As we approach the one year mark of pandemic living, our day-to-day lives have slid into a pretty monotonous lull. So, can you blame us for resorting to online shopping as a form of entertainment? Every time we click “purchase,” we feel a rush of excitement knowing we have a package delivery to look forward to. Apparently our coworkers are doing the same, because they discovered a ton of genius products this past month. From a smart air purifier to a garlic slicer, here are the random but useful products PureWow staffers loved in February.

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After seeing this portable cleaning device work its magic on a car interior on TikTok, audience development strategist Ali Brown was fully convinced to get her own. “I can’t wait to watch it lift stains I didn’t even know were there,” she says. The Bissell Little Green combines a powerful spot-cleaning formula and powerful suction to remove dirt, dust and set-in stains from carpets and rugs, upholstery and car seats, leaving the fabric looking brand new.

$110 at Amazon

Tired of your grocery bags breaking on the way to the car? Senior director of special products Alyssa Marino says a collapsible Hulken tote solves that problem. It’s durable enough to carry up to 66 pounds, and features convenient wheels on the bottom that’ll make schlepping your latest Target haul into the house a lot easier. “I can’t imagine my life without this bag now. I use it to carry everything from groceries to laundry,” writes one reviewer. No wonder it’s currently backordered until mid-March.

Buy It ($68)

“This little sucker will save you so much time and energy. Oh, and it’s easy to clean,” senior producer Matt Bogart says of this clever kitchen tool. It makes thinly slicing garlic and ginger a breeze, plus the integrated food chamber and non-slip handle protects you from any accidental cuts.

$10 at Amazon

This is the chicest (and most effective) air purifier I’ve ever used, which means I don’t have to worry about finding a spot to hide it in my apartment. It connects to an app on my phone so that I can see my room’s current air quality index (AQI) rating. While the device is in smart mode, it automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the AQI it senses at the time. I tend to leave it in smart mode and it stays virtually silent, unless I’m burning a candle or incense, in which case it ramps things up to filter out the smoke. Best of all? It’s been shown to remove 99.95 percent of viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and mold from the air in spaces up to 350 square feet.

Buy It ($500)

Assistant editor Chelsea Candelario says that with her full, curly hair, her shower drain ends up clogged on the reg. “This clog cleaning tool is a miracle worker. The results aren’t pretty, but it really gets the job done so I don’t have to call a plumber,” she explains. This set includes five different snakes of various sizes to ensure that you can find one that works for your particular sink or shower. According to reviewers, they’re great for clearing out drains in everything from kitchen sinks to outdoor showers.

$11 at Amazon

If you’re struggling with toddler meal time, senior editor Alexia Dellner recommends investing in one of these Ezpz Happy Mats. She says they catch most of the mess while she’s feeding her son, and she likes that it has multiple compartments for serving separate food groups. It also suctions to the table, meaning your child can’t lift it up and drop everything on the floor, if they happen to be in that phase. Oh, and the Happy Mat is microwave and dishwasher safe for easy food prep and cleanup.

$25 at Amazon

Whether you’re trying to drown out your partner’s loud meeting in the next room, or your puppy who won’t stop whining while you crate train him, director of audience development Sally Herrod says these noise cancelling headphones are a godsend. They also have 30 hours of battery life per charge, which means you can wear them for a few workdays in a row before needing to plug them in.

$348 at Amazon

Fashion director Dena Silver says she’s spent the past few years on the hunt for a pillow that combines the heft of a Tempur-Pedic one and the softness of a down alternative fill. Then, she found this one from Wavy which feels just right. It’s also made from a breathable foam material that regulates temperature (so no more waking up sweaty), she adds. Psst, Wavy’s pillows are machine washable, too.

Buy It ($79)

What’s so special about these mittens, you ask? For one, they have a leash that loops around the wrist, ensuring that they don’t fall on the ground if your child decides to rip them off without warning. But they’re not just for the elementary school set; editor-in-chief Jillian Quint has been borrowing her son’s pair this winter, because they actually fit. “I love that they have a little hand warmer pocket which is also great for storing my keys,” she adds.

$35 at Amazon

Managing editor of branded content Rachel Gulmi says that after getting served an Instagram ad for these magnetic balls a few times, she finally caved and bought a set. “I’ve been super fidgety on video meetings lately and this little desk toy has actually helped,” she says. The idea is that instead of biting your nails or chewing on your pen when you’re feeling stressed, you can link and unlink these magnetic balls and create shapes to distract yourself.

Buy It ($28)

Still searching for the perfect mask to wear while working out? Managing editor Catrina Yohay says this is the best one she’s tried so far. “I love that the strap goes around my head and neck rather than tugging at my ears, and it has an easy access flap for quick hydration. Plus it keeps my face warm in this frigid weather,” she explains.

$20 at Amazon

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