ResEx: A New Prescription for Boosting Tenant Retention

The ‘State of Resident Experience Management’ The blog itself draws from a 78-page report titled “State of Resident Experience Management,” drawn from multiple sources, including 700 surveys with managers of multifamily apartments, and downloadable here. The highline takeaways from the report include: Offering a modern living experience is the most […]

Hurricane essentials to get now

Preparing for a hurricane The thought of a hurricane striking can be scary. It’s something most people don’t want to think about; however, putting off preparing for one until the storm is bearing down on you could make a potentially bad situation considerably worse. Luckily, with proper planning, you can […]

Bay Area water district further limits when you can water

Marin Municipal Water District is taking a more drastic step to conserve its dwindling water supply. The district’s board of directors voted Tuesday night to further restrict when customers can water gardens and landscaping. Under the new ordinance, spray irrigation, which includes watering lawns with sprinklers, is limited to one […]

How de-cluttering grew Facebook Marketplace to 1bn users

Sayantani Mitra gets “a thrill” from finding good second-hand stuff online Sayantani Mitra say she now scrolls through listings on Facebook Marketplace “for hours”. A 28-year-old from Oxford, prior to the pandemic she “would buy everything from charity shops, whether that’s furniture, clothes, or bags and accessories”. But with lockdowns […]