The Marvel Cinematic Universe has tons of characters to love and get to know, and each of them has their own great traits and their flaws. Huge fans definitely have specific superheroes or side characters that they can certainly relate to.

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Capricorns are the hardest-working sign of the zodiac, and they can be a bit guilty of focusing solely on their duties and success. This earth sign is disciplined and super intelligent, and this serious sign is fiercely independent. It’s time to see which Marvel characters are definitely Capricorns, and how they stack up against the rest.

10 Bruce Banner: Hardworking

Bruce standing at the headquarters

Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) has a big and selfless heart, and that might just separate him from most Capricorns. However, he does dedicate most of his time to his work and his duties. He is as intelligent as they come, which most Capricorns are.

This lovable character is hardworking and dedicated, and he’s also calm and practical (when he’s not the Hulk). He makes plans and he analyzes how to do them most efficiently. His great mind would make any Capricorn proud.

9 Justin Hammer: Ambitious

Justin Hammer holding a gun in the hanger, wearing gloves and a suit vest

There are a handful of Marvel villains that might just be Capricorns, but it’s mainly because they are ambitious, determined, smart, and independent. Justin Hammer was the villain of Iron Man 2, and fans won’t forget his blazing ambition.

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He was almost as smart as Tony Stark himself, and he had the matching crave for power and success. He was too stubborn to turn back, and despite his hard work and plans, it didn’t pan out. Still, he’s a Capricorn through and through.

8 Nick Fury: Responsible

Nick Fury standing outside in Infinity War, staring fowards

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is a core member of this franchise with some memorable and staggering moments, but he’s most well-known for being the guy that calls the shots and leads everyone in the right direction. He knows everything about everything, which a Capricorn would pride themselves in.

When all the superheroes are trying to do their own thing, Nick Fury is the one responsible for keeping the universe intact. This is a big job, and it’s one that’s truly only fit for a member of this zodiac sign.

7 Carol Danvers: Persistent

Captain Marvel standing in her suit outside in the field

One of the newest superheroes to join the Avengers, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is a bit hard to read. She’s blunt, proud, intelligent, and determined. She has a tough exterior, but she’s always willing to act and move forwards.

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All of these traits are completely in line with this earth sign. Captain Marvel never gives up, she always finds a way and is willing to take risks to achieve her goals and do what no one else will. This ambitious gal is as persistent and disciplined as they come.

6 Nebula: Relentless

Nebula fighting in Endgame

Being persistent and relentless are pretty similar, except that being relentless can have some real costs. Despite this, Nebula (Karen Gillan) never falters. Capricorns are clever and hard-workers, and like Nebula, they have a goal that they will never give up on.

Nebula is a mysterious, difficult, and troubled character, but her serious and reserved nature is actually very in-tune with this zodiac. Nebula is disciplined, ambitious, and completely dedicated to her mission at all times.

5 Maria Hill: Pragmatic

Maria Hill standing in the computer room, wearing her uniform and a scar on her cheek

Capricorns are pretty straightforward, by-the-book, pragmatic, and sensible. Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) checks off all these boxes. She is more serious in nature, and takes her duties extremely seriously, as any member of this sign would.

Maria is a great asset to S.H.I.E.L.D., with her wits, determination, loyalty, and persistence. Mainly though, Maria is pragmatic and matter-of-fact, which makes her valuable as much as it makes her a Capricorn.

4 Doctor Stephen Strange: Realistic

Doctor Strange standing on the street, a cut on his face

Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) doesn’t beat around the bush. He is blunt and honest, and isn’t going to sugar-coat the truth, regardless of how hard or tragic it may be. His realism and practicality are huge assets her brings to the team.

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When the rest of the Avengers are usually being optimistic, Stephen Strange knows when they have given it their all. Beyond that, he is intelligent and determined, and his great mind makes him a great Capricorn.

3 Vision: Rational

Vision standing in the forest in Avengers Endgame

If there’s one zodiac sign that can be a bit guilty of being robot-like or inhuman, it’s a Capricorn, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Vision (Paul Bettany) represents this earth sign. Vision might not have a great grasp on emotions, but his intelligence and practicality is unmatched.

There are many Capricorns that are exactly the same. He finds the relationships and the solutions between all problems, and Vision is incredibly valuable because of the discipline and the pragmatism he brings to the table.

2 Quentin Beck: Headstrong

Quentin Beck as Mysterio in his workspace

The second villain on the list, and one of the best from the Spider-Man universe, Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) is unmatched in his charisma and his ambition. He represents the extremes of the weaknesses of a Capricorn. Mysterio definitely thinks he knows better than all, and he’s certainly headstrong and condescending.

He has ambitions that are a bit unrealistic, but he’s extremely dedicated to achieving them. He has the intelligence and practicality to give it a real shot, though, which proves he’s certainly a Capricorn.

1 Steve Rogers: Disciplined

Captain America running into battle in the snowy woods

There might not be a more lovable, interesting, and great leader of the Marvel superheroes. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is diligent, practical, and extremely hardworking. He can be guilty, though, or being a bit too serious or stuck in his head.

However, Captain America holds his values deeply, and his independence and action-oriented attitude makes him the hero he is. This stubborn and disciplined character holds the shield for a reason, and it might just be because he’s a Capricorn.

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