“Jaws of Death” a New Dinosaur Discovery, 45 Years After Bones Found

Gary Thompson was fifteen when he found the fossils near Cedaredge in Delta County. It was 1975, and he’d just gotten interested in paleontology after a school field trip to scenic Escalante Canyon, a red-rock canyon where he and his classmates learned about the dinosaur bones and petrified dung specimens regularly found in the area.

“That really piqued my interest,” Thompson recalls. “I became kind of a rock hound. I enjoyed going out and searching for fossils and such.”

But a move with his mother to New Mexico from western Colorado was about to take him from some of his favorite hunting grounds. “I wanted to fossil-hunt one more time before we left,” he says. “So I asked my mom to drop me off out near the rodeo grounds.”

As Thompson scanned the nearby hillside, a mound of dirt with some rock fragments caught his eye. When he arrived at

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Amazon small business gift guide for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Shop TODAY was paid by Amazon to write this article. However, Shop TODAY editors worked independently to select both the topic and the products featured, without input from Amazon. If you buy something through these links, Shop TODAY earns a commission on your purchases from our sponsor’s site.

With medical experts warning against crowded retail shops amid the global pandemic, people may be tempted to shop online. But, what if you want to support a small business that doesn’t have an e-commerce store?

With more and more small businesses opening online storefronts, it’s fairly easy to “shop small” from your own living room. Many of them actually turned to Amazon to continue selling merchandise.

The retailer hosts plenty of small business storefronts in one convenient landing page. Plus, Amazon is incentivizing Prime members to shop small during the next couple of weeks. Any Prime member who buys from select small

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Mayo Clinic Health System launches Mask Made by Me

How kids can design their very own mask

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Children are faced with daily challenges when wearing masks to help protect against COVID-19. Whether it’s always having a mask with them, making sure they are cleaned daily, or wearing them correctly – adjusting to this new normal can feel overwhelming for both children and adults.

Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, Dr. Joseph Poterucha, says a lot of this anxiety for children comes with the fact that everyone’s face is covered.

“Kids rely on faces to recognize emotions and feel safe. So, if you don’t have your face there it’s really difficult for them to gauge a social situation,” he says.

Even though getting kids to wear a mask

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Local theaters streaming shows, bringing stage to screen for home viewing

Two Corridor troupes are merging theater and film, with all the personnel and production bells and whistles, to stream events Friday and Saturday night.

“We have all the community of theater people it takes to put on a show — except for the audience,” said Elizabeth Tracey, director of “Songs for a New World.” The City Circle Acting Company production was filmed Sept. 18 and 19 on its home stage at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts.

Theatre Cedar Rapids commissioned Iowa City playwright and actor Megan Gogerty to adapt one of her previous solo shows to be filmed on the TCR stage as part of its fall virtual season. She upped the ante and wrote a new screenplay to reflect the times, titled “Feel Better.”

Both shows are ticketed, with viewers choosing the night they wish to watch on their own screens.

‘Songs for a New World’


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Parents take school year on the road

NEW YORK (AP) — In RVs, rental homes and five-star resorts, families untethered by the constraints of physical classrooms for their kids have turned the new school year into an extended summer vacation, some lured by the ailing hotel industry catering to parents with remote learners through “roadschooling” amenities.

With the pandemic ongoing, the change of scene for desperate work- and school-from-home families boils down to “risk versus reward,” said Amanda Poses, a travel consultant and mother of two teenagers in Austin, Texas. “God willing, we don’t have the opportunity to do this again.”

Poses and her husband let 13-year-old Addison attend school from Park City, Utah, for three days of a five-night stay in early September. In search of a flight of three hours or less, they rode horses, hiked and zip-lined. They went tubing and enjoyed an alpine slide. And, yes, there was a bit of logging in

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Gavin Newsom vetoes California homelessness, housing bills

Good morning! How about that debate, huh?

FIRST UP — Don’t miss our election disinformation event, today at 12:30 p.m. Get the details here. Sen. Richard Pan is on the panel with Sacramento Bee President and Editor Lauren Gustus.


Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday night vetoed nearly a dozen bills. Among them were a pair of bills focused on homelessness and affordable housing, something Newsom has said in the past is a top priority for the state.

The governor used his veto pen on a bill, AB 1845, that would have created an official Office to End Homelessness under the Governor’s Office, along with, at long last, an official homelessness czar.

In his veto message, Newsom wrote that since taking office in 2019, the state has invested more than $2 billion in new, direct aid for the homeless. He touted Projects Roomkey and

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Pavlich: What happened to Democrats supporting women?

The facade of the Democratic Party being the place for women is quickly collapsing as Judge Amy Coney Barrett prepares to become the next U.S. Supreme Court justice.

After her nomination at the White House over the weekend, it’s become clearer than ever Democrats are only interested in supporting certain kinds of ambitious and successful women. Or to put it more simply, women who support leftist polices and believe in legislating from the bench.

Given her extensive career as a Supreme Court clerk, Notre Dame Law professor, U.S. circuit judge and now Supreme Court nominee, Judge Barrett is a woman feminists should be praising. She’s a rare individual who does and has it all.

On top of a busy legal career, Barrett enjoys a happy, supportive marriage and cares for seven children, two of whom were adopted as children from Haiti.

“The president has asked me to become

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These are the best vacuum cleaner deals for $100 or less for October 2020

If you’re shopping for a cheap vacuum cleaner, we found an excellent selection of the best vacuum cleaners under $100 available online right now. New vacuum cleaners with updated features make house cleaning much more efficient without spending hundreds of dollars. We included cordless dustbusters, stick vacuums,2-in-1, and 3-in-1 multipurpose models that bring your household cleaning chores into the 21st century. Clean up with these inexpensive vacuum deals.

Top cheap vacuum deals

The best cheap vacuums under $100

Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 stick vacuum

— $30

cheap vacuum cleaners
cheap vacuum cleaners

If you can’t decide whether you need a handheld canister vacuum or a full-sized upright, then enjoy the best of both worlds with the Blaze 3-in-1 stick vac from Eureka. This handy bagless vacuum is perfect for cleaning small spaces like dorm rooms or apartments. Unlike 2-in-1 stick vacs, the Blaze has three different modes. When in upright mode, its head swivels

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Walmart is redesigning its stores. This is what they’ll look like

In a push to get more people to download its app and use it while shopping (read: not Amazon’s app), Walmart is encouraging shoppers to download it prior to entering to assist in navigating the store, search for more options online and pay once finished. The redesign will roll out to 200 US stores by the end of the year and 1,000 more by the end of 2021.

Walmart's new sigange.
Shoppers will also notice that Walmart’s departments are being more clearly organized and new, larger signage will be installed. Walmart (WMT) said the new signs were inspired by airports because they are “best-in-class examples of how to navigate large groups of people,” especially in light of the pandemic that has sent people flocking to stock up on essentials.

The redesign process began last year, before Covid-19, but includes features that people have gotten used to such as contactless payments. For

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Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. Launches New Local SEO Guide

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc., a South Florida based Marketing Agency, announces their expanding line of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs and trainings, including their new Local SEO Guide.

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (PRWEB) September 29, 2020

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc., a South Florida based Marketing Agency, announces their expanding line of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs and trainings, including their new Local SEO Guide.

Local SEO is intended to help local users find relevant, local businesses, and when companies don’t optimize their website to meet these local demands, they’re missing out on leads, sales, traffic (both online and at their brick and mortar), and brand awareness.

Propel’s Local SEO Guide details how companies can gain local traction and Google ranking through easy-to-follow tips and tried and true techniques.

“Because Google is constantly updating their search algorithm to make online searches easier and better for the user, it’s imperative that

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