Here’s an overlooked bonus of increased family time and seemingly endless hours of working from home: You’ve got plenty of time to think about the purchases that could make life at home feel a bit easier (or at least a little more exciting). So, this Presidents Day, take stock of what’s not working and scoop up a bargain replacement appliance or upgrade weeknight dinner with an air fryer for up to 75 percent off what you’d normally pay. Not sure where to start? We did a deep dive into the most utilitarian, chic and comfortable items for the home…along with some discounted winter clothing that you’ll still get plenty of use out of. Browse our 28 finds below, because there’s bout to be something random but useful that will shine some light on your winter slump.

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Due to the pandemic, there’s been an uptick in people buying second (or third) televisions for their home offices, guest rooms or workout areas. This compact model comes with Fire TV capability, its own stand and built-in WiFi. So you can seriously just plug it in and start watching.

Buy It ($150; $100)

You’re saving a ton on this laptop, which easily swivels from portable computer to tablet (yup, that touch screen is a game changer). And the 1080-pixel screen and an enhanced Studio Mics system lets you be seen and heard at your best in virtual meetings.

Buy It ($1,329; $899)

Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman inspires us in so many ways, including how chic a statement headband can be.

Buy it ($25; $11)

With 55 percent more suction than the Dyson 7, especially amped up to draw in pet hair, this vacuum is worth the investment, especially at this $100 discount. This vacuum holds up to an hour charge and is so lightweight and balanced it’s easy to clean ceiling crevices and the awkward-to-reach space under your bed.

$499 at Amazon

Keep your home computer system safe from hackers while monitoring your family’s online time (and what content they’re consuming) with this easy-to-install router, discounted from its regular price of $150.

$99 at Amazon

The breathable foam of this mattress circulates air, so you’ll never wake up sweating. And, with a 100-night free return policy, you’re assured to settle into a deep sleep, since the Casper Element provides a healthy balance of support and softness.

$535 at Amazon

Look forward to your next workout with these wireless earphones that gently cup your ear so lunges, sprints or inversions can’t dislodge them. They’re reinforced to be sweatproof and water resistant, too.

Buy It ($250; $160)

Our resident French fry expert deemed this the best overall air fryer, with six temperature settings and a 10-quart fryer square basket that can fit a family’s worth of brussels sprouts and mozzarella sticks.

$90 at Amazon

This sleek minimalist fridge has an external water and ice dispenser, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel cladding and large shelves that can accommodate everything all at once. Like, say, a whole chicken that needs to brine overnight, six-packs of soft drinks and your Marie Kondo-cradled eggs.

Buy It ($2,070; 1,700)

This seemingly never-ending winter means there’s still plenty of time to take this modified combat boot with a walkable stacked heel for snowy walks.

Buy It ($100; $40)

This portable speaker delivers clean, clear sound for up to 20 hours on a single battery charge. Since its rugged body has a completely waterproof cloth and rubberized exterior, it’s just as useful on summer road trips as it is in your living room.

Buy It ($180; $140)

A professional-quality makeup application in less than a minute? That’s what this game-changing air brush does, with easy-to-use foundation pods (and even hair color, for grown-out roots) that fit in this lightweight, cord-free tool.

Buy It ($195; $156)

Professionals love this hair tool brand—especially this particular curling iron. It has a ceramic barrel that heats up in what feels like an instant and creates a frizz-free head of glam-looking waves.

Buy It ($160; $130)

This air purifier (a great deal at 36 percent off) not only cleans dust mites, pet dander and lots of other pesky allergens out of the room, it also breaks down odor at the molecular level. Impressive.

$160 at Amazon

This all-in-one DIY kit comes with lash scissors, glue and a pair of handmade silk lashes that can be reused up to 25 times.

Buy It ($62; $43)

A leather sofa is invincible when it comes to withstanding the rigors of pets and children; and at almost half-off the list price, this sleek, modern model is even more appealing.

Buy It ($2,550; $1,360)

We love robotic vacuums because they’re the definition of set it and forget it. Reduced by more than 30 percent, this one is super-quiet and less than three inches tall, so it can scoot right under furniture, on both hard floors and medium-pile carpet.

$150 at Amazon

Buying a pair of Spanish-made slide sandals (with comfy cork footbeds, no less) in the middle of winter is an act of faith in the coming of spring. Our advice? Wear them at home while the temps are still frigid; at 60 percent off, you won’t regret adding these to your footwear arsenal.

Buy It ($540; $216)

Now available at a 41 percent discount, the NutriChef is an automatic sealing system for food preservation that’s going to make your freezer look way tidier. And it will make sure your food defrosts and cooks like fresh, instead of re-heated frozen pucks that are studded with ice crystals.

$50 at Amazon

Pieces from bold cool-girl Danish designer Ganni are on deep discount. And we’re pretty confident this dress would work especially well with tights, boots and a coat now, and with strappy sandals come spring.

Buy It ($245; $147)

Since it doesn’t look like warm temps are arriving anytime soon, a space heater is a worthy investment. The powerful 1500-watt surge of heat from this Trustech model pushes heat over a 120-degree oscillation path—and the timer is both convenient and anxiety-soothing

$70 at Amazon

These fierce rain boots are disguised as on-trend biker boots and also 70 percent off. So, we’re all in.

Buy It ($170; $50)

Dinnertime will be way easier with this six-quart Instant Pot, now on sale for a third off. We especially love the new touch-screen where you can just touch “venting” rather than manually fiddle with the steam release.

$100 at Amazon

Spring cleaning your garage will spark joy when you spend an hour installing these super-strong steel shelves. The secret to their rapid assembly is that only the top horizontal bar is attached to the wall.

Buy It ($413; $289)

Enough with that uncomfortable chair in our home office; we’re upgrading to this one, with its reclining back, pneumatic lift-and-lower mechanism for the seat and a series of flat bands that conform to the body.

Buy It ($200; $160)

The solution to the cluttered home desktop/craft area/playroom: Swipe whatever is left out onto one of its layers, then roll it into a closet or under a desk. Because when clutter’s out of sight, everyone’s calmer.

Buy It ($35; $30)

A bright set of drawers—each featuring slots for labels—is our solution to taxes this year. We’re dedicating each drawer to reciepts, bank statements and miscellaneous forms that we’ll need soon enough but don’t want staring at us from our desktop on the daily.

Buy It ($100; $75)

Who even knows what’s under that sink? Take the first step in spring cleaning by giving your kitchen sink under-cabinets a makeover, using easy-to-install mesh gliders. Now to deal with the bathroom’s beauty product backlog…

Buy It ($31; $22)

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