While a lot of parents-to-be choose to keep their baby shower theme cute and light, there are some that prefer all things spooky and dream of having a Halloween-themed baby shower. If you’re hosting such an event, in addition to stocking up on pumpkins, fake cobwebs, and spooky decor, you’ll also need some Halloween baby shower invitations to prepare your guests for a frightfully good time. After all, the last thing you want is for grandma to go into shock when she walks in the door and finds a skeleton baby welcoming her inside.

Hosting a Halloween-themed baby shower means getting to totally deck your house out in some of the best decorations. You can switch out the baby in the watermelon carriage for a zombie baby coming out of a pumpkin, the classic baby in the ice cube game for a skeleton in a blood-red ice cube instead, and you can skip the melted candy bars in diapers and just pass out little fun-size candy bars as a trick-or-treat party favor. There are so many different ways you can go with a Halloween-themed baby shower, but finding the right invitation is key.

Though it’s not a super common theme, there are a surprising number of Halloween baby shower invitations out there to choose from. Do you want to go with a witchy vibe or something more gothic? Or, perhaps you love the holiday-themed idea, but still want to keep it whimsical (it is a baby shower after all). Whatever you have in mind, there is definitely something for you out there. Here are a few fantastic Halloween baby shower invitations to help you get started.

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A Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Invite

The witchy “A Baby Is Brewing” theme is absolutely amazing and this invitation is the perfect way to prepare your guests. This invite is available as a digital download or the Etsy owner will print them for you, and you even have the option to upgrade them to shimmery prints (when presented with the option to add glitter, the answer is almost always yes).


The Nightmare Before Christmas-Themed Baby Shower Invitation

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will love this baby shower invitation that features Jack, Sally, and the iconic swirly hilltop in front of the full moon. Zazzle allows you to customize everything on the invitation and print directly through their website (and there are almost always promo codes available to help you get a good deal).


A Little Monster Baby Shower Invite

The clever design on this invite makes it especially fun, and Purple Trail lets you make a variety of customizations (change colors and text, remove or add design elements, etc.). And who knows? “Little monster” might just end up being your little one’s nickname.


Custom Halloween Invitation

One great thing about Etsy is that if you find an invitation you love, but it’s not exactly right, you can usually work with the seller to customize it. This invitation is really cute, but it’s technically for a Halloween party. However, the download is editable, and you can always email the shop owner to ask if she’d be willing to modify it to say “Halloween Baby Shower” instead of “Halloween Party.”


Vintage Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

Everything about this Halloween baby shower invitation says spooky from the creepy lanterns to the sinister-looking Jack-o-Lantern, to the spiders, and the crow. You have the option to download the digital copy and print the invites yourself or have the Etsy shop owner print them for you.


A Little Boo Baby Shower Invitation

How adorable is the “Little Boo” theme? Start out with this invitation and then deck out the house in all things ghosts and really play it up. If you happen to be really good at staging jump scares, that never hurts (just don’t scare the mom-to-be and send her into labor).


Mummy Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

The whole Mummy/Mommy play on words is perfect for a Halloween-themed baby shower invitation. I love how this invite isn’t over the top, it just has subtle gray and white graphics to make it look like it’s all wrapped up like a mummy.


A Little Witch Is On Her Way

While you can opt to get this invitation in orange, I love that you can swap it out for pink or blue instead to give the invitation a classic baby shower look with a Halloween twist. All of the graphics on this invite are so cute, so it’s perfect for someone who likes the Halloween theme but doesn’t want it to be scary.


Pumpkins & Black Cats Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

This invitation checks all of the classic Halloween boxes: black cats, ghosts, spiders, bats, pumpkins, witch hats, candy, and even a mummy. Still, it’s not overwhelming to the eye, and it makes for one very cute baby shower invite.


Gender Reveal & Baby Shower Combo Invite

If you’re combining a gender reveal party and baby shower, this crystal ball invitation is absolutely perfect. I love how both the crystal ball plays into the Halloween baby shower theme while also aligning well with the “unknown” of a gender reveal.


Glam Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with a Halloween-themed baby shower invite in general, but this one is among my favorites. I love the “Ghoulish & Glam” tagline, and the graphics are downright amazing.


Black & White Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

Who knew a baby shower invite could be gorgeous and spooky at the same time? The black lace across the bottom and the top of the invite are so pretty, but somehow still on-theme, and the bats and spider are the perfect finishing touches.


Spooky Halloween Theme Baby Shower Invitation

While this Halloween baby shower invitation promises a “spooky” soiree, the invite is anything but spooky. In fact, it’s actually pretty whimsical, which is great for someone who loves the Halloween theme but still wants to keep things cute.


Hocus Pocus Theme Baby Shower Invitation

Doesn’t this invitation make you want to watch this classic Halloween movie? Fans of Hocus Pocus will love this baby shower theme, and will definitely be showing up with the expectation of seeing a black flame candle, creepy spell book, and maybe even a dead man’s toe.


Creepy Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

For parents-to-be who want to really play up the scary side of Halloween, this invite is ideal. Just look at it with the spooky sky, creepy tree, flying bats, and black carriage that looks a little too creepy to be holding a regular baby (if you ask me).


Gothic Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

This invite just screams (or shrieks) Halloween, and I am here for it. It certainly doesn’t look like your average baby shower invitation, which is fantastic if you want to focus more on the scary and less on the cutesy baby aspect of the shower.


Vampire Themed Baby Shower Invitation

Dracula would be thrilled to receive this Halloween baby shower invitation that features his iconic coffin draped in dark florals. Who knew a creepy invitation could also be downright gorgeous at the same time?


Ghosts & Skeletons Baby Shower Invitation

This invitation perfectly balances the minimalist black and white look with cartoony fun. The witches, ghosts, and skulls really play up the spook without giving off the impression that the shower will be taking the scary theme too seriously.


Trick-Or-Treat Baby Shower Invitation

If the parents-to-be are craving lots and lots of candy, it’s the perfect excuse to go with a Trick-or-Treat theme for their Halloween baby shower. This invite includes a lot of the classic Halloween graphics like a black cat, spider, witch’s broom, pumpkin, and a bat, while still having a playful overall look.

So, do you want to keep things light and fun or really lean into the scary gothic theme? Whatever you choose to do, just make sure your invite reflects the overall look because you don’t want to scare your guests by not preparing them for the theme (or, maybe you do, but that’s your choice).

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