Daniel Craig wearing a suit and tie: Tudor Black Bay 32

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Tudor Black Bay 32

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What’s the point of a watch? Is it merely a device used to tell time or is it something bigger? I say bigger—much bigger. While telling the time and date (and more in today’s technological world) are practical functions of a watch, for centuries they’ve also been wardrobe staples, collectible items, beloved family heirlooms, and dare I say status symbols. And who better to attest to status symbols than celebrities?

From acclaimed musicians to actors, politicians, and Instagram-famous socialites, celebrities help define the trends that make us swoon. Luxury watch makers, while always innovating behind the scenes, tend to have a tried-and-true series of timeless staples that have adorned the wrists of icons across decades—centuries even. Maybe it’s the Cartier Tank seen on Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Meghan Markle to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak sported by Grammy Award-winning rappers and heads of state; iconic pieces like these have earned their places in history.

To help make it easier to find a red carpet-worthy watch, we’ve pulled together a few that you can actually purchase on ebay that are loved by the who’s who of the who’s who.

About buying on ebay

Whether you’re a star or not, you deserve your own celebrity-worthy watch. And one of the best places to buy is on Ebay, the world’s largest online marketplace, where hundreds of top-tier luxury watches are for sale. With Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee, eligible items are sent to a professional to prove it’s the real deal at no cost to the buyer, so there’s no need to worry about your investment. Buyers even get a certificate to hold on to for proof.

But like any high-end purchase, it’s important to do your research to know exactly what you’re getting and who you’re buying from. Jason Blanck, Reviewed’s Director of Business Development, has a few tips for shopping on Ebay. “Always check the seller’s ratings and recent feedback from the past year when picking an expensive watch,” he said, adding, “ If the seller’s ranking is lower than 95%, and they have some recent negative feedback, you should proceed with caution and probably avoid that shop.” He also says it’s best to check where you’re buying the item from and to avoid international sellers to make it easier if you need to return something.

1. Omega Seamaster

Daniel Craig holding a watch: Omega Seamaster

© Omega/Instagram, Ebay
Omega Seamaster

If anyone sells a certain lifestyle, it’s James Bond, or by proxy, Daniel Craig. In fact, if you want to be like the acclaimed actor or spy, why not spring for a version of the watch he wears in the latest film, No Time to Die. Another from trusted Ebay shop Chronostore, this pre-owned Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 2210.51, originally sold for $7,200. This particular watch has a black dial and stainless steel band, though the verified seller points out that it has a hairline scratch visible. According to Omega, the watch is water resistant up to 2,000 feet, which is probably why it’s a Bond favorite. This pre-owned watch comes with Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 2210.51 on Ebay for $3,912

2. Omega Speedmaster

a clock in the middle of a watch: Omega Speedmaster

© Ebay
Omega Speedmaster

Spotted on the wrists of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Ryan Reynolds and Steve Carell, the Omega Speedmaster is considered an iconic and timeless piece that can be found in every watch connoisseur’s collection. This particular model, the Omega Speedmaster 3510.50 reduced, has a round face with black dial, gloss finish, and analog display. It’s water-resistant and doesn’t require watch batteries. It also has a built-in tachymeter that can measure distance. Currently available from trusted Ebay shop Chronostore, this pre-owned watch comes with Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Omega Speedmaster 3510.50 on Ebay for $2,365

3. Tudor Black Bay 32

a clock in the middle of a watch: Tudor Black Bay 32

© Lady Gaga/Instagram, Ebay
Tudor Black Bay 32

Lover or hate her, Lady Gaga is a style icon—and her wrist is no exception. As watchmaker Tudor claims, “Lady Gaga might wear three or four watches on one wrist. When she wears only one watch, she chooses the Black Bay 32.” If you’re looking to replicate Gaga’s watch choice, verified seller Watchmaxx has you covered with this version of the Tudor Black Bay 32. According to the seller it’s an unworn, unopened stainless steel watch with a black dial, 32mm case, and circle and stick dial markers. Waterproof up to 495 feet, this watch comes with the seller’s 5-year warranty and Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Tudor Black Bay 32 M79580-0001 on Ebay for $2,547

4. Cartier Tank Francaise

Michelle Obama standing posing for the camera: Cartier Tank Francaise

© Michelle Obama/Instagram, Ebay
Cartier Tank Francaise

When Fifth Harmony sang “Michelle Obama, purse so heavy gettin’ Oprah dollars,” they were probably aware that the hand that carried that purse also wore a Cartier Tank Francaise watch. If you, too, have Oprah dollars, you can purchase your own from Ebay store EmpiretimeNYC, complete with the Authenticity Guarantee. This version of the timeless watch has a white dial and butterfly clasp, and comes with its original box and paperwork. It also comes with the seller’s 1-year warranty, sort of like it’s own secret service.

Get the Cartier Tank Francaise on Ebay for $2,195

5. Bulgari Octo Roma

John Legend standing next to a clock: Bulgari Octo Roma

© Bulgari/Facebook, Ebay
Bulgari Octo Roma

John Legend is just that—a legend. And so is his watch collection. One of his finest, though, is the Bulgari Octo Roma, which he sported at the Academy Awards in 2016. This 41mm watch, which comes with Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee, has a stunning black alligator band, white dial, and octagonal design that sets it apart from typical men’s watches. The only unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t come with Chrissy Teigen or hilarious twitter jokes.

Get the Bulgari Octo Roma on Ebay for $3,200

6. Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton

a clock in the middle of a watch: Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton

© Ebay
Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton

According to GQ, Brad Pitt is a huge fan of Breitling. In fact, he’s such a fan he signed on to be an official brand ambassador. If you want your wrist to have big Brad Pitt energy, consider purchasing this Breitling Premier B01 42 Norton Edition watch. Sold by the highly-respected Ebay store Watchmaxx, this watch has a sharp brown leather band, black dial, and contrasting yellow-gold hands to its stainless steel case. And for the price, know you’re in safe hands with Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton on Ebay for $5,208

7. Omega Constellation (Women’s)

Nicole Kidman with a clock at the top of a watch: Omega Constellation

© Omega/Instagram, Ebay
Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation is an iconic watch that’s been worn by many, many famous actresses, singers, political figures, and more. One of those iconic women is Academy Award-winner Nicole Kidman, who is also an Omega ambassador. Ebay shop Certified-watch-store, which has nearly 45,000 reviews, has this stunning 27mm stainless steel version of the Omega staple. With a mother of pearl dial and stainless steel case, this watch will stop people in their tracks and, with diamonds on the dial and bezel and the Omega logo sprinkled throughout, make your wrist radiate. This watch also comes with a 2-year warranty and Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Omega Constellation on Ebay for $3,111

8. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

a person standing in front of a clock: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

© Shawn Mendes/Instagram, Ebay
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

There are fancy watches, and then there are fancy watches. If you’re willing to spend as much on a watch as a car, then the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection deserves your attention. Owned by die-hard watch collectors like John Mayer and Drake to Shawn Medes, a watch connoisseur in the making, the pricey piece is a staple and status symbol. Luckily, you can find an authentic Royal Oak on Ebay. This Swiss-made, 42mm watch has a black rubber strap and silver dial, black and stainless steel silver casing, and self-winding chronograph that displays the date and small seconds. This seller is a family-owned business with over 2,500 reviews, so you know you can expect exactly what you paid for—and if it’s not quite right, they accept returns up for up to 30 days.

Get the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 25940SK.OO.D002CA.02 on Ebay for $15,950

9. Breitling Galactic

a clock in the middle of a watch: Breitling Galactic

© Ebay
Breitling Galactic

A stunning watch found stunning on the wrists of Hollywood’s most elite actresses, the Breitling Galactic is a force. And thanks to top-rated Chronostore on Ebay, you can have your own authentic Galactic, too. Complete with the original Breitling paperwork and box, this stainless steel 36mm watch has a white mother of pearl dial, diamond quartz rim, and fold-over safety clasp—all brand new and unworn. The seller offers a 3-year warranty and fast shipping so your wrist can sparkle in no time.

Get the Breitling Galactic on Ebay for $4367.09

10. Cartier Ballon Bleu

a person standing next to a clock: Cartier Ballon Bleu

© Kensington Royal/Instagram, Ebay
Cartier Ballon Bleu

Often seen on Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, the Cartier Ballon Bleu was a gift from her future-king husband, according to Marie Claire. If you want to feel like royalty yourself or give a gift fitting for a princess, why not spring for this watch on Ebay, complete with the company’s Authenticity Guarantee? The case and strap are made of stainless steel with silver dial, and it has a sapphire crystal glass face. Always be on time—like a proper royal—thanks to its analog quartz movement which “offers its owner precise timekeeping.” And with over 150,000 reviews and 99.2% positive feedback, you know the seller is the real deal.

Get the Cartier Ballon Bleu watch on Ebay for $4,995

11. Rolex DateJust

a woman standing in front of a clock: Rolex DateJust

© Rihanna/Instagram
Rolex DateJust

What do Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Anniston all have in common? Well, for one, they’re all mega famous—and they’re all owners of a Rolex DateJust watch. You might not be able to suddenly become a superstar, but you can join their watch club by snagging this 2002, pre-owned Rolex Datejust 78240. This watch has a stainless steel link band, silver tapestry dial, and luminous hands. It’s timeless, classic, and guaranteed to be authentic.

Get the Rolex DateJust 78240 on Ebay for $4,185.09

12. Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic

a clock in the middle of a watch: Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic

© Ebay
Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic

Rami Malik is just one of the many celebrities who has been seen out-and-about and on the red carpet wearing the Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic. For your own wrist, consider this 40mm stainless steel watch on Ebay that has a black alligator strap and tang-style buckle. With automatic movement this Swiss-made watch has a matte silver finish, date at the 6 o’clock hour, and comes with Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Automatic on Ebay for $2,465

13. Rolex Daytona

Victoria Beckham sitting next to a clock: Rolex Daytona

© Ebay, Victoria Beckham/Instagram
Rolex Daytona

Truly a power symbol watch, the Rolex Daytona has been worn by some of the biggest names in the world. Victoria Beckham and Sophia Vergara have been seen sporting the watch, with Harper’s Bazaar mentioning the idea that Beckham stole her from her ultra stylish husband. If you have a Beckham-like budget, this $17,900 pre-owned 40mm Daytona is made of stainless steel, 18k yellow gold, and has an oyster strap and white dial. Guaranteed authentic by Ebay, this watch comes with its original Rolex box, some of the original plastic coverings, and a 2-year warranty.

Get the Rolex Daytona V 116523 on Ebay for $17,900

14. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin

a person standing in front of a clock: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin

© Kit Harington/Instagram, Ebay
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin

When Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington wore his Jaeger-LeCoultre watch to the Emmy Awards, he joined a watch club with members like Jay-Z, Robert Downey Jr., and Steve Carrell. To solidify your own place in the club, take a look at this pre-owned 38mm Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin (Q1278420). The watch has a silver dial, stainless steel case, and a brown alligator strap with stainless steel buckle. The seller offers a 2-year warranty, it comes with box and paperwork, and you’re protected by Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Get the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin on Ebay for $4,950

15. Piaget Altiplano

a woman standing in front of a clock: Piaget Altiplano

© Piaget Altiplano/Instagram, Ebay
Piaget Altiplano

Another celebrity-adorned, ultra-luxury watch is the Piaget Altiplano. While this watch certainly doesn’t come cheap—our Ebay find clocks out at $18,522—it does put you in ranks with celebrities like Jessica Chastine and Michael B. Jordan. Cop Chastine’s look with this 18k rose gold version of the stunning watch, featuring a 34mm case, white dial, and black hands. The automatic watch has a fold-over safety clasp to make sure it’s nice and secure on your wrist, and comes with Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee so you know it’s a nice and secure investment. And with over 150,000 reviews, Jomashop is one of Reviewed’s most-trusted sellers.

Get the Piaget Altiplano on Ebay for $18,522

16. Hubolt Big Bang

a man and a woman posing for a picture: Hubolt Big Bang

© Hubolt/Instagram, Ebay
Hubolt Big Bang

Seen on the wrists of Jay-Z and Olympian Usain Bolt, the Hubolt Big Bang is one of the watchmaker’s most popular lines. Originally released in 2005, this 301.SB.131.RX version available on Ebay has a black carbon fiber pattern dial with luminous skeleton hands, stainless steel case, and black rubber wristband. It’s water resistant up to 330 feet, and has a sporty but ultra-luxe feel that makes sense why Bolt, the fastest man alive, would rock this watch along with his collection of gold medals. Sold by highly-respected Jomashop, this watch has Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee and a limited warranty from the store.

Get the Hubolt Big Bang on Ebay for $9,839

17. Cartier Ladies Panthere

a close up of a watch: Cartier Ladies Panthere

© Ebay
Cartier Ladies Panthere

A delicate watch, the Cartier Panthere is mighty but small. It holds its own, however, from politicals balls with heads of states to awards show red carpets. While the men’s version has been seen on the likes of Pierce Brosnan, the women’s version has an equally high profile following. You can join the ranks or gift entry with this stunning 18k yellow and steel gold Panthere found on Ebay. Complete with the Authenticity Guarantee, this watch has a 22mm case, silver dial, and comes with a 1-year warranty from the high-rated seller. This stunning watch proves that you don’t have to actually be royalty to shine like it.

Get the Cartier Panthere on Ebay for $3,250

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