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Photo credit: courtney chavez

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College move-in season is around the corner and if you’re staying on campus this year, you need to make sure that your dorm room is as cute as your outfit. Not only do you sleep in your room, but you also study, hang out with your roomie, and just overall chill in there. Basically, it should be cozy AF. Unfortunately, most colleges and universities provide you with a super bland, super tiny room that you’re supposed to live in for an entire year (with another person, nonetheless!). Don’t worry, though, because there are a lot of ways to spice up your living arrangement. Check out these 20 cute dorm room ideas to get you inspired as you prepare to makeover a room of your own.

1. Coastal Bohemian

Find one print or piece of wall art that you’re obsessed with and make it the focal point of the room. Then, work outward from there. That’s what interior designer Jenny Reimold did to create this light and airy room for her daughter, Grace Porter.

2. Pretty in Pink

This dorm room transformation is dreamy af. Make your room seem straight out of a fairytale by adding similar green and romantic elements.

3. Pink and Polka Dots

Your dorm room should be an extension of your personality. So if you’re a girly-girl who can’t get enough pink, flowers, and hearts, go crazy with that when decorating.

4. Cool Bohemian

If you like a chiller vibe, look for duvets and pillows that are mixed material. Then, opt for wooden accents like this awesome headboard.

5. Flea Market Chic

You find all of your favorite clothing items at thrift stores and flea markets, so why not look around for some room decor pieces while you’re there? You’ll save a ton with those great steals and you will have a room that totally matches your personality. If you’re into the thrift store look, but not all the work it takes to sift through boxes and boxes of second hand pieces, shop online at a place like Urban Outfitters for the flea market vibe.

6. Blue Skies

This decor will make your room feel like literal heaven. Go for a blue palette when choosing bedding and decor and add a few sky-inspired pieces to really get that dreamy feeling down.

7. Girly Minimalist

Do you like your personal space clean and simple? Then take a note from this gorg decor and go for a more minimal look when it comes to your dorm room. That way, when your mind is cluttered with info about your finals, spring break plans, and soccer schedule, your room will be an escape from it all.

8. Pumpkin Spice Latte

If fall is your favorite season, there’s no reason why you can’t make your room feel like a cinnamon-covered getaway all year long.

9. Cozy Pinks

Just because your dorm room is cute doesn’t mean it can’t also be cozy af. Take the one below for example. Don’t you just want to dive straight into those beds?

10. Preppy Vibes

If you can’t live without Lily Pulitzer in your life, then deck out your room in the iconic designer. If the brand doesn’t fit in your budget, no problem. Stick with blues, pinks, and monogrammed everything and you will achieve the look for less.

11. Graphic Gray

Not into the bright colors and ruffles? Go for a simple and cool gray look and top it off with some eye catching geometric details.

12. School Spirit

Show off your love for your school by decorating your room in your school colors. Make sure to raid the book store for some school-themed decorations too.

13. Black and White and Gold All Over

Make decorating super easy by going for a black and white palette for your big pieces. Then, spice it up with some gold accents for a luxe vibe.

10. Pink Paradise

Turn your dorm room into a tropical getaway that you’ll be happy to escape to after a rough midterm or a long night in the library.

11. Unicorn Dream

If you can’t get enough rainbow in your life, make it look like a unicorn puked all over your room, but you know, like in the cutest way possible.

12. Muted Nuetrals

Want your first room away from home to look as mature as you feel? Then go for muted neutrals when it comes to picking out your bedding and accessories for a very sophisticated (but still super cute) look.

13. Downtown Vibes

Ditched the big city for a small town college? Bring the concrete jungle to your room with the help of stick on wallpaper and some well-selected posters.

14. Floral Garden

Nothing is better than a fresh bouquet of flowers so bring the beauty of a garden to your room and turn it into a floral escape. Don’t worry, even if you weren’t born with a green thumb you can still enjoy this aesthetic (thank god for plastic plants).

15. Crisp Yellow

Turn your room into a bright place where you can get away from all your college troubles. Using yellow as an accent color will guarantee you’re always in a good mood when you step into your room.

16. Matchy Gray and Pink

If you love two colors and the way they look together, why not go crazy with them when it comes to your dorm decor?

17. VSCO Room Goals

If you want your room to look like it came straight off the VSCO app, you’re going to want a ton of cool posters, a plant, and some well-chosen pillows.

18. Posters on Posters

The easiest way to transform a room? Go absolutely crazy with posters.

19. Cool Blues

Choose a color (like blue) with your roommate and then go for it. That way, you won’t have to check in with each other every time you want to buy something for the room.

20. Mellow Yellow

OK, this room is quite possible the coziest one I’ve ever seen. Get that nice yellow glow by putting translucent curtains over your windows. That way, when the light shines through, it will be tinted.

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