There’s been no shortage of new superhero series to come out over the past year, but Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible still managed to grab viewers’ attention. An animated story with themes similar to The Boys, the television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic series left most fans echoing similar positive reactions.

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Of course, unpopular opinions arise within every fandom, and Invincible is no exception to that rule. Some viewers didn’t find the show as unique or revolutionary as it was made out to be, while others enjoyed characters or storylines that weren’t as widely accepted.

10 Amber Was Right To Dump Mark

With Mark as Invincible‘s main character (and a fan favorite), Amber gets a lot of flack for criticizing him. Because fans relate to Mark, many of them demonize Amber for dumping him. Viewers also call her out for complaining about Mark showing up late and lying to her, even though those are typically valid reasons for someone to get angry. Overall, the fanbase’s reaction to Amber highlighted how much fans wanted to see Mark as the “good guy” — even when he wasn’t.

Despite much of the show’s fanbase disliking Amber, Reddit user BettyLoops believes she’s “fully justified” in her actions. They argue that, while Mark may not have intentionally hurt her, his behavior still had that effect — and she has every right to hold it against him. This point of view may not jibe well with those siding with Mark in the breakup, but it raises some valid points about Amber’s motivations.

9 Ross Marquand Puts On The Best Performance

Robot kneeling down in Invincible.

Invincible has a stacked voice cast, and it’s difficult to pinpoint just one performance as the show’s best. Most viewers gush about Steven Yeun’s rendition of Mark or J.K. Simmons’ portrayal of Omni-Man. Reddit user WhatsWhoWithYou, however, has a different opinion of who “vastly outperforms everyone else” during the show’s first season: Ross Marquand.

Marquand portrays the superhero Robot, a character simultaneously lauded for his hero work and treated as an outcast for appearing inhuman. As it turns out, there’s a lot more going on beneath Robot’s metal exterior, and WhatsWhoWithYou is right to applaud Marquand for capturing the complicated emotions surrounding the character’s story.

8 Omni-Man vs. Guardians Of The Globe Was Better In The Comics

Invincible concludes its first episode with a show-stopping scene that sees Omni-Man killing the Guardians of the Globe. It’s the twist that defines everything to come in the series, and the shock factor blew many newcomers away. Reddit user tearbend, however, was more impressed with how this moment played out in the comics.

In a Reddit thread, tearbend wrote that this fight was “gratuitous and weird, especially compared to the comics.” They also pointed out that it was somewhat unrealistic to have Omni-Man take the group down so easily — a fair point considering how renowned the superhero team was. While those who haven’t read the source material may not find fault with the scene, it seems comic readers may find it jarring, especially if they were expecting something else.

7 The Animation Could Be Better

Omni-Man talks with his son

Invincible hasn’t received many complaints about the quality of its animation, but Reddit user HungryCap4022 found the show to be lacking in that area. “My friends seem to disagree but despite having an interest in the story I think the animation is very very low quality outside of certain fight scenes,” they wrote.

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Invincible‘s animation does slightly tweak the characters’ appearances from the comics, which could prove jarring for longtime fans of the books. However, HungryCap4022’s sentiment could also stem from the fact that Invincible, while an engaging story, doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking with its animation style. The show is gory and handles fight scenes well, but that’s true of nearly every adult action series out there.

6 Everyone On The Show Is A Little ‘Too Well Adjusted’

Invincible mark grayson amazon prime video

Given Invincible‘s surge in popularity when it premiered back in March, the series has been touted as one of the greatest animated releases in recent years. Reddit user Compa2 doesn’t agree with this sentiment, and they have a compelling reason for it: The series is too dependent on dialogue when conveying characters’ emotions, and many of them come off as “too well adjusted” to be believable.

Given the amount of bloodshed the younger heroes see during the first few episodes, Compa2 makes a valid point in wondering why they aren’t more troubled by their profession. It may be easy for viewers to overlook this flaw when they’re caught up in the story, but it’s something the show could work on in Season 2.

5 The Finale’s Building Scene Was Worse Than The Subway Scene

Invincible's Mark tries to save a family in Chicago

The first-season finale of Invincible takes a dark turn, with Mark finally realizing the truth about his father — and having to face him one on one as a result. Since Omni-Man is much stronger than his son, it’s a fruitless battle that results in countless innocent lives being lost. The moment Omni-Man wrecks a subway is one that tends to stick in viewers’ minds, but Reddit user GroundbreakingToe340 found the episode’s building collapse to be “more traumatic” to watch.

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Perhaps what makes this part of the finale more heartbreaking for GroundbreakingToe340 is that it actually shows Omni-Man’s victims. While the subway moment is iconic in its bloody and destructive display of violence, the building scene plays to viewers’ emotions when it shows Mark trying desperately to save a girl and her mother — and failing.

4 The Show Made Some Smart Changes To The Comics

Split image of three Invincible comic covers

Whenever there’s an on-screen adaptation of a book or comic, fans of the source material tend to criticize any major changes that are made. This is true even when the film or show sticks closely to the original story, just as Invincible does. Invincible did make a few alterations when bringing the story to the screen, however, and Reddit user Lord_Blathoxi applauds them.

In particular, they felt “the show’s pacing is a lot better than the comic’s,” and that the series pinpointed what was genuinely important rather than allowing its story to wander all over the place. They also pointed out that Amber played a bigger part in the show, something her critics may not be so fond of.

3 Invincible Is ‘Not Worth The Time’

The Mauler Twins side by side in Invincible.

Given the hype surrounding Invincible, the general opinion seems to be that the show is worth watching. However, tastes vary and the Amazon series won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s certainly the case for this Reddit user, who writes that Invincible “is a mediocre show not worth the time.”

Among the issues called out in their post are how often the series uses gore for shock value and how predictable the story can be. TV lovers have stopped watching series for less, and those things can certainly bring down the value of a story, especially if they aren’t handled right.

2 The Boys Is A Better Superhero Series Than Invincible

Omni-Man in Invincible and Homelander in The Boys

Invincible has been compared to Amazon’s other hit superhero series, The Boys, mostly because both of them tackle corruption within the ranks of their hero characters. They’re both dark shows targeted at adults, and they share similarities when it comes to humor. The jury is still out on which of these series is the most popular, but Invincible seemed to get more traction online than Season 2 of The Boys. 

Reddit user AveragePotatoEnjoyer enjoys Invincible, but they “don’t think it’s better than The Boys.” They go on to explain that The Boys is superior in terms of pacing and characters. This, of course, is a subjective take on the two shows, and AveragePotatoEnjoyer probably isn’t the only person to feel this way. However, Invincible fans seem to be much louder when expressing their love of the show.

1 The Show Isn’t As ‘Groundbreaking’ As People Believe

When it premiered, fans embraced Invincible for how it differed from other animated superhero stories. For one, it offered a gorier, more mature take on the genre. It also presented viewers with the idea that not every hero does the job out of the goodness of their hearts. While all of this is different from most mainstream superhero shows, however, it’s not like these things have never been seen before.

That’s why Reddit user Best-Dragonfruit-292 is surprised so many people find the show “groundbreaking.” Although they admit it’s a good series, they aren’t quite ready to see it as revolutionary.

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