Ultimately, Kate’s charm won him over. “I knew how special Kate was and I knew that Kate would make me laugh and I knew that Kate was so caring and upbeat and something about her energy and smile all sucked me in,” he said. “But it wasn’t until we left the castle that I knew 100 percent that Kate is the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was just a bright, shining star from day-one in the castle and she honestly got me through so much of it. When I saw how she was with my family and I saw how quickly my family took to her, I felt like I could gauge her heart and I just knew that she was the one.” 

For Kate, sparks flew inside one particular room. “It was in the library where I honestly fell in love with Chad and it was that moment where I was like, I’m here for him,” she said, explaining that while the women Chad dated were “so beautiful, so stunning, so intelligent,” she focused on being herself. “I was nervous at times but I just had to keep reminding myself Chad’s gonna like me for me, so I’m just gonna continue to unapologetically own who I am and just let it all out.”

“I’ve never believed in the saying when you know you know, but when I met him I was like, I just never want this person to leave my side,” she said. “He became truly my best friend before we were even boyfriend-girlfriend. Everything with him was just so natural and I’ve never experienced that in my life. Our bond just got stronger over time and now, here we are. He’s completely changed my life for the better.”

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