There’s more than one reason why white working class teenagers are falling behind at school

Earlier this week, the watchdog for fair access warned that white working-class teenagers were being left behind -missing out on rising access to universities and the wider expansion of educational opportunities.  There is no doubt that universities should be encouraged to make their community engagement activities more inclusive. But what […]

Curbside Carhop – Pasadena Weekly

Twoheys puts a new spin on a classic traditionBy Christina Fuoco-Karasinski With the tagline of “Making memories since 1943,” Twoheys has added a touch of fun to an already-miserable 2021. The South Pasadena eatery has resurrected carhops, the rollerskating outdoor servers who were popular at the legendary restaurant from the […]

626 BHP, The Fastest Ever Street Legal BMW

Recently, BMW unleashed the 2022 M5 CS, the quickest and most powerful road-legal BMW car ever. From the looks alone, the BMW M5 CS seems worth buying. However, from what’s inside the hood to engineering and performance, every element makes it even more impressive. Let’s explore the new CS variant […]

which Alexa speaker should you buy?

In recent years Amazon has carved itself a not insignificant slice of the home entertainment market. From its Spotify-rivalling Music Unlimited and Netflix-competing Prime Video services to its Fire TV video streamers, Fire tablets and Echo smart speakers, there’s an Amazon device for almost every occasion. And the company is […]

Claudia Conway supporters call for Twitter users to report her case to child abuse hotline after ‘nude photo leak’

CLAUDIA Conway’s supporters have urged Twitter users to report her case to a child abuse hotline after she initially accused her mother Kellyanne of posting a nude photo of her online. The former Trump aide’s 16-year-old daughter has since rowed back from her allegations and begged followers not to contact […]