How COVID-19 Changed Business Schools Forever

Carlson Classroom The COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every industry. Business schools, in particular, were hit hard and the impact of the pandemic will have lasting effects. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some positive changes as well. Chris Stokel-Walker of Bloomberg recently spoke to experts on how the pandemic […]

HBO Max’s Reboot Has No Secrets Worth Hearing

The original Gossip Girl, no matter its eventual identity, was first and foremost an agent of chaos. Dropping juicy details about the private lives of Manhattan’s rich and popular youth for all to see, the blog/narrator voiced by Kristen Bell was built to manufacture continuous confrontation; whether its posts were […]

Dine Out Maine: Eat the Weekend

People love to ask me where to eat, especially in the summertime. Friends, casual acquaintances and strangers email nearly every week when the weather turns sunny and warm. By and large, the requests take a familiar form: “I’m coming to Portland. What should I try when I’m there?” Before we […]