What NYFW Designers Wear in Their Studios to Prep for the Big (Digital) Day

Photo credit: COURTESY
Photo credit: COURTESY

From Harper’s BAZAAR

To call these times unprecedented may be true, but it’s hardly the whole story. New York Fashion Week made the decision to go mostly digital, and designers are adjusting accordingly. The show, as they say, must go on. Jobs and livelihoods depend on it, and fashion can serve as a bright spot in what can be dark moments. And this isn’t the first time the show has gone on through times of hardship—like a post 9/11 world and during the Great Recession of 2009. In light of all that, we turned to the creatives behind some of the labels showing next week to see how they’re coping, what their ideal fashion worlds and calendars look like, and of course, what they’re wearing now.

Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

Wes Gordon

—of Carolina Herrera—

What do you wear to work right now, and why?


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Best visas around the world for adventurous digital nomads

 Bermuda is offering a visa for digital nomads (Bermuda)
Bermuda is offering a visa for digital nomads (Bermuda)

As the pandemic moulds us into an even more digital-first society, workers and employers have come to realise that plenty of jobs can be done entirely online.

With a computer, decent broadband connection and a little self-discipline, you can work from just about anywhere in this new era.

But who says working “from home” has to be your home? Or that “remote working” can’t be truly remote?

Destinations are cottoning on to the opportunities presented by a whole new breed of digital nomads and are offering visas to match. Here are some of the best places to potentially see out the pandemic without having to quit the day job.


Bermuda is offering year-long stays for people who want to work or study remotely, with a new scheme that launched in August.

The British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic is

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Wisconsin Rural Students Face Digital Divide As Students Return

This is the third in a series of stories examining how school districts around the country are coping with the coronavirus pandemic. You can read the whole series here.

By Peter Cameron/The Badger Project

The 40-acre farmette where the Hellenbrand family lives in south-central Wisconsin is an eclectic mix of people and animals.

Amy Jo Hellenbrand and her husband raise corn, soybeans, wheat, heifers, chickens, goats and bunnies on their land just outside the village of Dane, about 20 miles north of Madison.

“We do have a little petting zoo,” she said with a chuckle.

They also raise four children — ages 11, 9, 8 and 5 — and up to five more children attend her home day care at least for part of the day.

That made this spring particularly challenging, when the pandemic forced schools across the state to close. Mirroring the rest of Wisconsin, education for the

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What will China’s central bank digital currency mean for Alipay and WeChat Pay?

China’s e-payments ecosystem is set to step up a level of sophistication as the coronavirus pandemic and deteriorating US-China relations hasten Beijing’s plans for a digital fiat currency; potentially complicating a landscape dominated by Alipay and WeChat Pay.

The central bank’s e-yuan, called Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DC/EP), would let citizens ­pay for goods with e-wallets, replacing banknotes and coins and ­accelerating the dash by the world’s second-largest economy towards a cashless society.

“The timetable has been sped up by the coronavirus and the realpolitik of US-China relations,” said former IBM executive Richard Turrin, who is writing a book on China’s digital currency.

China already boasts more electronic mobile payments than anywhere else, with 711 million monthly active users on Ant Group’s Alipay and about 800 million on Tencent Holdings’ ­WeChat Pay service in a US$49 trillion market, almost 500 times bigger than in the United States. Yi Gang, the … Read More

Face masks, digital thermometers and more: Shop August reader favorites

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

As some restaurants, salons and other businesses welcomed back their customers in August, NBC News Shopping readers continued to invest in face masks, filters and thermometers. And while students geared up to return to online or in-person classes, our visitors showed an increased interest in back-to-school related items: kids face masks, Wi-Fi routers and other tech to create an at-home classroom.

With increased time spent at home, NBC News Shoppers continued to purchase products to improve their homes, including vacuums, ergonomic chairs and exercise bikes, as well as grooming essentials such as trimmers and razors. After you check out the above shopping guides and

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How to Improve Digital Fashion Shows

Think beyond the regular runway. Think about greater diversity. And let technology follow, not guide, your concept.

Oh, and please entertain and surprise us.

Those are among suggestions for designers and brands plotting digital fashion presentations for the coming spring-summer 2021 season. For the first of a new, recurring featured called Suggestion Box, WWD reached out to a sampling of top editors, retailers and creative figures to evaluate the summer’s digital fashion weeks, which were hinged mainly on creative films.

Among those nonplussed was Laura Brown, editor in chief of InStyle.

“To be honest, I didn’t really watch a lot of the pre-done presentation videos — with the exception of Dior — because they don’t make me feel anything,” she told WWD. “Live presentations like Valentino, captured on video, feel different. Also something like Gucci showing the prep for a shoot had a real-time feeling, and the kids love all

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China’s sovereign digital currency plans must be globally compatible to internationalise the yuan, analysts say

China is set to expand the testing of its new sovereign digital currency later this year or in early 2021, but analysts say the design of its technological platform needs to be made compatible with those of other countries if the digital yuan is to play a role in international transactions.

US dollar payment system.” data-reactid=”13″China’s sovereign digital currency testing plan comes amid a sense of urgency to promote greater use of the yuan as the threat of United States sanctions has sparked fears that Chinese financial institutions, in an extreme case, could be cut off from access to the US dollar payment system.

“Under the threat of US sanctions, the near-term goal is to minimise disruptions to China’s trade and investment activities, [by promoting the use of the yuan beyond its borders],” said Jing Sima, a China strategist at BCA Research.

However, the People’s Bank of China

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Digital marketing is an all-important 2020 business skill. Learn it now before you start your company

TLDR: The Entrepreneur’s 2.0 Digital Marketing Tools Bundle is a comprehensive guide to a host of strategies for successful online business building in 2020.

If you’re a business owner in 2020, you better have some ideas about how your product or service is going to capture attention online. If you haven’t thought through exactly how that will happen, you might want to put the brakes on everything until you do.

Optimized content can drive up an online blog post by 2000 percent. Almost 90 percent of marketers say adding video to online messaging led to a direct increase in their sales. And 86 percent of women will look at social media before deciding to make a purchase.

All those engagement opportunities are there for those savvy enough to take them — and will be lost for those foolish enough to ignore them. The training in The Entrepreneur’s 2.0 Digital

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Digital Transformation Drives Computer Software Firms: 5 Picks

Digital transformation is often perceived differently across the organization structure that leads to confusion. But, in the last few years, companies around the world have put in collective effort to enable smooth business transformation. The coronavirus outbreak in the beginning of 2020 pushed employees to adapt to remote working, which eventually led to digital transformation.

This digital transformation has boosted spending on technologies and services, specifically computer software. These software support applications are related to cloud computing, digital media and marketing, customer relationship management, accounting & tax purposes, human capital management, cybersecurity and more.

Innovation on Pandemic Push

Computer software plays a predominant role in technological innovation and digital transformation. Amid the pandemic, companies have been forced to shift on-premise operations to cloud architecture and SaaS has become the preferred delivery vehicle.

And why not? Businesses are constantly in demand for applications that help in instant and real-time response for

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Digital marketing doesn’t have to remain a mystery. These master courses pull back the curtain

TLDR: The 2020 Learn Digital Marketing and Advertisement Certification Bundle guides first-timers through the world of online sales and how to be a success.

While retail business was hurt at unprecedented levels in the wake of COVID-19, their loss turned into a big gain for digital retailers. In fact, eCommerce sales are expected to be up by 18 percent by the end of this year. And next year, global online sales could approach nearly $5 trillion.

That’s a roundabout way of saying that if you’re a retailer who isn’t focusing a decent portion of your time and effort into executing a sound digital marketing campaign, you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot.

If web sales aren’t your expertise, it’s time to get up to speed. The training in The 2020 Learn Digital Marketing and Advertisement Certification Bundle ($45.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) can introduce you to how

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