Day: November 19, 2020

Amid COVID-19, FastAF app emerges as L.A. Amazon competitor

After the presidential election this month, the most frequently ordered items on FastAF, a new two-hour product delivery service, were CBD drinks — specifically the peach ginger CBD sparkling water by Recess and the ginger lemonade Mind + Body Function CBD drink by Vybes.

Lee Hnetinka, the founder and chief executive of FastAF, couldn’t say for sure whether the demand for these chill-out beverages had anything to do with the stress induced by the contentious

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A family of 7 downsized to a 429-square-foot RV that has a full-sized kitchen and a bunk-bed room their 4 daughters share

Kyler’s work fixing pipelines takes him all over the country. RV living allows the family to go with him. Courtesy of Katherine Umbarger
  • Katherine and Kyler have lived in an RV camper with their five children since May 2019.

  • Katherine told Insider this has helped the family spend more time together and explore new places affordably.

  • This has also helped them get rid of some of their debt, Katherine said.

  • The RV camper has a

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Gaming is the future of social good integrations

Lisa Sherman: Chauncey, let’s start with you. Why do you think video games make for a unique environment to address social issues?


Chauncey Gammage: Video games have allowed people from all around the world to share experiences with one another in a way that no other media allows, and they have the ability to build bridges of understanding between cultures and languages instantly.

When Guild Wars 2 was in development, one of its driving design

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Coach Outlet bags are up to 75% off right now

National Review

Checkmate in Pennsylvania for the Trump Campaign

Realistically speaking, the legal battle over the 2020 election is over. As I explained over the weekend, from President Trump’s perspective, that battle is beset by a fatal mismatch between (a) what his campaign is in a position to allege and prove, and (b) the remedy — i.e., the potential number of votes that could swing from Biden to Trump. That problem was already apparent last

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Walmart Will Now Deliver a Live Christmas Tree to Your Door for No Additional Cost

Photo credit: Walmart / Skyler Smith on Unsplash
Photo credit: Walmart / Skyler Smith on Unsplash

From House Beautiful

Walmart is here to make the holiday season easier. This week, the retailer announced two new services to help customers prep for the greatest (yet often the most hectic) time of year without even having to leave the couch.

Walmart will now deliver live Christmas trees right to your doorstep for free. Yes, that’s right—a live Fraser Fir brought to you without the hassle

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Blowin’ Smoke Presented by Weston Tobacco


What’s more fun than us giving you a chance to mock us every single week? In our new feature, Blowin’ Smoke presented by Weston Tobacco, we will do that each and every Thursday. Gabe DeArmond and Mitchell Forde will make five predictions almost sure to go wrong every week in this space. These will range from big games to big picture predictions with

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3 Stocks I Want to Buy If the Market Crashes

It’s hard to look at the stock market in 2020 and not feel like you’ve missed some huge opportunities. Tech stocks are booming, working from home seems to be here to stay, and it feels like we’ve had a decade of disruption in just a few months. 

As I look at the market today, there are three stocks that stick out as opportunities missed. But if the market crashes, I’m going to scoop up shares

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Walmart Introduces Live Christmas Delivery Service

walmart introduces christmas tree delivery service

Walmart / Skyler Smith on Unsplash

Walmart is here to make the holiday season easier. This week, the retailer announced two new services to help customers prep for the greatest (yet often the most hectic) time of year without even having to leave the couch.

Walmart will now deliver live Christmas trees right to your doorstep for free. Yes, that’s right—a live Fraser Fir brought to you without the hassle of having to tie it

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How to Balance Working From Home and the Kids’ Remote Learning (Without Losing It)

Getty Images

For working parents, the pandemic hasn’t just been stressful, it’s felt impossible at times. Not only have you been challenged to meet the needs of your children as they adapt to remote-learning set-ups, but your career has evolved too, creating additional curveballs around every corner.

While we all know how important it is to prioritize self-care, take a bath, and eat clean, the reality is, sometimes the dinner menu kind of has to

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About to Get Your First Tattoo? This Is Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve filled a folder on Instagram with bookmarks of tattoo inspiration and determined you’re finally ready to get your first tattoo. Not sure what happens next? We’ve got you.

To prepare you for permanently adding art to your skin, we compiled a comprehensive guide to getting your first tattoo. Allure asked tattoo artists, like Brit Abad, aka @blaabad, and Doreen Garner, aka @flesh_and_fluid, to share their insight on every step of the process.

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Keep Thanksgiving dinner tables to ‘single digits’ to slow COVID-19 surge, Murphy says

With a week to go before Thanksgiving, Gov. Phil Murphy urged New Jersey residents to stay with their immediate family during the holiday and keep the number of people at dinner to “single digits” as the coronavirus continues to surge in the state.

The governor continued to sound the alarm as the state on Wednesday reported 4,063 new cases — the fourth time in five days with more than 4,000 new positive tests — and

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Fitbit Charge 4 review: Built-in GPS and better sleep tracking, plus it’s pretty


Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

The Fitbit Charge 4 is the best all around fitness tracker of 2020 and has received CNET’s Editors’ Choice. Its slimmer form factor, longer battery life and lower price point (now on sale for $99) make it a great alternative for anyone looking to monitor their health and fitness, without the added bulk of a full-blown smartwatch. 

With the Charge 4, Fitbit has finally included built-in GPS to track outdoor workouts independently

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Bally’s buys sports betting tech company, closes AC purchase

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Bally’s Corp. has purchased a sports betting technology company for $125 million and has finalized the purchase of a casino in Atlantic City.

The transactions, both announced Wednesday night, give the Rhode Island company formerly known as Twin River Worldwide Holdings a solid place in the sports betting and physical casino markets as it rapidly expands across the U.S.

Bally’s bought Bet.Works, a sports betting platform provider to operators in

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Black Friday shopping in stores looks like shorter lines and piles of pajamas

“Clarity,” he said, “has become really important.”

The pandemic has reshaped the most important shopping season of the year, forcing retailers to rethink inventory, store layouts and when, even how, they offer their deepest discounts. Many have spent months trying to accommodate a boom in online shopping, but Black Friday weekend requires they also confront their approach to what historically is the busiest stretch of the year for in-store shopping.

Target is allowing shoppers to

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Europe far right backs Trump, hopes for violence amid vote drama | United States News

In the wake of Joe Biden’s victory in the United States presidential elections, Europe’s far right did not waste much time taking President Donald Trump’s side.

“There is no question at all that these elections are rigged,” Mart Helme, of the far-right EKRE party and interior minister in Estonia’s coalition government, told a radio show on November 8, as he repeated the US president’s false claims of elections fraud.

“[Trump] will win eventually,” Helme said.

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how to keep kids busy (and parents sane) in lockdown

Entertaining eight-year-old twins and a three-year old boy is a daunting challenge at the best of times. During lockdown, it all gets much harder.

Early one recent wet Sunday I had the day stretching out in front of me, and in a fit of parental wholesomeness (and desperation) I decided to get the paints out to paint Van Gogh-inspired abstract winter landscapes using potato prints.

It took me half-an-hour to fashion potato prints and cover

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Dayton to close city buildings to public, urges residents to stay home

The advisory overlaps with a 21-day statewide curfew issued by Gov. Mike DeWine. Starting Thursday, Ohioans should stay home from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.

Also starting Monday, payment centers will be closed. Residents can make city utility payments by phone, online, via mail or at any CVS or Family Dollar stores. The city is pausing routine fire and interior housing inspections as well.

ExploreMontgomery County stay-at-home advisory: Read the full resolution

Dayton police,

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You’ve never heard of this N.J. ice cream company. But it’s a major player in the world of frozen desserts.

Fifty flavors of ice cream, including Ginger Ginger, the most seductive ginger since the one on Gilligan’s Island.

Six flavors of mochi, the sweet, rice dough-wrapped ice cream popular in Asian communities.

There’s also Dragon Eggs (a fudge crumble cookie topped with ice cream and enrobed with dark Belgian chocolate) and MUD (a date-sweetened, non-dairy frozen dessert). And let’s not forget bacon and peanut butter frozen yogurt, for your favorite four-legged friend.

All these products

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I Love My Grown Children, But I’m Not Willing To Die Because Of Their Pandemic Choices

I love you, but I do not want to die because of your good time.

Not that I am opposed to your personal enjoyment. I am all for recreation — within reason, of course. But the eschewing of caution, throwing it all to the wind in order to hang out with your friends and laugh for a few hours, stand near each other, drink, eat — well, it’s just too reckless for me.

Because you

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Inclusiveness seen as key to Taiwan’s success in containing of COVID-19

Digital Minister Audrey Tang explains the importance of diversity and inclusion for public policy and innovation 

By Angela Chen, Microsoft Taiwan

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck early this year, Taiwan quickly rolled out a nationwide facemask distribution system with a “mask map” that showed where they were available.

But it wasn’t a smooth launch. Complaints poured in from people who had to wait in long lines and were often disappointed when vendors ran out of

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