Woman transforms $38,000 Craigslist find into ‘magical’ Airbnb: ‘Completely by chance’

A crafty entrepreneur named Kayla Mason is going viral on TikTok after sharing how she found a $38,000 house on Craigslist and transformed it into a “fully functioning Airbnb.”

By day, Mason is the owner of a mindfulness brand called Breathe KC. In other words, her job has absolutely nothing to do with real estate or lodging management. She became the owner of an Airbnb “completely by chance.”

“Before a trip out [to the Ozarks] I checked Zillow and there happened to be an A-frame for sale that had been on the market for over 140 days and was a few streets away from our friends. We made a point to look at it and I put an offer on it two days later!” Mason told In The Know.

Unfortunately, other people were also interested in the same house — and so ultimately, Mason’s offer didn’t end up getting accepted.

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How to find time to design again

So you like TNW? Then join our upcoming online event, TNW2020, you don’t want to miss it.

For the past few months, I’ve noticed an increasing number of designers online complaining about their lack of time to design. They have a packed agenda full of meetings and, if they’re lucky, they have little blocks of an hour of less to design. This is nothing new, I’ve been there. I’ve seen designers complain about this throughout my entire career. I’ve done it too.

I’ve also seen managers trying to address the problem. I’ve had meetings about having too many meetings and, the funniest part is, the outcome of that was spending even more time discussing it in smaller teams, trying to fix the situation.

Sure, managers have their fair share of accountability, after all they’re often the ones booking most of the recurring meetings. But what about designers? Are

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Find & Support Black-Owned Businesses With These Apps & Websites

Following the police killing of George Floyd in May, protests have broken out across the country. We encourage everyone to join the fight by marching in local protests, signing online petitions, donating, and calling your elected officials, but there’s another way to fight systemic racial inequality, and that’s by putting your money where your mouth is. Make a commitment to support Black-owned businesses in your area.

Right now, Twitter users are asking their friends and followers to share their own or their favorite Black-owned businesses. While sifting through social media responses is one way to find spots to support, there are a lot of tweets containing the phrase “Black-owned businesses.” So if you’re looking to find a Black-owned business quickly — perhaps in time for take-out dinner tonight — there are also many useful resources online and in the app store that can help.

Ahead are top-ranking websites

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Find Out How To Buy it Here

Missed out on the first Birkenstock X Valentino collaboration in 2019? Don’t worry the duo have just announced an eagerly anticipated follow up. Birkenstock X Valentino 2.0 drops this week.

Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli has reimagined Birkenstock’s classic Arizona style in an overblown camouflage motif featuring the Valentino VLTN logo on the side.

The unisex Birkenstock X Valentino collaboration sandals come in two colorways: VLTN Army Green-Brushwood and VLTN Army Green-Lime. And here’s how to buy them. They will become available on Thursday Sept 3., in limited quantities on Birkenstock’s 1774.com website, Valentino.com and Valentino stores worldwide.

The first collaboration debuted on Valentino’s Paris runway in January 2019. They came in red or black with the same VLTN logo on the flank.

“I chose to make this collaboration with Birkenstock for the same reason people choose Birkenstock every day. No matter what you wear, who you are, no matter

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You’re invited to the Cosmopolitan Careers Festival: find the details here

Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

From Cosmopolitan

Whether you’re looking to pivot post-pandemic, turn redundancy into opportunity, or take your first steps into the career you really want, our FREE online festival has all the advice, tips and resources you need to bolster your CV and land your dream role. All without leaving the house! How 2020 of us.

In this eight-part series we’ll delve into the livelihoods of serial entrepreneurs and get the inside scoop from women working in some of the pandemic’s hardest-hit industries, from fashion to media. Plus, we’ll hear first-hand what recruiters are really looking for right now.

How to get hired

When: 7th September, 6pm

Learn how to ace that interview classic: “what’s your biggest weakness?”

Whether you’re at the start of your career or on the hunt for something new, this free 45-minute session will arm you with all the need-to-knows to handle your job

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People find new ways to spend vacation money in today’s ‘homebody economy’

A pool in the backyard? A fresh coat of paint on the deck? For some people flush with funds from canceled vacations due to the coronavirus pandemic, that’s exactly the plan.

A new survey shows nearly one-third of homeowners are using money previously set aside for travel and spending it on home improvements — doing everything from small updates to large renovations.

What are people spending vacation money on?

Half of those homeowners said they’re putting the funds towards structural repairs, such as a basement renovation or a new roof, according to the survey of 1,878 people from Groundworks, a home services company. About 30% said they’re putting the money toward outdoor entertaining, such as a new dining set on the patio. And the rest said they’re spending the money on home additions, creating an at-home gym or even installing a new pool.

For Saleena Sidhu of New York City,

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Independent Artists Find a New Canvas: Face Masks

Grabbing a face mask before you head out the door is almost as ubiquitous as grabbing your keys these days, as officials around the country continue to promote the wearing of face coverings to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Most states now have some sort of face mask mandate in place, and it’s not uncommon anymore to see a room full of people with their mouths and nose covered, whether you’re in a restaurant, at the bank, or waiting in line at the grocery store.

And while face masks continue to be a CDC-recommended guideline for helping to curb the spread of germs and airborne particles, a good face mask has also quickly become a statement-making accessory of sorts — a way for people to express themselves, much like picking out a hat or piece of jewelry. After all: if you’re going to be stuck wearing a mask

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Here’s how your small business can be the next ‘Big Find’ brand on QVC

QVC and HSN — two of the biggest shopping destinations —  have helped entrepreneurs achieve their dreams for over 30 years. Now, they’re on a mission to help a new crop of hopefuls have a chance to shine through their new The Big Find initiative. Now through Wednesday, August 19, you can apply here by submitting an application with a video.

Small businesses, like the ones chosen for The Big Find, are the backbone of America. They make our world a better place. Through the initiative, the mega retailers have given these brands — ranging from beauty, apparel and footwear to accessories, jewelry and homeware  — a chance to share their stories and offerings with customers across their digital and broadcast platforms. Even more: QVC and HSN, known for fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, will continue to nurture these companies and support them in their growth. 

If you’re in the

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‘Find Kristin Smart’ group says it’s serious about buying home next to Paul Flores’ mom

A group of community advocates seeking justice for missing Cal Poly student Kristin Smart is floating the idea of buying an Arroyo Grande home next to the property of Susan Flores.

Flores is the mother of Paul Flores, the last person seen with Smart when the 19-year-old woman went missing after a party in San Luis Obispo in 1996.

Members of the Find Kristin Smart Facebook group started discussing the idea when the home on the 500 block of East Branch Street was listed for sale online. The group had more than 30,000 members as of Monday.

“Ok serious proposal,” group member Pascoe Bowen wrote on Aug. 5. “What if we bought the house for sale next door to (Susan Flores) and turned it into the Kristin Smart memorial museum, and research center for missing people? The house is selling for $700,000, we have over 29,000 members in this group.

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