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Today the world is gripped in the hands of a pandemic and a lot of us are working from our homes right now. Working from home comes with it’s own set of cons and perks. You can watch your favorite series while drafting that mail. However, it can also take a serious hit on your productivity level if not checked properly. Chances of you rolling back into your lethargic state during the day, and then working late hours at night could be really high while working from home. To help you with that and amp up your productivity status, we have assembled a list of items you can try to incorporate into your work life.

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  • Desktop table: It is possible that some of us might have forgotten how our office looks at this moment. But one of the persistent memories will be the office desktop. If you are planning to invest yourself longer in WFH, we suggest you select an appropriate desktop table that can double up as your workspace at home. A desktop table will help you in maintaining your posture and stimulate your brain to imitate office behavior.
  • Table plants: Do you miss your little cactus pot beside your monitor? Well, you can get yourself your favourite table plant at affordable prices for your WFH workspace. You can go for real potted plants as they will not only keep your workspace clean and fresh but will also add a sense of calmness and serenity to your mind. Which then again can boost up your productivity level. You can get your favorite table plant at the lowest price of $7.99 from Walmart. This can be chosen from the option of Eucalyptus, bamboo, etc. plants.
  • Laptop desk: You might feel Monday blues more than once in a week, and it is continuously alright to feel the same. In those days, you might not feel like sitting in front of your table and that will be the best opportunity to use a portable laptop desk. You can use it from your couch, bed or even the ground. If your budget is stopping you from investing in that. Then fret no more. There are plenty of options available to choose from along with an even bigger range of coupons and promo codes to save on them. You can hop online to explore the myriad of options available. On top of that, you can even save up to 70% on using the live Amazon coupons while checking out. You can even go further and look up various discounts or coupons that you can club up on your order to blimp it all out.
  • Book shelf: If you like reading, you should have this item in your house. It will hold your books as well as other relevant files and papers. You can also use it to make decoration pieces for your residence. Bookshelves can be used for improving the home décor in and around your workspace too. Moreover, a bookshelf will also help you feel more productive in your workspace with your favorite books, magazines, showpieces, etc.
  • Office chair: While a majority of us prefer beds or sofas, setting up a different space with a proper table and office chair can ameliorate your productivity like nothing. If you are looking for the best posture while working on your laptop, you must use an office chair with the best ergonomic design and lumbar support. This will not only help you in maintaining your posture but also improve your spinal cord from long-term injury. You can avail the cheapest and best-quality Rolling Office chair at a special price of $39.99 if you are a member of Bed Bath & Beyond. There are other options that are available worth checking out and can get you up to $200 worth of coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Sturdy keyboard: You might be using a laptop for your office work or your regular home desktop. However, in order to facilitate faster typing speeds and better productivity, do consider buying a sturdy swift action keyboard manufactured specifically for office use. You can check out the Logitech Wave Keyboard available for $36.99 on Amazon US Website. This keyboard is specifically manufactured keeping in mind the office uses and easeful use.
  • Efficient wi-fi adapter: One of the most important things required for a productive WFH culture is a working Wi-Fi connection. However, you can do little to improve the service from any Wi-Fi network provider but you can do improve the connection being provided to your home with the help of a quality Wi-Fi adapter. The Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi adapter for $81.97 only on the Walmart website. One of the most affordable wi-fi adapters with dual bands, this Netgear adapter is one of the highly sought after products.
  • Coffee mug: Remember those coffee breaks in your office when you could discuss the latest episode of Big Boss with your colleagues? Well, you can enjoy the same coffee break with your colleagues over a cup of coffee. Just head over to Amazon and get yourself your favorite coffee mug at a starting price of $10 only.
  • Notepad: Forgot something your boss said during the Zoom call because you couldn’t leave the desk to get a piece of paper? Get yourself a wooden cover notepad for your WFH workspace. It will also help you in keeping a track of the to-do list. Get yourself this special type of notepad for $20 from Target and do keep it away from your co-workers who might try to steal it from you! Just kidding.
  • Cables (USB A-type to lightning): Today a major part of our work can be sorted on our smartphone and portable hard disk. And due to this very reason, it is important that you keep a handy supply of cables to keep your devices connected. We suggest you try out the best-rated and inexpensive cable for your as well as your data’s safety. You can grab them at a starting price of $12 on Walmart official website.

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Work from Home can become extremely tiresome without your colleagues and incessant work pressure. We suggest you invest judiciously into certain WFH essentials that are bound to improve your productivity and lure you into working with enthusiasm. Don’t forget to visit the coupon affiliating website for getting the best deal on these items when you are shopping. Till then, stay safe, take care of yourself and your near and dear ones. We will get past this time as well.

Story by Sanjana Batra 

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