Mass Effect: How to Romance Miranda Lawson

The backstory for Mass Effect‘s Cerberus agent, Miranda Lawson, is long and difficult, crafting a tale of the flaws in human perfection. Genetically engineered by her father, Miranda grew up without a mother, and the arrogant perfectionist who created her knew next to nothing about being an actual parent. She […]

Mad Men: The Main Characters’ Homes, Ranked

There’s a reason why the expression decorating “The Mad Men way” became a thing when people want to allude to their home styling preferences. Most Mad Men fans know that the ’60s bright, flashy colors vibe that was exuberated in the main characters’ homes are still, to this day, a visual reference for […]

Democratic majority shrinks, but finds unity

House Democrats have been largely unified in the opening weeks of the new Congress, suffering few defections at a time when their slimmed-down majorities make it crucial their party stays together. Things can always change as tougher caucus battles form over policy matters, and as Republicans seek to put vulnerable […]

Fruits of a teacher’s work

Mar. 13—Life as a lawyer and perhaps a politician awaited Arthur Feinsod. After taking a theater course at Harvard University, he was asked to teach in a summer acting and poetry program for inmates at the maximum-security state prison in nearby Walpole, Mass. Feinsod agreed, thinking the experience would bolster […]