Not being able to be with your family or big group of friends for the holidays is tough. So even though you can’t host your typical Easter party this year like you have in the past, or meet up for a huge Easter egg hunt together, you can still find ways to have a great time virtually and do some of those traditions thanks to Zoom and Facetime. You can even make it festive with an Easter Zoom background!

Check out 30 virtual Easter games we came up below that are perfect for you and your loved ones to try out. Some of the Easter-themed games are great to play via Zoom, so you can feel like you’re together even though you’re not. Other games are ones that your kids can play on your phone that’ll get them into the Easter spirit. And others are interactive online games that let your do things like go Easter egg hunts from their home. 

So no matter what types of games you’re into, you’re sure to find one you love on our roundup of 30 virtual Easter games. What are you waiting on? Hop to it!

30 Virtual Easter Games

1. Have A Easter Egg Hunt Via FaceTime

Easter egg hunts are a tradition in most homes with kids, so make keep the tradition alive by having a big one with your family over FaceTime instead of in person.To help it feel like you’re all together, make sure you all either hide the eggs inside or outside. Then, have all the kids show off their eggs once they’re finished searching.

2. Download An Easter Egg Painting App

A creative virtual game that your kids will become obsessed with this spring is Easter Egg Decoration. Not only does it let your kids decorate an Easter egg online, but once they are done, they can send it to someone they love as a gift. Besides being entertaining, it’s also mess-free.

3. Have A Chubby Bunny Zoom Contest

Can you think of a better and more fitting game to play on Easter than Chubby Bunny? All you need are some marshmallows and you’re all set. Have each person on your Zoom take turns putting a marshmallow in their mouth and saying “chubby bunny.” Continue having everyone add a marshmallow to their mouth and saying that phrase until one player is left. It’ll be a LOL-worthy experience.

4. Have an Easter T-shirt contest

Get artsy by having everyone in your family decorate a T-shirt. The trick is, they can only have Easter-related words and images on them. Once everyone is done, number each shirt so nobody knows who designed which one and show them off via Zoom so everyone can vote on their favorite.

5. Challenge Your Friends to Easter Trivia

You may not be able to be with your friends this Easter, but you can still have a great time together virtually. To keep things entertaining, play a game of Easter Trivia where each household is a team. You can all make up the question on your own beforehand that will be asked, or you can use some you find online, like these from Trivia Champ.

6. Play Easter Charades

If you and your friends love charades, play an Easter rendition of the game. You can find free printables online or you and your friends can make up the cards yourself beforehand. Either way, acting out Easter themes will be super entertaining over Zoom.

7. Virtual Easter Basketball

If you or someone you know loves basketball, they’ll be glad you found this virtual Easter basketball game. Instead of balls, you use Easter eggs and try to get as many as you can into the Easter basket. It may seem easy, but you only have 60 seconds to get all 21 in.

8. Easter Bingo

Who doesn’t like Bingo? Thanks to these free and printable cards from Crazy Little Projects, you and your friends and family can play one (or several) games via Zoom. Just have one person be the designated Bingo caller.

9.Have A White Elephant (Or Bunny) Gift Exchange

A game where you get a gift is something everyone will enjoy! A week before Easter, use an online name drawing generator to secretly assign everyone a person to shop for. Make sure everyone knows that they have to buy an Easter-themed gag gift that is $10 or under. You can either order your gift online and have it delivered or drop it off at the person’s house. Then, on Easter, have everyone open up their gag gifts on Zoom and guess who got it for them.

10.Play Candy Show–Sweet Easter

If you or someone you know is obsessed with Candy Crush, Candy Show–Sweet Easter is basically the Easter version of it.It’s a puzzle game with hundreds of levels that both kids and adults will enjoy where it’s up to you to match three or more Easter candy of the same color. How fun!

11. Go On An Easter Scavenger Hunt

A front-view shot of a young boy with an afro and his older sister, they are lying down on their front smiling while holding their Easter eggs.

Before you Zoom with your family, make a scavenger hunt list that includes Easter-themed items on it so that everyone can have the same one. You can include things like, grab an egg, pick a flower, find something with a bunny on it, etc. Then, have each team hunt down the items and return with it to show everyone on Zoom once they find it. The team that finds all the items first, wins!

12. Download Surprise Eggs

What child doesn’t like getting surprised? The Surprise Eggs app is an egg-celent game and is something your little one will be addicted to this Easter.Why? The game has tons of eggs with mystery objects inside them that include everything from animals to princesses. 

13.Play Easter Egg Catch

It’s a good thing Easter Egg Catch is a game you play virtually, or it could be pretty messy to do IRL! The goal of the game is to see how many Easter eggs you can catch in your basket. And while the game may start off easy, the longer you play, the faster the eggs start to fall — and there are even rotten eggs you have to watch out for.

14.Host An Easter Pictionary Game

One fun game to play with your friends or family virtually is Pictionary. Only for Easter, keep things on-trend with the holiday by making it a rule that everything has to be Easter-themed that you draw. It’ll make things even more memorable while you’re Zooming.

15. Have An Easter Pun-Off Via Zoom

Easter is one holiday that you can get extra egg-cited about when it comes to showing off your pun skills. See who can crack the most Easter puns while you’re Zooming by having a pun-off while you’re all waiting on your Easter dinner to finish. All you have to do is have each person say one Easter-related pun at a time and whenever a person repeats a pun or stalls, they are out.

16.Have An Egg Decorating Contest

Encourage everyone to embrace their creative side and decorate an Easter egg! Once they are finished, give every egg a number and show them off via Zoom. Have everyone vote on their favorite egg and then send the winner an Amazon Gift Card or something else fun.

17. Do The Easter Whisper Challenge

Get ready to crack up over Zoom playing the Whisper Challenge…only make sure you use Easter-themed phrases, like “The Easter Bunny is coming to town!” when you play. To make sure each team can’t hear you when you mouth an Easter phase to them, push the mute button. Then, prepare yourself to giggle like crazy while everyone tries to repeat what they think you said.

18.Do A Zoom Egg Toss

If your family is competitive, you’ll love seeing who is the best at egg tossing. Just set your computer outside so it can capture everything. Then, have people split up into pairs and take turns seeing who is able to toss their egg to each other at the furthest distance without dropping it. Have each team start by standing 5 feet apart for the first toss and then add 2 more feet to each toss after that.

19. Embark On An Online Worldy Egg Hunt

Bring some egg-citement to your home while following social distance guidelines by having your kids do an Easter Egg Hunt online. The best part is, this egg hunt by Watson Adventures lets them search for Easter eggs all over the world via Zoom for an hour. You can buy tickets to be part of a public hunt or inquire about a private hunt. It’ll truly be an Easter game they will never forget.

20. Easter Egg Truth Or Dare

If you’re having a get-together with your friends on Easter, have everyone you are Zooming with fill 5 plastic Easter eggs with Truth or Dare questions that they write on a piece of paper. Then, when you all get on, take turns choosing different eggs from one another and doing whatever the paper says. It’ll be a fun virtual game you’ll all enjoy.

21. Play Guess Who? Rabbit Edition

Cute little bunny sleeping in the basket and easter eggs in the meadow

If your family enjoys being theatrical, you’ll love this game. Before you play, each player will need to have either a bunny mask they can wear that they bought online or a homemade bunny mask. Once everyone has one, they need to put it on before they enter the Zoom and have a famous rabbit character in mind that they are pretending to be. When everyone is on, one person at a time can give clues to the others about their rabbit ID and everyone can try to guess who they are.

22. Have An Egg Tower Building Competition

If you’re afraid Easter is going to be boring this year because you’re going to be doing it over Zoom, this game will help keep things interesting. Each household needs to have plastic Easter eggs, toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes to participate. To play, each team needs to work carefully together to build a tower using only their supplies without having it fall over. Set the timer to 3 minutes and see whose tower ends up being taller.

23.Go On An Easter Egg Hop

This online game lets you pretend to be Hopper, a trainee Easter bunny. You’ll have to do your best to collect all the Easter eggs, while avoiding getting pecked on by a hen. If you complete the Easter Egg Hop, you’ll become a full-time Easter Bunny!

24. Bake Virtual Easter Cookies With This Game

Kids will love the online baking game Sara’s Cooking Class. Each level has you complete different steps for baking cookies and it even lets you decorate them. Once your little ones finish all the levels, the online game also provides a real-life cookie recipe so you guys can make the Easter sweets together if you’d like.

25. Try Out Bugged Bunny

This Easter, have your family play the online game, Bugged Bunny.It has you go through obstacles and hop-hop along and collect things along your way. You can even get more speed by searching for carrots to gather. It’s the perfect game for your kids to take turns playing.

26. Easter Bunny Eggs coloring book

Kids love coloring, but sometimes finding holiday-themed pages can be hard. That’s why the Easter Bunny Eggs ColoringBook game is the perfect virtual game. It has over 36 free Easter pages and Easter-shaped crayons that the kids in your family can use to create beautiful artwork. After they’re done, they can even send them to their grandparents, aunts and uncles to see.

27.Have an Easter Egg Cookie Bake Off

Get your baking supplies out and let the competition begin! But since you can’t actually taste each other’s cookies since you’ll all be together virtually, your Easter cookies will only be judged on how they look, so make sure you’re extra creative. You can even email over a score sheet that everyone can fill out when judging the cookies so your Zoom baking challenge is more legit.

28. Play Easter Eggs: Fluffy Bunny Swap

Easter Eggs: Fluffy Bunny Swap is an online game that lets you enter an Easter world like no other. It’s a 3D puzzle game where you collect Easter eggs and swap them. It’ll keep whoever is playing it entertained all afternoon long.

29.Go On A Carrot Quest

This online game lets you be the Easter Bunny and collect carrots. The best part is, Carrot Quest is free and has not one, but 20 levels! Each one gets more challenging and helps you become a better problem solver.

30.Play Easter Never Have I Ever

A fun game you and your 21+ friends can play via Zoom on Easter is Never Have I Ever, but with Easter-themed cocktails and plastic Easter eggs. Have everyone write down the numbers 0, 1, 2 or 3 on a piece of paper and place them into each plastic egg. Then, when someone has to drink, they can open up one of the eggs to see how many sips they have to take.

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