After nine seasons and over 200 episodes of the beloved series, The Office has been through so many transformations. Whether it’s the revolving door of branch managers, the relationships between colleagues, or even the characters’ personalities, nothing stays the same for too long in the world of Dunder Mifflin.

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But because of its evolutions (or devolutions, as some would argue), the show is the subject of countless unpopular opinions. When it comes to Jim, the character is buried online by hot takes, from think pieces about his pranks to his supposedly faux charm. And, of course, tons of hot takes that are related to his spouse, Pam.

10 Jim And Pam Weren’t As Interesting As Ryan And Kelly

kelly Kapoor Ryan Howard the office

There’s no denying that Ryan and Kelly are two of the funniest characters on the show, especially when they are together. Citing humor as the reason why, one Redditor argues that Ryan and Kelly are far more interesting as a couple than Jim and Pam.

However, though Jim and Pam aren’t necessarily the funniest, their relationship is by far the most layered and interesting, and they are the most relatable couple. Kelly and Ryan might be hilarious, and their bickering is reminiscent of many real-life relationships, but besides the fighting and Ryan being put off by Kelly’s neediness, there isn’t much else there.

9 He’s The Villain Of The Show

Jim is extremely relatable to the audience because he mostly responds to the events in the show in the same way that the audience does. Because of this, he’s often looked at as the hero. But one user argues that Jim is actually the villain of the show. Given that there are many reasons that Dwight is actually the good guy at the same time, there is some weight to the hot take. However, Jim always gives great advice to all of his colleagues, and he is the moral compass of the series, even if he has had some low moments.

8 Jim Was A Creep

Though Jim comes across as charming and the most lovable guy in the office, not everyone sees it that way. Some users believe that Jim crossed the line so many times with Pam, and sometimes he was a borderline creep.

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Jim confessed his love to Pam when she was still engaged, and Jim was never a good friend to her. But though the user makes some great points, Jim’s on-off relationship with Pam is one of the most realistic relationships in a sitcom ever, and though Pam might have been in a relationship, it was a toxic one and Jim loved a woman who couldn’t love him back.

7 He Led On Karen

pam talking to karen - the office

Not only was he a creep to Pam, but this hot take explains that Jim was also terrible in his one other serious relationship in the series too. The user posits that Jim led on Karen and was just using her, arguing that he should have left her when he realized he still had major feelings for Pam. This unpopular opinion actually carries some weight, as Karen did nothing wrong in the relationship, and she even tried her hardest to make the relationship work when she found out Pam and Jim had a thing together.

6 Jim Throwing The Snowball At Dwight Was Supremely Unfunny

Jim is arguably the best prankster on TV, and the pranks are ingenious for the most part. However, some Redditors believe that when he threw the snowball straight into Dwight’s face, it was too much and completely unfunny. The hit to the face did look extremely painful, especially given that it was at such close range and Dwight was totally defenseless. However, Dwight was able to get his own back for that prank more than he ever had, as he tormented Jim to no end, and it culminated in Jim being borderline unstable.

5 Jim And Pam Should Have Gotten Divorced

Pam, Dwight, and Jim in The Office finale

This Reddit user hilariously goes on to explain that they created the scenario of Jim and Pam’s divorce in their head, and they even consider it as canon. Realistically, Jim and Pam did find themselves on a rocky road in season 9, when Pam seemed to have feelings for someone else, and they were both being all around pretty selfish.

However, the couple had never had a serious argument for the whole nine years audiences were watching them and they came out of the other end stronger than ever. Thanks to Dwight giving them enormous severance packages, they ended up being more stable than they ever have been.

4 He’s One Of The Worst Characters On The Show

Jim reads from his garden party book in The Office

Jim is the most charismatic character in the series, and as the character is played by the handsome and charming John Krasinski, it’s almost impossible to not love Jim as a character. But a select few Redditors stand strong with Charles Minor, as they see through the character’s exterior.

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One user claims the Jim is just too smug, and that he’s even worse when he’s with Pam, who the user calls “bland.” It’s a fair point, as the character does become smugger towards the end of the series. This is especially true when he runs his own company and acts like Darryl owes him something. Still, for the most part, Jim is the most beloved character of them all.

3 The Show Declined In Quality After Jim And Pam Got Together

With the first couple of seasons being an almost friends-like “will they, won’t they” between Pam and Jim, one Reddit user feels like the show declined in quality after that drama wrapped up. In the user’s eyes, when Jim and Pam became a happy couple, the show failed to keep up the drama despite shifting the focus to Michael. But many would say the opposite, as the drama between Jim and Pam took up too much of each episode, so the recurring characters didn’t have time to shine until midway into the series.

2 The Asian Jim Prank Wasn’t Funny

Randall Park as Asian Jim in The Office

Though there are many times when his pranks backfired, the jokes that Jim pulls on Dwight are one of the unique selling points of The Office, especially due to Dwight’s response to them.

One of the best pranks in the entire nine seasons is when Jim makes Dwight believe he was Asian the whole time, hiring an Asian actor to turn up and pretend to be him in the morning. However, it isn’t loved by everybody, as one user has grown to hate it. Citing fatigue as the reason why they don’t like it, the user states that it has been posted to death on The Office subreddit.

1 Karen Was Better For Jim Than Pam

Karen and jim at the cocktail party in the office

Of the two major relationships Jim has had in the show, one Redditor argues that he ended up with the wrong woman. Though the user doesn’t go in to detail about why they think Karen would be better, there was a clear attraction between Karen and Jim, and they had a lot more in common. But the reality is that she was just filling a Pam-shaped hole in Jim’s heart, as he used her to help pull pranks on Dwight, just like he did with Pam. However, it could be argued that Jim ended up with Pam because he didn’t actually deserve Karen.

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