If your wedding is any time in the near future, the one accessory everyone will be donning is a face mask. So why not give yourself the opportunity to make it a distinctive fashion statement unique to your big day?

Many brilliant designers have come forth to blend creativity and functionality together in response to COVID-19, and we’re sharing our favorites that are worthy of your wedding.

You can get a truly opulent look with an elegantly made rhinestone face mask. If you want something glistening without bringing too much attention to yourself, we suggest you go for this one by Fashion Nova.

Iridescent Rhinestone Face Mask, $34.99

This sublime hand-embroidered mask with metal and thread embellishments will take your breath away. The silk batik mask from Gayatri Chopra is uniquely crafted to bring character to a colorful wedding ensemble.

3. Wedding Face Mask with Pet Portrait

How about a fun illustration of your furry friend to make your special day extra special? Designer Kristin Mastoras is here to make that dream come true. Just send photos of your pets and your initials and watch it come alive.

Wedding Face Mask with Pet Portrait, $58

4. Designer Lace Fringe Cotton Face Mask

If you’re a fan of frills and fringes but don’t want to look too ostentatious, this dreamy dangling fringe mask can be the ideal pick. Designer Kiki Bisous has already impressed other buyers, now it’s your turn to enjoy her work.

Designer Lace Fringe Cotton Face Mask, $42

5. Sequin-Embroidered Face Mask

Embroidered silver sequined face masks can be scratchy on your skin, but Cecilia Rangel has incorporated soft, silk fabric lining. This ultra feminine face mask can be paired with a customized complementary mask for your partner.

DM @_ceci_rangel for prices

6. Luxury Face Mask with Filter Pockets

Feeling luxurious? This magnificent handmade pearl embroidered face mask by Mazk Mask will make you feel like a royal bride. It accommodates filters and is a perfect choice if you want to go bold.

Luxury Face Mask with Filter Pockets, $86.39

7. Custom Solid Mask with Couple’s Monogram

If you crave the classic bride and groom monogram, here’s a stylish and safe option for you. Adrienne Fuqua’s couple’s monogram face mask can be custom made in various colors, sizes and shapes.

Custom Solid Mask with Couple’s Monogram, $25+

8. Pearl Embellished Face Mask

If you thought you couldn’t find a face mask that oozes sumptuousness and sophistication at the same time, we bring you this, the pearl embellished face mask by May Tan.

Sequin Lace Pearl Embellished Face Mask, $30

9. Handmade Pink Lace Facial Mask

If you’re looking for something on the softer, more romantic side, try this beautiful pink lace masks by Monsieur Lenny.

Handmade Pink Lace Facial Mask, $19

10. Personalized Wedding Face Mask

If you want a keepsake that you can use after your wedding, personalized wedding masks with dates and names are a totally wearable option. These masks by Fransizka can be even emblazoned with your pictures.

Mouthguard Wedding Face Mask, $24.35

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