowsill. And I am really hoping I hadn’t left any half and half in my tiny fridge.

I have earned tenure and last year was promoted to Professor, so I enjoy a level of security and privilege not shared by the majority of my colleagues. I missed my students, but I also hadn’t gotten to know them all that well yet so I know I failed in connecting more with them.

My husband is a high school physics teacher in a wealthy suburban school outside of Philadelphia. Overnight he

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Arlington National Cemetery Goes Virtual to Commemorate Milestone Anniversary

Arlington National Cemetery, which has been closed to the public during the novel coronavirus pandemic, marked the 100th anniversary of its historic amphitheater Friday with virtual events.

On May 15, 1920, the marble colonnades of the amphitheater were dedicated. Since then, it has been the setting for the National Memorial Day Observance, previously known as Decoration Day, at which the president traditionally gives an address after laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

This year, it is still unclear whether the cemetery will be open to the public on Monday, May 25.

Related: Strict Rules in Place for National Cemetery Visits on Memorial Day

The Army and the Defense Department, which have jurisdiction over Arlington, have yet to make that decision, but restrictions on large public gatherings in northern Virginia and the District of Columbia are still in effect.

In lieu of public events to mark the

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Colleges are increasingly going online for fall 2020 semester as COVID-19 cases rise

Call it coronavirus déjà vu. After planning ways to reopen campuses this fall, colleges are increasingly changing their minds, dramatically increasing online offerings or canceling in-person classes outright.  

This sudden shift will be familiar to students whose spring plans were interrupted by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Now, COVID-19 cases in much of the country are much higher than in the spring, and rising in many places. 

In many cases, the colleges had released plans for socially distant in-person classes only a few weeks ago, hoping to beat the coronavirus.

“Instead,” said Robert Kelchen, a professor of higher education at Seton Hall University, “the virus beat us.”

Just as in the spring, students have been left scrambling to adjust their class schedules and living arrangements, faced with paying expensive tuition for online classes and rent for an apartment they may not need. Digital classes are still unappealing to many,

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Without $600 Weekly Benefit, Unemployed Face Bleak Choices

Latrish Oseko, 39, sits with her daughter, at a hotel in Newark, Del., on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, where they have been staying. (Hannah Yoon/The New York Times)
Latrish Oseko, 39, sits with her daughter, at a hotel in Newark, Del., on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, where they have been staying. (Hannah Yoon/The New York Times)

When Latrish Oseko lost her job last spring, government aid helped prevent a crisis from becoming a catastrophe.

A $1,700 federal stimulus payment meant that when her 26-year-old car broke down, she could replace it. The $600 a week in extra unemployment benefits from the federal government allowed her to pay rent and buy food. When her day care provider closed, she was able to get her 4-year-old daughter a subscription to ABCmouse, an online learning app.

But the federal money has run out, and talks in Washington over how to replace it have broken down.

So Oseko, 39, is spending much of her time sitting in the Delaware hotel room where she has lived since her landlord kicked her out at

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Shop These 10 BIPOC-Owned Jewelry Brands for Your Next Statement Piece

Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Vendors
Photo Illustration by Scouted/The Daily Beast/Vendors

The COVID-19 pandemic has got us cooped up indoors, joining Zoom meetings with our cameras off, sweatpants on, and a messy bun to top it off. Now, with work from home policies likely staying in effect for many of us until next year, that work-attire wardrobe is going to keep collecting dust. But there’s still one way we can easily make a statement (and make us want to turn those cameras on): jewelry. 

I’ve personally collected jewelry all my life–earrings, especially, being my favorite collector’s item. I buy them as gifts, mementos, or accessories for every new outfit. I often buy vintage pieces or homemade pairs from artisan markets when I travel abroad.

Last year, I had the unfortunate displeasure of having a pouch of my jewelry stolen at the airport on my way home from a glorious summer trip to Cuba and Panama.

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The ultimate guide to reusable face coverings as England changes rules

We have all your questions about face masks answered including how to wash them, masks for children and where to buy them: iStock
We have all your questions about face masks answered including how to wash them, masks for children and where to buy them: iStock

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that face masks and coverings will become part of daily life. The UK government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have both advised wearing face coverings in a bid to reduce the infection transmission of Covid-19.

Since 24 July, face coverings have been mandatory in all shops, supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, banks, post offices and transport hubs in England. People who don’t wear one will face a fine of up to £100, apart from people with medical conditions and children under 11.

Boris Johnson announced an extension to these rules in a government briefing on 31 July. From 8 August, face masks will become compulsory in more indoor settings where you’re likely to come into contact with people you don’t normally meet,

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Are printers, computers tax-free? 10 states hold sales tax holidays this weekend and some offer a tax break on tech

Shoppers in 10 states should file this away: This weekend, you can pick up clothes and school supplies tax-free.

Sales tax holidays kick off Friday in nine states – Florida, Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia – and Maryland’s tax holiday begins Sunday.

Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee already held their tax holidays. Maryland and Connecticut will offer tax breaks later in August. 

The back-to-school shopping season, the second-biggest period for retailers, behind the holidays, usually kicks off in mid-July and peaks in mid-August. This year, it’s off to a slow start amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts predict the shopping season will peak in late August and spill into most of September.

Need Clorox wipes?: Disinfecting wipes shortage could last into 2021 amid coronavirus pandemic

Drive-in movies at Walmart: Walmart launching drive-in movie theaters at 160 stores amid COVID-19. Here’s how to reserve a parking

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These No. 1 Bestselling Shorts Are Comfier Than You Could Imagine

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Are most of your shorts…coming up short? Puns aside, this is a serious fashion issue, and if you don’t own a pair of shorts you can comfortably wear and feel cute in, then we want to solve that. Everyone deserves to enjoy summer in warm weather clothes they love, and dresses are definitely not going to work for every occasion!

Even if you think you’ve already found the best shorts out there, we’re about to change your mind. These FEKOAFE shorts from Amazon are basically unbeatable. The fabric looks so dreamily soft online, we can’t even imagine how it would feel in real life. And we don’t have to imagine. We can just make it happen by picking up a pair (or five) today!

FEKOAFE Comfy Drawstring Casual Elastic Waist Shorts
FEKOAFE Comfy Drawstring Casual Elastic Waist Shorts


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