Tips for weathering winter weather

Dress for the weather if you go out (but stay in if you can) If you are going to be doing physical activity, make sure to wear a base (next-to-skin) layer made to “wick” moisture, according to online advice from the outdoor store REI. Materials that wick moisture, including synthetics […]

Manheim Expands Protections to Digital Sales – Technology

Manheim is expanding and enhancing protection of digital purchases with its new Digital Buyer Protection program, designed to help dealers buy more confidently online.  The program, which applies across all of Manheim’s digital platforms, expands coverage for vehicles with condition reports for damaged items not previously covered, like undocumented exterior […]

Shop better, shop smarter: A new venue for Alaskans to buy local | Community Perspectives

Forever and ever, the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation has encouraged residents to “Think Local” and shop “Fairbanks First.” Today, though, the ravages of COVID-19 have elevated “buying local” from simply “a good thing to do” into a true community necessity — small businesses across our community are at dire risk […]