The people opening new shops

Jessica Stewart, Anna Strzelecki and Sophia Sutton-Jones are hoping to make it on the High Street It’s just before nine in the morning in the well-heeled north London suburb of Highgate. The area boasts A-list movie stars, Nobel laureates, some of the nicest views in London and in a few […]

Here Are All the Must-See Virtual Panels

New York Comic Con’s first-ever virtual convention is less than two weeks away and the schedule for the 4-day lineup has been set, with appearances by new TV series like “Utopia” and “The Stand,” and reunions for fan-favorite shows, including “Lost” and “Smallville.” Hosted by NYCC parent ReedPop and dubbed […]

The Fellowship of the Ring’

Ian McKellen as Gandalf in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” New Line Cinema Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy is full of cool prop details, intricate production designs, and cameos that the average viewer might not have noticed. We combed through all […]

Art venues are carefully reopening

Of all the cultural formats, visual arts would seem the most easily adapted to the COVID era. Museums have long used timed tickets for blockbuster exhibitions. Galleries can be visited by appointment. And film can be readily viewed on the small screen — or as we’ve rediscovered, on a large […]