Day: November 8, 2020

Nissan plots digital course for car sales in a post-pandemic world

BEIJING (Reuters) – As COVID-19 threw a wrench into the cogs of car retailing, a senior Nissan board member challenged the chief operating officer to explain what the automaker was doing to adapt to a new era where customers may be reluctant to roam showrooms.

FILE PHOTO: Nissan’s electric vehicle (EV) Leaf is displayed at the Nissan’s booth at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, or Auto China show, in Beijing, China September 27, 2020. REUTERS/Tingshu

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Ask Amy: Family members press for baptism

Dear Amy: I grew up in a conservative Catholic family and went to 12 years of Catholic school. After, I decided to leave the Catholic faith. My husband was raised without a religious background.

Ten months ago, we welcomed our first child (my parents’ first grandchild) and have decided not to have her baptized. My family is very upset.

They say we don’t have to have her baptized Catholic, and that any nondenominational baptism would

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Shop Coach Outlet bags at 70% off right now

The Black Friday pricing on these bags is unreal. (Photo: Coach Outlet)

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Although we still have three weeks to go before the holiday rolls around (but who’s counting?), Coach Outlet is already rolling out the red carpet for Black Friday 2020 shoppers with “sneak peek” deals galore.

Need help finding products? Sign up for our weekly

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Bontona Peninsula 529 Bontona Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, USA, FL – Luxury Real Estate Listings for Sale

Bontona Peninsula

Almost one acre of land offering spectacular views with about 700’ of dockage able to accommodate a Superyacht and more. Furnished and readily available to move in

Developed and custom-designed by Innovative Creations Interior Design, Bontona Peninsula dramatically rises from the banks of the New River with its stunning architecture. Within few minutes of the Atlantic Ocean, Bontona Peninsula is strategically located on a South Las Olas Point Lot from which one can

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These Apple iPads are on sale for as low as $95

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As school and work have moved inside the house for most families, you may find it harder than ever to control your productivity and entertainment let alone the productivity and entertainment of your family. 

Tablets are a great solution for anyone who needs to work on the go, stay entertained, or make it easier for the kids to

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Streamlining a first-time home purchase in a fast-moving market

“This market, in particular, is so competitive,” says Amanda, 34. “I was feeling a little disheartened.”

Still, many first-time buyers are breaking through. By planning carefully, exercising lots of patience and providing an extra cushion in their budget to better position themselves in the fierce bidding wars, the Adrians eventually found a way to make their purchase.

“This townhouse came open,” Amanda says, and recounted their thinking: “ ‘We really like this so let’s rock-and-roll.

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One week in an America riven by politics and the plague


Fletcher Peters of New York, a journalism student at NYU, reacts as she watches President-elect Joe Biden on a monitor in Times Square on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in New York, as he addressed the nation.


On Nov. 1, as election week dawned, Dr. Juan Fitz lay dying in the same Lubbock, Texas, hospital where he had worked in the emergency room for nearly 20 years.

Months before, he had told a

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Covid-19 street closures leaves pavement cafes ‘vulnerable to vehicle terror attacks’

Coronavirus road closures have made streets vulnerable “weak spots” to vehicle attacks, a former counter terror chief has warned, as he called for a review of security measures in the wake of the UK’s “severe” terror threat.

Thousands of streets across the country have been pedestrianised following a policy by Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, which gave councils extra powers to close roads without consulting residents under a £250 million fund meant for a green

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Homeowners make the most of underutilized space during the pandemic

Seldom-used basements, forgotten loft spaces and even garages have become more valuable this year, thanks to COVID-19 and the desperate search for more work, study and living space within our homes.

Space is at a premium, but once that space is identified and put into use, ways to improve it and make it more comfortable and conducive to its new use are generally next on the “to do” list.



“People are literally trying to utilize

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What’s next for soon-to-be former first lady Melania Trump?

Unconventional and unpredictable, first lady Melania Trump now faces the task of vacating the White House and deciding what the next phase of her life will look like.

The last few days of election week have been as tumultuous as the last near-four years in Washington – but pretty typical for her: She was seen only once – at the White House with the president in the early hours of Wednesday morning – and has … Read More

Alleged Torture Victims Target U.S. Property Assets of Libyan Commander

Since the two decades he spent in the U.S. after leading a CIA-backed campaign against the regime of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi in the 1980s, militia leader Khalifa Haftar amassed millions of dollars in properties and other assets, including a luxury home in Virginia.

Now, as Mr. Haftar commands troops in eastern Libya and faces a pivotal moment in his efforts to retake the rest of the country, he faces lawsuits in the U.S. that

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Why Trump Voters Used The Economy As An Excuse To Vote For Him

Donald Trump will leave office with the economy considerably worse off compared to where it was when he was elected four years ago.

The unemployment rate hit 6.9% in October, down from record double-digits in April, the Labor Department announced Friday. This is an improvement, but when Trump was inaugurated in 2017, it was 4.8%. The jobless rate is now basically what it was right before Barack Obama took office in the middle of

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Christmas isn’t cancelled! Where and how to stay and be merry this year

Whatever happens in December, there are still hotels and self-catering options left which, restrictions permitting, will help you end the year on a happier note

It’s not going to be the same, that’s for sure, but with a full lockdown imposed upon all of us until at least Dec 2, Christmas is certainly going to be curtailed this year. And even once the national lockdown has ended, there are sure to be varying restrictions

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How to make a schedule to be most productive

Productivity “experts” love to tell us that we all have the same 24 hours a day. But what they don’t love to talk about is how few of us are actually in control of that time.

You might start the day planning to finish a project or code a feature only to get swept away by meetings, calls, emails, and “urgent” tasks.

Especially lately, with so many other things competing for your attention, your schedule

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Plastic skeleton embodies the spirit of friendship in neighborhood [I Know a Story column] | Food + Living

This is an open love letter to my plastic skeleton, Bobby Bones.

Our love story begins with a fateful chance meeting. I was leisurely strolling the aisles of Target when our eyes meet. I was stopped dead in my tracks. (My mouth may have fallen agape; I’m not sure).

As I gazed deep into your dark eye (sockets) I immediately began imagining all the fun we could have together. Apparently, you felt the same. The

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N.J. agency backs new operator for Atlantic City’s ailing Bally’s

story.lead_photo.captionThis Oct. 1, 2020, photo shows the exterior of Bally’s casino in Atlantic City, N.J. The online sports betting company FanDuel will open an in-person sports book at Bally’s casino in Atlantic City once the casino’s sale to a Rhode Island company is finalized. FanDuel told The Associated Press on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020, that it has plans for a temporary sports betting facility in the casino before the end of the year, and will
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‘I blamed myself for my dad’s depression’

I’ve never been very good at dealing with rejection. I mean, is anyone? Rejection is a rude and ungrateful experience. But as a child who had a parent with mental illness, I had to deal with a lot of rejection. When I was 10, I saw my dad depressed for the first time. Only I didn’t know what depression was, so when my dad got sad and hid away from the world, my natural response

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Europe terror: Police can shut down attacks quickly. But it’s still unable to prevent them

Yet, after six years of ISIS-inspired mindless murder, last week’s attack, in which four people were killed, perhaps stood out less in its brutality, but instead in the woefully irresponsible noise and video on social media that came with it.

CCTV footage of an innocent man being shot on two occasions, posted unedited, with complete disregard for the victim’s family. Similar video of a policeman being shot. Incorrect reports of multiple attackers, and a hostage … Read More

Students Return For the Holidays

For others, however, the restrictions and lockdowns have significantly impacted their mental well being. A survey of 144 colleges conducted by the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors this fall reported a 57-percent increase in anxiety among students and an 81-percent increase in loneliness, compared to the first four weeks of fall 2019.

“College kids have lost the balance between work and play. Most campuses are quiet, kids can’t have parties, they are

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Hot New Electric Cars Are Coming Soon

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The coronavirus pandemic has slowed auto production this year, but manufacturers’ plans to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) continue unabated. A record number of almost 100 pure electric EV models is set to debut by the end of 2024 if all goes according to plan.

On the menu are cars, and an increasing number of SUVs and pickups, along with a broader array of plug-in

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