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Name a better feeling than getting your bathroom storage spot on, having a clutter-free room, not a damp towel of stray string on floss in sight. Ah it’s just so zen-inducing. Not had that euphoric feeling in a while? Fear not because we have loads of bathroom storage ideas that can help you tidy up your bathroom quickly and easily. 

For your bathroom space, it could be as simple as investing in some cabinets or adding in a few baskets (more on that later), it depends on the size of your bathroom and what you’re working with. But with what will essentially feel like extra bathroom space, there will simply be more time to chill out, – you may even be able to squeeze in a bath or two – so check out our bathroom storage ideas below to get organized and make the most of your space. 

First, take time to purge your bathroom of unused products, before you decide what kind of simple storage and practical bathroom furniture you need. Whether you’re designing a bathroom from scratch and are looking for ways to maximise space, or if you need stylish, but affordable options to suit a budget-friendly bathroom, there’s heaps of ideas for bathroom storage to go around!

1. Add an industrial vibe with locker style storage

Bathroom storage really needn’t mean storage pieces built specifically for bathrooms – so think outside the pick pieces that will bring in both style and storage space. 

An industrial style unit like this one isn’t perfect for storing towels, toiletries and more. You can find loads of really similar pieces online in varying sizes, try places like Wayfair. You could also get out eBay or Etsy for an authentic, industrial unit (remember if the color isn’t right for you, there’s nothing a bit of spray paint can’t cover.)

2. Carve a niche with recessed shelves

When designing your bathroom, especially if floor space is at premium, incorporate some recessed shelves into your design. Recessed shelves are an unobtrusive way to store your bathroom essentials, plus they are usually going to be cheaper than a full-on built-in cabinet. Recessed shelves are usually built into a false wall so kill two birds with one stone and use the wall to cover up unsightly pipework too. 

We love how in this bathroom the backs of the shelves have been tiled to match the flooring. It ties the whole look together and stops a wall of white metro tiles looking too clinical. For our pick of the best patterned tiles, head over to our buying guide.  

3. Run a shelf along the back of the bath

Similarly, you could create a shelf that runs along a wall of your bathroom. Having something like this behind your bath is ideal, because, again it covers any unsightly pipes but also means you can keep your toiletries accessible too. Blend the shelf into the wall by tiling over it to match the rest of the space. 

4. Maximise vertical space with a bathroom storage ladder

Ladders are a stylish but functional bathroom storage idea – particularly if space is at a premium. Whether as a purpose-built shelf perfect for storing bathroom essentials or an actual ladder that’s ideal for storing towels, there are different widths designed to suit every bathroom.

5. Go for retro bathroom storage

Had your eye on an amazing piece of vintage storage but not sure where you could make it work in your home? See if you could rework it as a vanity in your bathroom for your sink to perch on top of.

Having a statement piece like this creates a focal point in your bathroom and brings in a ton of your personal style. Plus you get plenty of storage too. 

6. Add a cute wall unit

Need a really easy bathroom storage idea for your current space? Hang a wall unit. Perfect for storing all your bathroom essentials but also a place you can bring in decor like prints and houseplants. Loving this rattan shelf, it also brings in some natural colors and textures that are bang on trend. 

7. Build floor to ceiling cupboards to maximise space

One of the most charming things about older properties is the little design quirks and unusual shaped rooms. Whether you love them or hate them, use them to your advantage to maximise storage space. Here, shelving is built in to the recess, using wasted space for essential storage. 

8. Add  some quick storage with a bath rack

Another quick storage solution that looks as stylish as it is practical – a bath rack. You can pick one up really cheaply from Amazon or DIY one for a rustic look using a plank of wood cut to size. Aswell as keeping your toiletries to hand,  and a candle and a small houseplant too for extra decor. 

9. Build storage underneath your sink

When choosing your bathroom sink, think about how to add some extra bathroom storage. A sink on top of a vanity unity is an obvious choice but it’s not the only option. Check out how in this bathroom, a marble floating shelf has been built underneath the basin for a sleek, contemporary look. 

10. Or add floating shelves 

Same concept on a tighter budget – a shelf has been added underneath these double sinks and then the whole area painted in the same shade to create a seamless look. 

For more tips on how to design a bathroom on a budget, check out our guide. 

11. Make use of every space

12. Repurpose your grocery bags

Has your collection of string bags got out of hand? We don’t blame you, we use ours for everything, pretty sure we had one as our handbag for a moment back in summer. Anyways, they look great hung on your bathroom wall, and the Ikea bags as so affordable and fit in more than you would think.  

13. Choose slimline bathroom storage for small spaces

Designed with narrow spaces in mind, slimline shelving is a must for small bathrooms. A combination of open shelving and closable cupboards is the ideal, allowing you to display prettier pieces and hide away the more unsightly bathroom necessities. We love the Silveran corner unit from Ikea. 

Check out ways of including storage in your small bathroom design in our guide. 

14. Upcycle a towel storage cabinet

If your bathroom is large enough to allow it, rustic style cabinets make for great towel storage solutions and can be acquired for relatively little at reclamation yards and antique auctions. Don’t be put off if the finish or colour isn’t your style, you can always paint it – just go and have a read of our guide to painting furniture.

15. Add some personality with vintage finds 

If you are keen on adding some quirk to your space by using vintage finds, get inspired by this gorgeous bathroom storage idea. Look out for pieces that you wouldn’t normally find in a bathroom but could totally work as storage pieces. Glass fronted cabinets are great because they are practical sure, but they are also perfect for adding decorative pieces to your bathroom. 

Take a tour of the rest of this Victorian villa, it’s filled with quirky ideas like this and usual ways to upcycle vintage finds. 

16. Turn your bathroom essentials into decorations

Sure, purely functional items like cotton buds and makeup wipes don’t look all that great when they are wrapped in plastic, but stick them into some pretty glass storage jars, and you’ve got yourself a chic display. Not only do glass jars look lovely but they free up valuable cupboard space, making them the perfect bathroom storage solution. 

17. Say yes to a shower caddy, they are (surprisingly) stylish

Looking for a simple and inexpensive way of tidying up your shower? Versatile and easy to install, shower caddies are designed to help you get organized quickly. They also mean everything you need for your morning wash is in easy reach.

18. Use bathroom caddies for storage that’s portable

The ultimate tidying aid, caddies are a great bathroom storage idea for saving space. Slide one down the side of the toilet for spare loo roll, or keep it stocked with your bathing essentials and hide in a cupboard, only to be brought out at bath time. 

For ease, make sure to choose one that’s wipe-clean and water-resistant, before stocking up with bathroom bits and bobs. 

19. Choose portable bathroom storage

Ideal for en-suites or small spaces, shelving on wheels is a great way to get the most out of your space. Simply wheel into action when required, or hide it away when not in use. This wipe-clean design from Ikea is perfect for storing your toiletries, or could even be used in the kitchen or bedroom too. 

20. Hide clutter in hanging baskets

If you do not have room for fitted cupboards, make use of any wall space by fitting a hook rack. This versatile bathroom storage idea can be used for holding baskets full of your products, or for hanging jewelry from. Understated and stylish, they’re an easy addition to any bathroom and make the perfect hair tools and make-up storage. 

Want to replicate this look? All you’ll need tare the SVARTSJON hook rack and NORDRANA baskets, both from Ikea. You can use it for hand towels too!

21. Clear the floor with bathroom wall shelves

Keeping clutter off the floor will take you one step closer to a neater and more spacious bathroom. Arranged with a combination of lovely looking bathroom essentials and more decorative pieces, a wall-mounted shelving is a simple yet effective bathroom storage idea.

22. Get a two-in-one wall unit

It’s always a bonus if you can find a bathroom storage idea that serves more than one purpose. Mirrored cabinets do just that, storing bathroom essentials while hosting a practical mirror that not only helps you put your face on, but will also make a space seem larger and lighter.

23. Go for a floating bathroom storage unit

Floating storage units are an effective option for creating the illusion of space and work particularly well in more minimalist spaces. Opt for a model with plenty of shelves for storing folded towels and bathroom bits and bobs.

24. Get organised with a peg board

It’s no secret that we are big fans of pegboard. It’s super versatile, looks great and doesn’t take up much space – perfect if you are working with a smaller bathroom. 

This pegboard is from Kreisdesign, and it comes in natural birch plywood, white, green, grey or blue. It comes with a shelf and six pegs included, but you can add on more accessories to suit your bathroom storage needs. 

25. Use a stool to add rustic vibes (and a bit of extra bathroom storage)

The humble stool is a great addition to a bathroom. It’s a fantastic little seat if you’re watching over your youngsters at bath time, or can be used for keeping freshly washed towels or your most-used toiletries within easy reach. 

26. Use bathroom storage baskets (practical and pretty)

If your bathroom is large enough, consider grouping pretty rattan or wicker baskets together – they make the perfect home for towels as well as hair and skin care products, while adding color and texture to your scheme. 

Top tip: they are the perfect place to fling all of the kids’ bath toys next time you fancy a relaxing soak.

27. Factor in space for a linen closet

If you have the space, adding a linen cupboard to your bathroom will give you ample storage for towels, spare bedding and bathroom essentials. 

Keep your linen closet organized with smaller storage like baskets and boxes, you could also add hooks for cleaning bits. In this linen closet, a space has been left at the bottom for a laundry basket, so you could keep that hidden away too. 

28. Pick a sink that has plenty of built in storage 

The downside to built-in sink units can be the sink taking up too much room, leaving minimal storage space underneath. When choosing a unit, it’s important to opt for something with a couple of deep drawers and ample storage potential. 

Love the look of this bathroom? You are going to want to see the rest of this gorgeous log cabin. 

29. Go for a storage bath panel 

These things are ingenious, especially if you have a small bathroom that makes multi-functional furniture a must. How does a storage bath panel work? Basically, the space behind the panel that covers the side of your bath that’s not being taken up by the bath itself is used as extra bathroom storage.

There are lots of different options, from cupboards, drawers and sliding doors, plus you can find models that aren’t even very expensive.

How do I add more storage to my bathroom?

Think outside the box and make sure you make the most of all our space. Under the sink can fit baskets for spare toiletries to make the most of that space, used your walls for shelves of ladder storage, remember the back of the door can always be used to hang bags from to fill with loo rolls and the like. Just think beyond a towel rail and an undersink unit and you will find there are plenty of places to squeeze in some extra storage. 

How can I organize my bathroom without storage?

Hooks, shelves, cute baskets, freestanding units – you can easily add storage without having to build anything in. Also a trolley is great for bathrooms lacking in storage and if you are renting they can be a lifesaver. 

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