This Kozo 4″ Black Aluminium Grinder stands out because it’s one of the most high-end cannabis grinders available today.

Kozo makes some of the most durable grinders, and they just updated this version to make its ground herb chamber even deeper.

This means that you can use its super-sharp teeth to grind your herb into a giant fluffy pile, without having to separate it into several rounds.

Using a fancy weed grinder can be important when you’re using a vaporizer. Unlike traditional combustion, vaporizing only acts on the surface area of the cannabis particles, so having a fine grind can really help. (For great dried herb vaporizers, check out our guide to the best Volcano vaporizers.)

This highly-ranked Kozo grinder is made from premium aluminum allow that will not break down over time. Unlike many grinders, which become more difficult to turn over time, this one stays sharp and should continue turning smoothly for years.

Its strong magnetic lid prevents accidental spills, and it comes in several metallic colors.

It’s a traditional four-piece grinder, so it includes a kief chamber, too.

Customers love its innovative design features, such as the scalloped edge, which makes it easier to turn in your hands. They also love the spacing of the teeth, which generates the perfect fluffy grind, without over-compressing your delicate herb.

This may be more expensive than most grinders available online. But can thousands of happy reviewers be wrong?

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