Day: October 5, 2020

How Alex Singleton’s family, Eagles teammates reacted to his game-changing pick-six against 49ers

The ball came spinning towards Eagles linebacker Alex Singleton, and his heart skipped a beat. The pass from San Fransico 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens hit him directly in his hands and he started moving upfield.

Meanwhile, in his family home in Thousand Oaks, California — roughly a five-hour drive from Levi’s Stadium — Singleton’s mother, Kim, was jogging on her treadmill while watching the game. When the ball was flung in her son’s direction, her

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Mazes of maize: Get lost in a corn field this fall

(WPRI) ─ Nothing says “fall” like venturing through rows and rows of corn.

Corn mazes have become a fall favorite in Southern New England. But this year, the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for some local farms to make their mazes safe for guests.

While several farms opted not craft their corn mazes this year, those that did had to battle extreme drought conditions.

There’s no better way to see a corn maze than

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BWW Blog: I’ve Graduated! Now What?

Welcome to the first chapter of the “I’ve Graduated! Now What?” series! As I’m now officially a senior, I’m thinking about my next steps after I leave college. And what better way to learn more than from listening from experience?

This will be a series of interviews with BW’s recent graduates from arts-related programs such as Music Theatre, Arts Management, Theatre Acting, etc. People who are making their way into the job market even during

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Medical Experts Share Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Wear Masks Properly

From Good Housekeeping

There’s a good chance you’ve never had to worry about properly covering your nose and mouth before now — unless you’ve been a patient in a hospital, or work in medicine or construction. However, surgical face masks as well as face cloth face coverings purchased online or created at home are becoming a necessity during the novel coronavirus pandemic that has affected Americans in all 50 states.

Officials at the Centers for

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Dalina Soto Is a Latinx Nutritionist Fighting for Her Community

A few weeks ago, on the morning of her daughter’s birthday, Dalina Soto woke up and told her more than 20,000 Instagram followers that she planned to enjoy the day with her family and unrepentantly eat birthday cake. Because her daughter woke her up early in a fit of excitement, Soto shared that she decided not to do her usual morning workout—and had no plans to make it up the next day.

These actions might

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Latest Survey Shows Covid-19 Pandemic Driving Residential Design Trends

The American Institute of Architect’s third quarter 2020 Home Design Trends Survey shows a strong jump in the number of home offices, exercise and yoga spaces, flex rooms and indoor quality products being requested by homeowners. Interior designers across

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4th grader sues school system over BB gun suspension

The family of a Louisiana fourth-grader who was suspended after a teacher spotted a BB gun in his room during an online class session has filed a lawsuit against the public school system

HARVEY, La. — The family of a Louisiana fourth-grader is suing the public school system that suspended him after a teacher spotted a BB

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How to Make a Video Game: The Best Game Development Software for 2020

Even the most demanding creative fields can have low barriers to entry. For instance, you don’t need to know how to use photo editing or video editing software to take a picture or shoot a movie on your phone. Humanity wrote brilliant literature with paper, ink, and feathers for hundreds of years before word processors. But what about video games, the most modern artistic medium?

Today, you have more options than ever for pursuing a

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Use This Site to Read and Annotate Articles Without Ads

Advertisements are an unavoidable part of consuming content online, and using adblockers to disable or hide them doesn’t always make for the best reading experience. Beyond that, if you’re trying to focus on the words, even the basic design of a website can be a distraction. If these sound like problems that plague you, there’s a website that can help. is a free site that strips ads and other distractions from online articles so

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Midland School Helps Students Grow and Stand Out | Private and Independent School Guide

The 2020 school year has just begun and Noozhawk’s Private & Independent School Guide is sure to make things easy when planning for your child’s education! Our school guide provides you and your child with all the necessary information about private schools in Santa Barbara County.

To give parents the tools to help make informed decisions about which school is the best fit for their kids in Santa Barbara, Noozhawk has conducted a series of

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Irina Salvina death: EU calls for inquiry into Russian journalist who set herself on fire

The EU’s lead spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy, Peter Stano, said in a tweet Monday that the EU was “shocked about the tragic death of journalist Irina Slavina.”

Slavina, whose real name was Irina Murakhtaeva, set herself on fire on Friday in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, 400 kilometers east of Moscow, according to a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee.

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Fall wardrobe essentials 2020: The best wide-leg pants

There are few things I’ve enjoyed more in my quarantine than swingy, comfy wide-leg pants that make me look wildly more put-together than I oftentimes feel. They seamlessly transition from mornings spent sipping espresso shots and attending virtual meetings to grabbing dinner to-go and taking walks in the park. And I couldn’t recommend the silhouette more highly for a season spent with more social distancing, working from home, and wanting to feel comfy while looking

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You can get Coach totes and satchels for more than half off right now

This bag is available in a ton of different color options.
This bag is available in a ton of different color options.

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It’s rare to find a brand-name bag up for grabs in the $100 price range. It’s even more rare to find one in that price range that’s a decent size. Right now, however, you can choose from a slew of gorgeous options from Coach that

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The Great Biscuit Fake Off: Homemade Chocolate Hobnobs

A store-bought chocolate Hobnob and a homemade Hobnot. Can you tell the difference?
A store-bought chocolate Hobnob and a homemade Hobnot. Can you tell the difference?

My teenage Anglophilia started with music—The Smiths, New Order, The Wedding Present—and quickly spread to sweets, particularly the Brits’ delightful array of candy and cookies, or biscuits. As I was about to order some sugary imports during the pandemic, I realized I had the time to try making some of my favorite UK biscuits at home rather than pay inflated transatlantic shipping

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Chris Pratt under fire for jokes about voting: ‘This is super insensitive’

Chris Pratt got a little heat on social media for his recent jokes about voting.

The Marvel star, 41, was promoting his Pixar film “Onward” and encouraging his fans on Instagram to vote for this year’s People’s Choice Awards, but many people online felt the comments were poorly timed considering it’s less than a month away from the 2020 presidential election.

“With all that’s going on in the world it is more important than ever

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How Cities (and Citizens) Create Hostile Environments

Adapted from stories found in The 99% Invisible City by Roman Mars and Kurt Kohsltedt

Cities and their citizens are in constant dialog, but sometimes that conversation is one-sided. Master plans and grand designs aside, cities employ a wide array of smaller, more targeted, top-down strategies in public spaces, using designed objects to shape the behavior of residents. These strategies are embraced by some but criticized by others. To critics, dissuasive approaches (often called defensive

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She thought they were renovating the kitchen, he worked with a Seattle company on a bigger surprise

30 years into their marriage and nearly 20 years in the same house, Alvin and Joanne were ready for a refresh — not the marriage, Alvin emphasizes.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! We still feel like newlyweds who got married yesterday,” he says.

But the house was starting to feel a little dated, and the couple heard from a friend that Granite Transformations did really great work. As a former interior designer

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MichMash: How one Michigan business is thinking ahead for winter during COVID-19

Cold winter days are fast approaching in Michigan, and restaurants and coffee shops that have been relying on outdoor service to survive are going to have to get creative to stay afloat as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

As part of the weekly series MichMash, MLive’s Cheyna Roth and public radio station WDET’s Jake Neher spoke with Strange Matter coffee shop owner Elaine Barr about how they’ve been planning ahead and revamping to stay open once

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Fashion Designer Kenzo Takada Dies From COVID-19

PARIS (AP) — Kenzo Takada, the iconic French-Japanese fashion designer famed for his jungle-infused designs and free-spirited aesthetic that channeled global travel, has died. He was 81.

The family said in a statement to French media Sunday that Takada died from complications from COVID-19 in a hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris. A public relations officer for Kenzo’s brand confirmed that Takada died, but didn’t give a cause of death.

“It is with immense sadness that

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Kickin’ It 615 offers soccer league for free in Metro Nashville


Kickin’ It 615 providing opportunity to youth in North, East Nashville to learn soccer

Nashville Tennessean

Vanna Heath loves to win, but only when she can share victory with her friends. 

The seven-year-old’s East End Prep school in the Inglewood neighborhood of East Nashville remains online and its sports teams are sidelined due to the coronavirus pandemic. Soccer charity Kickin’ It 615 is Heath’s only time to shine on the field and claim victory

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