This beautiful reimagining of the humble low-flow showerhead has a glamorous origin story. The shower’s mist has a remarkably low flow rate of 1.35 gallons per minute, with plenty of coverage, and uses about 45 percent less water than an average showerhead. I do recommend that you have an enclosed shower stall—in my bathtub shower setup, a shower curtain allowed too much heat to diffuse for comfort.

Tushy Classic Bidet: $75 ($34 off)

Amazon, Huckberry ($79), Tushy ($89)

Bidets have become a popular way to get around the toilet paper shortages of 2020. But even once the TP supply starts flowing again, you might think about reducing your usage for the sake of all the trees used to make it. WIRED senior writer Adrienne So reviewed one earlier this year, and senior editor Jason Kehe raved about his Tushy last year, long before toilet paper shortages were even a concern.

Cleancult Sustainable Soap and Cleaners for 40 Percent Off

Cleancult Store

Cleancult makes some of the best sustainable cleaners. You’ll get a set of refillable containers, plus eco-friendly hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, and dish tablets. This bundle also comes with bar soaps, dryer balls, and a funnel. The products are plant-based, smell fantastic, and are much more sustainable overall than buying new plastic bottles every month. Note that Cleancult is subscription-based and will offer you a membership for regular refill cartons. Be sure to opt out of refills in your profile on the website if you’d rather wait.

Kinflyte Freedom Posture Bra for $83 ($36 off)


This bra will help you keep your back straight. Kinflyte’s garments are made of recycled polyester knits from post-consumer plastic bottles, so they’re eco-friendly too. I’ve been living in these posture bras. They’re super comfy and flattering, with compression panels and a grippy material on the shoulders that prevent them from hunching.

Nimble’s Recycled iPhone Case for $28 ($12 off)


These are one of our favorite thin, clear phone cases, and they’re made from repurposed compact discs!

Solgaard Luggage for $200 ($75 off)

Solgaard Store

We liked Solgaard’s hard-shell suitcase so much that it’s featured in not only our Best Upcycled and Recycled Products guide, we also put it in our Best Carry-Ons guide. WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe loves how easy it is to organize, with an interior clip-in closet that’s collapsible and removable. It’s a tiny bit bigger than your average carry-on, but Strampe has found that it’s accepted by most airlines.

The part we like most? The interior lining is made from 5 pounds of recycled plastic that has been pulled from the ocean. The company also partners with Plastic Bank, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower local communities to pull plastic from the ocean and recycle it for their own use. The products are also free from any single-use plastics.

Tentree TreeFleece Sweatpant for $54 ($14 off)

Tentree (Men’s), Tentree (Women’s

You don’t need to wear pants when you’re working from home, but these sweatpants have been WIRED editor Julian Chokkattu’s go-to for many months. He says they’re amazingly soft and comfortable, and better yet, they’re sustainable! They’re made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, a wood pulp fiber. Tentree also plants a tree for every purchase you make.

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Hades (Nintendo Switch) for $20 ($5 off)


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