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3 steps to make a promising career in the furniture industry

A bright career in the furniture industry seeks an amalgamation of design, craftsmanship, and fashion. It was not a while ago when a career in the furniture industry was just a myth in India; now, more than 500 jobs are being posted every day on various job portals by leading furniture companies.

This sudden hike in jobs incorporates the unorganized and organized furniture market’s rapid growth potential in the upcoming years.

Today, there are countless career opportunities available in various fields, including the furniture industry. A significant rise in furniture firms’ careers has been acknowledged recently, for the designations such as designer, sales manager, product manager, etc.

However, we cannot deduce that a career in the industry will be easy, but not that difficult. Here is a guide to start a refreshing and promising career in the furniture industry:

STEP 1: Pursue a degree course

The very first step to enter into the industry is to start with a degree. Various designations are surfacing each day in the industry, and you have to decide which career you want to opt for.

Let’s take a look at multiple designations that a furniture firm requires:

  • Furniture Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Logistics and Warehouse manager
  • Sales Manager and Team
  • Human resources
  • A Website team

There are various graduation courses offered by prestigious individual institutions across Nation to prepare you for all different industry posts.

Courses for Furniture Designer:

1. A degree in Design and Architecture

Topics that are covered during the course are

  • Textiles
  • Color expertise
  • Art and crafts philosophy
  • Architectural designs and drawings
  • Computer-aided designing
  • Lights exposure designing

2. A certificate course in Furniture Designing:

Topics covered in the certificate course:

  • course in Furniture Design Process
  • Furniture construction techniques
  • History behind furniture products
  • Capstone projects

Courses for designations other than furniture designer:

1. A graduation from any recognized institute in various disciplines:

  • Bachelors of Arts
  • Bachelors of Technology
  • Bachelors of Engineering
  • Bachelors of Science
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Charted accountant

STEP 2: Create a dynamic profile

After completing the education in the respective fields, you will find yourself in the haystack of jobs. To come out as a creative professional in the area, make a profile with all your credentials and details.

Include every little achievement of your life in the resume. Create a stack of information for the designated profile you are going to compete for.

Points to include in your portfolio when applying for Furniture Designer posts:

  • Personal Details
  • Education Background
  • Achievements
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Designs and sketches of future furniture

Points to include in your portfolio when applying for other furniture career designations:

  • Personal Details
  • Education Background
  • Achievements
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Possible futuristic ideas and models to acquire a better position in the furniture Industry

STEP 3: Search for your dream job

The process of job referrals and searching every line of classifieds page in a newspaper has been an outdated version. Online job portals have made it easy for everyone to search for a job online, regardless of the vast number of applicants.

Upload your Curriculum Vitae on Job portals and opt for the profile visibility to appear frequently in front of the recruiters.

Now, job recruiters have certain expectations from a potential candidate applying for a job post in their firm. Therefore, to appear suitable for their expectations, one should rectify the set of skills by self.

So, there are specific skills required to achieve a promising career in the furniture industry; without it, you will not be able to go very far.

Skill set for a Furniture Designer:

  • Eye for unique and precious patterns
  • Sketching ability
  • Prompt Design Skills
  • Better understanding of floor plans, viable space, and furniture layouts
  • Complete knowledge of 3D design software
  • Artistic temperament
  • knowledge of industrial production system
  • Precise knowledge of material finishes

Skill-set for other jobs in the furniture industry:

  • Confidence in what you do
  • Knowledge of Industrial production system
  • An eye for detail
  • Effective presentation quality
  • Strong linguistics
  • Precise knowledge of material finishes

After creating a professional portfolio, there are several future growth prospects in the furniture industry you can consider (excluding furniture designer).

Growth prospects in the furniture industry

  • Furniture manufacture
  • Logistics and warehouse services
  • Sales representative for design firms
  • self Employed services

Furniture design touches on various other industries, including interior designing, aviation, hospital equipment, hotel management, and crafts. India is a country where the furniture industry works towards a skill base and artisan-based market.

Salary expectations in the furniture industry

Every person is working towards earning money that could buy them the comfortable life they always wanted. A career in the furniture industry can buy you a pretty decent lifestyle.

Further, it depends entirely on the growth and promotion you achieve in your respective field. Here is an idea of the salary range offered in various posts:

In a world of constant change, keep yourself well acquainted with prosper trends and designs concerning people’s furniture needs. The utility and appearance play an essential role in developing a captivating and unique design.

The furniture industry in India has huge potential ahead and is growing rapidly. Do not hesitate to contribute in such a large developing sector by becoming a valuable part of it.

– Article by Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder & CEO, WoodenStreet

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