Our girls get nothing for free, even the three-year-old works to get her pocket money & we’re proud to be pushy

A COUPLE who are happy to label themselves Britain’s pushiest parents say they’ll stop at nothing to see their kids succeed.

Sophie and Phil McGennity, from Preston, are determined their two daughters Crystal, eight, and Hallie, three, will grow up to know the value of hard work – and have even given Hallie a part time job.

Sophie and Phil McGennity are proud to be labelled as Britain’s pushiest parents to Crystal, eight, and Hallie, three

Caters News Agency

Sophie and Phil McGennity are proud to be labelled as Britain’s pushiest parents to Crystal,
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If Working From Home Is Destroying Your Back, You’re Not Alone

It happened about a month ago, on a normal Tuesday morning of staring at my phone in bed before starting the day: I turned my head in exactly the wrong way, at perhaps exactly the wrong time, and something sort of…cracked/popped/crunched, and I immediately became unable to move my neck and shoulders. It was a Miranda-on-her-bathroom-floor moment, complete with trying to remain as immobile as possible while calling my mom on the phone, whose response

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Tampa nonprofit bracing for record level of need over holidays

TAMPA — For the past 24 years, tens of thousands of poor families have turned to Metropolitan Ministries for their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and for toys for their children.

The nonprofit’s annual holiday tent, roughly the size of a football field, has become one of Tampa’s most visible works of charity.

But in a year where the coronavirus has ravaged the economy, the 2020 holiday season could be the biggest challenge the nonprofit has

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New York Homeless Students, Parents Demand Wi-Fi in Shelters

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

For Christlie, a 33-year-old mother of two living in the Regents Family Residence on the Upper West Side, getting on the internet is an exhausting daily battle.

She and her daughter Amina, 9, both need web access: Christlie is a communications student at Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Amina is in the fourth grade at Success Academy, a charter school. But the city shelter they live in doesn’t provide Wi-Fi

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Personalize your wedding look with stylish accessories

Accessories can be exactly what you need to style and personalize a low-key wedding dress. “Accessories are the perfect way to take a minimal gown and make it feel festive and special,” said stylist Beth Chapman of Beth Chapman Consulting.

There are a variety of ways a bride can dress up her look. Short hemlines call for fabulous heels. Chilly weather needs a jacket or wrap. And a veil, whether birdcage or cathedral length, will

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New protests loom as Europeans tire of virus restrictions


Smoke billows as clashes broke out during a protest against the government restriction measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Turin, Italy, Monday, Oct. 26, 2020. Protesters turned out by the hundreds in Italian several cities and towns on Monday to vent anger, sometimes violently, over the latest anti-COVID-19 rules, which force restaurants and cafes to close early, shutter cinema, gyms and other leisure venues. In the northern city of Turin, demonstrators broke off

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Halloween in lockdown: ways to celebrate safely

There’s no activity that isn’t made more enjoyable by introducing a competitive element. Get a friends and neighbours to submit a photo of their efforts for judging, or place them outside their front doors, and your children can vote for the best. You could even devise a rating system, from “good effort” to “Oh my gourd”.

Read more: How to grow and carve pumpkins

Fancy dress competition

Fortunately, dressing up is one element of Halloween

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Why Is No One Talking About RH Stock?

The pandemic-laden year that is 2020 will be remembered as one that accelerated technological shifts such as e-commerce, working from home, and cord-cutting. While investors’ minds are fixated on high-flying tech stocks with outrageous valuations, RH (NYSE:RH), the high-end furniture supplier formerly known as Restoration Hardware, is up 79% this year.

You would think a company with the stamp of approval from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway would be the talk of Wall Street, but

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Pamplin Media Group – A different kind of spirit: What will Halloween look like in LO?

Halloween shifts this year as trick-or-treating is deemed a high-risk activity.

With festivities like haunted houses and masked youngsters roaming the streets normally fostering a spooky but safe atmosphere for families, Halloween 2020 presents a more serious fear for local residents and organizations — the possibility of spreading COVID-19.

In turn, parents, governments and local groups that normally celebrate Halloween are rethinking how to do so while keeping everyone safe.

The Centers for Disease Control

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Squadrons Mandalorian Content Lets You Fly With Baby Yoda

A new batch of cockpit items is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons in time for The Mandalorian’s second season, including a Baby Yoda Dashboard Flair.

A new wave of downloadable content based on The Mandalorian is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons, including a cockpit decoration in the likeness of the ever-memetic and adorable Baby Yoda. EA has previously stated that their new Star Wars spaceflight simulator wouldn’t be receiving any additional content following its

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Plants are booming, but succulent stores have had to adapt to the pandemic

The terrariums sold by the North Carolina-based nursery The Zen Succulent are delicately cultivated in thick glass vases. In each one, there’s a patch of rich brown soil at the bottom, a few rough stones half-buried along the interior, and a sturdy collection of rugged cacti sprouting out of the core.

Megan Cain, who owns both of The Zen Succulent storefronts in Durham and Raleigh, tells me that her terrariums have long been her most

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Still have questions about mail-in voting? Here’s all you need to know – News – The Taunton Daily Gazette, Taunton, MA

With the clock ticking down and Election Day looming, many Massachusetts voters have already voted early in person or shipped off their ballots to be counted. But some voters are still getting the hang of this newly expanded mail-in voting system.

We’re here to help. Earlier this month, we answered some of the top questions about mail-in voting in Massachusetts and asked readers to submit any lingering questions. Here’s what you asked:

I requested a

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Juggling act: Tips for balancing remote work and home life in 2020

NEW YORK – Any remote worker can tell you how office demands have invaded the home in 2020 and started creeping into every corner of the day.

FILE PHOTO: Stacey Barry, a community works administrator, at her band office desk. Picture taken April 27, 2020. REUTERS/David Jackson/File Photo

But Jessica DeGroot is no ordinary worker. She is an expert in work-life balance as head of the consultancy ThirdPath Institute.

“Work was taking over entirely, and

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Transcript shows pope’s distinction between gay marriage, civil unions

ROME — When Pope Francis said gay people have a right to be in a family and that gay couples needed some form of civil law to protect their rights, he was not saying that gay couples should have a right to adopt children.

In his documentary “Francesco,” director Evgeny Afineevsky presented the statements as if Pope Francis had said them one right after the other; the director used the quotes immediately following a story

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Peer-to-peer giving through Venmo is the new safety net

A college student pleading for grocery money. A driver in need of an unexpected car repair. A worker out of a job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A single mom who needs to pay the internet bill to support her kids’ distance learning.

In all of these cases, people turned to Twitter to ask for financial support during the pandemic. Not thousands of dollars. Just a few bucks. Whatever online followers could spare.

As a

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Where 5 Interior Designers Shop When Outfitting Their Own Homes

Home decoration is at once an exciting and daunting task. You get to completely revamp your living space, but it’s also time-consuming and pricey if you want to do it right.

And you definitely want to do it right: Americans are spending more time than ever in their homes, and that piece of wall decor you never really loved in the first place may be looking at you wrong after six consecutive months of working

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Cumberland County to begin building Veterans Burial Pavilion

Cumberland County will soon begin construction of the Cumberland County Veterans Burial Pavilion located at the Cumberland County Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Hopewell Township.

“The Freeholder Board recognizes that the unique nature of veterans cemeteries often make graveside ceremonies difficult, creating the need to provide a committal service shelter away from the grave site.” Freeholder Liaison to the County’s Veterans Commission George Castellini stated.

The 25-by-36-foot covered open-air pavilion will seat approximately 48 people and

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Ann Arbor transit system seeks public feedback on new buses

ANN ARBOR, MI — The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) is looking for public feedback on eight new replacement buses.

The company aims to replace 40 buses in its fleet of 100 in the next five years using state and federal grants. Nova Bus in 2019 was awarded a contract to supply five replacement buses per year. Designs were revealed at a February board meeting, showing the exterior will incorporate the traditional red, white

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Proposition 115 limiting abortion care in Colorado would impact people like me

This November, Coloradans are being asked to close a door I was grateful to walk through four years ago. The intentionally confusing Proposition 115 would make it illegal for Colorado’s abortion providers to administer abortion care after 22 weeks, with no regard for the consequences. This would not only dictate important health decisions for Coloradans, it would also affect people like me who travel to Colorado after they are denied care in their home states.

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Dining at home decor to dazzle the whole family

This season, make sure dining at home still feels exciting – add a sense of occasion with glamorous dinnerware and accents

For many of us, the promise of a Christmas hunkered down around the same old dinner table we’ve spent so much of the year at may make things feel less special. The key is to dress it for the occasion, drawing a clear, sparkling line between everyday eating and festive fun. Whether it’s

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