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Drew Barrymore talks homeschooling her kids during the pandemic

Drew Barrymore admits that she’s struggling just the same as other parents during the pandemic. “I have so much empathy for parents right now because my kids have been in homeschool for a year and not seeing their friends,” she tells Yahoo Life. “I was doing homeschool with them, trying to upstart the show in the afternoon. And it was a complete hot mess.” The 46-year-old mother to Olive, 8, and Frankie, 6, explains that she had to implement new habits to maintain some semblance of a regimen — like starting the day off with breakfast together. Barrymore even teamed up with Kellogg’s to stress the importance of an easy and healthy meal to start the day in an otherwise unpredictable time. Barrymore says she can’t help but feel mom guilt when she can’t show up in the many ways that her children depend on her to during this time. “I’ve had moments where I’ve just thought, my kids don’t look at me as the teacher. I’m not their teacher, I’m their mom. I’m not their friend and yet I’m all they have,” she says. “I saw this tweet and it’s like ‘Kids are not falling behind. They’re surviving a pandemic.’ And I thought, some days, does that even apply for adults as well? I’m definitely not taking things day by day, I’m taking things minute by minute, hour to hour,” she says. “I hope that there’s a deeper appreciation for everything.”

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