13 things Costco has decided it won't sell anymore
13 things Costco has decided it won’t sell anymore

Costco often sends members and fans into a frenzy when news breaks of a popular item’s discontinuation.

Some departing products have inspired online petitions, others quietly disappeared from store shelves or the food court menu.

Once a product enters the warehouse chain’s graveyard there’s often very little indication it’ll rise again. Take some time to mourn and remember Costco items that have come and gone throughout the years.

Here are 13 things that Costco won’t sell anymore.

1. Half-sheet cakes


Add Costco’s iconic half-sheet cakes to the growing list of things COVID-19 has canceled this year.

The warehouse chain shelved these sweet slabs in the spring. A staple at birthday parties, the half-sheet cakes were an inexpensive way to feed around 50 people a pop. The company informed Delish that it has no immediate plans to revive the fan favorite.

Instead, Costco has been directing people to its 10-inch round cakes, which serve about a dozen people, as a more suitable option for today’s socially distanced gatherings.

2. Polish dogs

<cite>pengrin™ / Flickr</cite>
pengrin™ / Flickr

It came as a shock to us all. To make room for more healthy items on its food court menu, Costco got rid of its Polish dogs in 2018.

The decision outraged loyal customers, who took to Twitter to protest under the hashtag #SaveThePolishDog. Sadly, their efforts were in vain, and Polish dogs are still missing from the menu.

But don’t fret, friends. You can still snag the regular, all-beef frankfurter, and Costco’s $1.50 hot dog and soda combo is in no danger of disappearing any time soon.

3. Kirkland Signature Light Beer

<cite>CJ P. / Yelp</cite>
CJ P. / Yelp

For better or for worse, Costco stopped production of its Kirkland Signature Light Beer in 2018.

The 48-packs sold for $22 — less than 50 cents per can. While the beer had a cult following of party-goers on a budget, it certainly had its critics as well.

One reviewer on RateBeer famously compared the brew’s smell to a “urine-soaked diaper sitting on a piping-hot radiator.” With feedback like that, it’s no surprise Costco didn’t keep it around.

4. All American Chocolate Cake

<cite>Matthew Jansick / Change.org</cite>
Matthew Jansick / Change.org

This glorious mountain of rich, chocolatey goodness was abruptly abandoned by Costco without explanation, leaving customers confused and distraught.

The four-layer chocolate cake was packed with frosting and garnished with chocolate shavings. No one knows why Costco stopped making it, only that it vanished some time in 2019 and now remains the stuff of legend.

The loss even inspired a petition on Change.org, which garnered more than 3,000 signatures.

If you’re ordering anything from Costco online, be sure to use WikiBuy to compare prices and secure the lowest price available..

5. Hand-dipped ice cream bars

<cite>TJ Thomander / Change.org</cite>
TJ Thomander / Change.org

Costco got rid of this delectable dessert way back in 2013, but seasoned shoppers remember it well.

The vanilla ice cream bar, dipped in chocolate and encrusted in toasted almonds, sold for only $1.50 at the food court.

Some speculate that rising almond and dairy prices may have prompted Costco to remove the treat from its menu, although the company has been known to sell at a loss with its roast chickens.

6. Roundup

<cite>Mike Mozart / Flickr</cite>
Mike Mozart / Flickr

A Change.org petition with over 85,000 signatures may have led Costco to drop this Mosanto-owned weed-killer from store shelves.

Founder of Moms Across America, Zen Honeycutt, created a petition calling for the retailer to drop Roundup, following billion dollar lawsuits that claimed the herbicide caused cancer. Honeycutt announced on her website that she had confirmed with three people from Costco headquarters that Roundup would no longer be sold in American warehouses.

Bayer, the company that owns Monsanto, maintains that Roundup is safe to use. Yet the World Health Organization classifies Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” and numerous U.S. cities have either banned or restricted the substance.

7. BBQ beef brisket sandwich

<cite>theimpulsivebuy / Flickr</cite>
theimpulsivebuy / Flickr

Although this food court favorite was only available at select Costco locations, fans grieved when the retailer swept grease aside to make room for healthier meals.

The sandwich was crammed with juicy beef dripping in sweet BBQ sauce and topped with a creamy coleslaw. At $4.99, however, it probably didn’t get the same following as cheaper items on the menu.

Fortune reported in 2018 that “at least some” warehouses had dropped the BBQ beef brisket sandwich, however Kitchn suggested in 2019 that it occasionally resurfaces as a seasonal item.

8. Chocolate frozen yogurt

<cite>Emilee Crowder / Change.org</cite>
Emilee Crowder / Change.org

Costco’s chocolate frozen yogurt was another item that didn’t make the cut when the warehouse was revamping the food court menu, though you can still get vanilla.

San Luis Obispo’s The Tribune first reported in 2018 that a Costco in the California county had discontinued the chocolate yogurt and it seems as though other locations followed.

Despite the 300 petitioners on Change.org who have refused to accept the transition, Costco doesn’t seem to plan on bringing it back.

Costco apparently swapped this tasty treat for a healthier option: an acai bowl with banana chips, granola, blueberries and strawberry slices.

9. Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers


The same year that Costco cleared many fattening items from its food court menu, it also removed this healthy item from its store shelves.

The extra-lean turkey patties, at only 200 calories each, were a welcome alternative to beef and a popular choice for customers looking to drop a few pounds.

Thankfully, the reviews for the Columbus turkey burgers currently sold at Costco have been pretty positive.

10. Kirkland Signature American Cheese


Millennials are speedily killing off American cheese, so it comes as little surprise that Costco discontinued this Kirkland Signature product.

Unlike the still-popular Kraft Singles, Kirkland Signature cheese slices weren’t individually wrapped. Consumers disagreed about whether the convenience would be worth the wasteful packaging.

Many felt that the store brand product beat its name brand competitor in taste, but in the end Kraft has survived where Kirkland has not.

11. Fresh made gelato

<cite>Costco Gelato / Facebook</cite>
Costco Gelato / Facebook

Some of you may remember this one, depending on whether your Costco food court offered it.

Some locations served gelato in flavors like strawberry, chocolate, stracciatella, pistachio or mixed berry, costing $1.50 for a three-scoop waffle cone and $4.99 for a quart to go.

A petition on Change.org (with over 100 supporters) claims Costco stopped offering gelato in 2015.

12. Kirkland Signature 5-Pocket Jeans

<cite>David B. / Yelp</cite>
David B. / Yelp

In 2016, Costco briefly discontinued its Kirkland Signature 5-Pocket Jeans for men and then reintroduced them with “design improvements.”

However, fans of the original “dad jeans” were not pleased with the changes. A customer posting on Reddit argued the newer version was a poor substitute because of its thin material and different fit and design.

Costco seems to have canceled production of these jeans entirely (possibly replacing the Kirkland Signature brand with Urban Star), according to dozens of distraught commenters on Facebook.

Costco still carries Kirkland Signature Men’s Jeans; however, reviewers on the store’s website still fondly remember the 5-Pocket version.

13. Cuddle With Me dolls

<cite>WXII 12 News / YouTube</cite>
WXII 12 News / YouTube

In 2009, Costco stopped carrying a Cuddle With Me doll that customers found racially offensive.

The dolls came in three different ethnicities — Caucasian, African American and Hispanic — and each was accompanied by a plush panda or monkey. A Costco member in North Carolina filed a complaint regarding the African American doll, which was paired with the monkey and a banana and wore a headband with the label “lil’ monkey.”

Costco immediately pulled all of the sets that included the plush monkey out of its stores. Although the other versions were available for a while, Costco seems to have banished the collection entirely.

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