Nissan’s newly revamped Z sports car is edging closer to production, and we seem to be learning more and more about the car every day. Earlier this week, photos and videos of what look to be the production version of the car leaked online. Now, if this latest report is to be believed, we know some details on pricing, power, and trim levels.

A user on the forum who claims to be in the know spilled a handful of details on the new Z on Thursday. They claim the car will simply be called the “Nissan Z” in the United States, and come standard with a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 engine, consistent with other rumors we’ve been hearing. They also claim a dry weight of 3252 pounds.

The biggest surprise is the claimed starting price: $34,995. The Z’s main competitor, the Toyota Supra, starts at $42,990. And that model doesn’t even come with the bigger six-cylinder engine.

The user also says the new Z will have four trims:

  • A base model with zero options.
  • A “Type S” trim with Brembos, bigger sway bars, and better cooling.
  • A “Type T” trim with a leather interior, heated and cooled power seats, and more onboard tech.
  • A “Type ST” trim that combines both the S and the T options.

    It’s worth noting there’s no way to confirm these claims, so we suggest taking them with a grain of salt until Nissan makes things official. Seeing as how production-ready versions are already starting to make their way online, we suspect we won’t have to wait long.

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