Eddie Van Halen’s Best Guitar Solos [VIDEO]

Photo: Robert Knight Archive/Redferns/Getty Images The word virtuoso isn’t used lightly to describe musical and artistic genius. However, there are few better descriptors for Eddie Van Halen, who died on Tuesday at the age of 65 from throat cancer. The Van Halen guitarist redefined rock stardom, spreading joy and exuberance […]

42 hobbies that can actually make you money

Are you looking for new hobbies? A big hobby of mine has always been painting, drawing and just releasing my creative energy in any way that I see fit. Who knew these were hobbies that could make money? My hobbies have recently shifted from mostly painting to digital media and writing […]

Donald Trump Jr. urges hunters to vote for his father

Donald Trump Jr.Don John TrumpTrump campaign launches ‘Operation MAGA’ while president recovers from COVID-19 ‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic requests pardon from Trump: ‘Be my hero please’ Zaid Jilani discusses Trump’s move to cancel racial sensitivity training at federal agencies MORE released a new video on Wednesday encouraging hunters and […]

75+ Face Masks That Are Shipping Right Now

From Good Housekeeping As the novel coronavirus pandemic surges on, the demand for face masks has some retailers scrambling to make more — and sometimes, finding a mask that’s actually in stock and ready to be shipped is tricky. Medical-grade surgical masks are in tight supply as healthcare workers on […]

An affordable way to make college free

When the coronavirus pandemic sent students home in March, colleges scrambled to move courses online.  Administrators, professors and students griped that the hastily developed remote classes were inferior to what was offered in-person, and often a worse experience than classes developed to be taught online. Jokes about Zoom University bounced […]

2020 Hack-A-House Winners Announced

Newswise — Salt Lake City – Today, Ivory Innovations announced the winners of Hack-A-House 2020, a student-driven entrepreneurial competition resulting in innovations to reduce housing costs. The first ever all-virtual Hack-A-House competition included more than 170 participants from 20 universities from across the nation. A total of $10,000 was awarded, […]