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A wooden beaded wall hanging to make it look like you studied “fibers” in art school and have a large collection of “textiles,” even if this is the only art you have hanging.


Promising review: “This wall hanging is so dang cute! Make sure you are aware of the measurements. I bought this thinking it was bigger. MY BAD for not paying attention to the measurement listed! It is pretty small. I hung it between the toilet and window in the bathroom, and it looks super cute in there.” —Jackie

Price: $10.00


A patterned throw pillow because (though you kind of hate to admit it) you are getting to that age where you care about lumbar support.


Promising review: “LOVE THIS PILLOW! I am going for a green and pink theme in my room just like the new Room Essentials line and this is so cute. It’s the perfect size and good quality for the price. When I picked it up I thought it was going to be at least $15 or more. It looks great with a green duvet set or comforter! Would buy again!” —Target reviewer

Price: $5.00


A set of sheer curtains for letting all that natural light in and making it feel like you went outside, even if you just watched old episodes of Bachelor In Paradise all day.


A crushed velvet bulletin board so your home office is as stylish as you are. That is, when you’re not wearing your work pajamas all day.


Includes two gold rose push pins.

Promising review: “It’s lightweight and small. Perfect for my dorm.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6.99


A metal pencil jar to wrangle all your writing utensils in style, even if you never actually write anything and type it all instead.


Promising review: “Gorgeous! Added some color to my drab bathroom. Love it!” —targetobsessed

Price: $20.00


A beaded hanging mirror for something super unique and for, you know, totally Instagrammable selfies.


Promising review: “Perfect for a small space that you want to give a little flair to.” —Mo

Price: $10.00 


A platform picture frame, otherwise known as the OG Instagram. Use it for a cute pic of your friends, your dog, or your friend’s dog.


Promising review: “Very pretty, simple, classy frame. It’s super cute with layering photos. It’s only in landscape position.” —MorganMarie

Price: $8.00 


Promising review: “Really cute. I love the gold, matches my aesthetic. These are battery-powered and there’s one button you press. Press it once for on, twice for a timer and three times to turn it off. I like that little feature.” —Jen 

Price: $8.00


A striped doormat to remind you to wipe your feet before coming into the house. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself.


Promising review: “I bought two, one for each door. They are thick and sturdy.” —Kleerly karla 

Price: $12.99


A wooden desk lamp for lightening up your home and giving your space a *natural* vibe, even if you hate camping, bugs, nature, and eating salad.


Promising review: “Honestly amazed that this little lamp was $10. It’s sturdy, cute, and lights up a huge portion of my living room! I got it because of the design style, but it has exceeded my expectations as far as functionality.” —Abby T 

Price: $10.00 (available in four finishes)


A velvety corduroy throw pillow to add a retro, comfy vibe to your bedroom. It’s like That ’70s Show, but in your own house, man.


Promising review: “These are actually a reasonable size and really comfy!” —Veebee

Price: $10.00 (available in seven colors)


A set of patterned mirrors for a rustic, earthy feel (and to check if there’s anything in your teeth).


Promising review: “These mirrors are so adorable! I’m glad I read the reviews and bought them. They were bigger than I expected and go great with the other DIY pieces from Bullseye’s Playground.” —KJ

Price: $10.00 for two


A plush sun-patterned throw blanket to keep you warm during the AC-chilled summer or heat-is-too-expensive winter.


Promising review: “Loved it, just as described. So cute. Very light blanket so it’ll be easy to wash.” —Gensea4587

Price: $10.00


A turquoise bathmat with navy trim, so you’ll never track water from the bathroom to your bedroom again. Or you know, all-around your one-room studio apartment. Same diff.


Promising review: “Great colors. Cute with tassels. Nice size.” —Deb

Price: $20.00


A combination chalkboard *and* letter board to keep you motivated as you send your eighty “hope this finds you well” emails.


Promising review: “This board is super cute. At first I thought the foam magnet letters would look cheap but once they are on the board they look great!” —Ana

Price: $15.00


A funky terrazzo desk light to spruce up your space and make you look like a cool scientist, even if you barely passed chemistry.


Promising review: “This lamp is gorgeous and feels expensive. The base is concrete which weighs down the LED light so it’s not precarious and top heavy. The light is gorgeous — you can either plug it into your wall or use batteries. Don’t do both and you’ll be good to go! I highly recommend these lights for an affordable way to provide mood lighting in any room. A cute, modern touch!” —Lauren 

Price: $15.00


A string of lights that holds pictures, for the perfect mix of ’90s fashion and Gen Z *aesthetic.* It’s the hanging lights for me.


Promising review: “This is so much cooler than it looks online. It’s huge and looks great behind a queen bed! Hold a ton of photos and love the different lighting options. Great but for the price!” — Neu0510

Price: $15.00


A navy vase with a white pattern for real plants, fake plants, or just looking cute on a table.


Promising review: “This vase is darling! It’s such a unique find. It looks great on my shelf. It arrived in perfect condition and looks just like the online pics. I’m so happy I got it.” —Allison 

Price: $10.00

Target, Targets

Promising review: “Perfect little baskets for any bathroom or decor. They are just the right size to fit cotton balls or other bathroom products. I used mine for baby products and they are the perfect color and size for any decor.” —Mom shops

Price: $20.00


A black ceramic vase to hold dried flowers or just look like a “statement piece” on a shelf. You know you’ve made it if you have “statement pieces.”


Promising review: “This vase has the perfect texture and color! I was looking for something black and rustic for my bookshelf” —Jenna

Price: $4.99+ (available in four sizes)


A metal and faux-eucalyptus leaf wreathe so you can channel your inner yoga teacher who somehow never pulls their hair back during class and never seems to sweat?


Promising review: “Absolutely love the quality and looks of the wreath!” —Gaby

Price: $14.99


A small golden hand figurine to hold loose change, keys, crystals and the business card of that car place you need to call for an oil change. You really should get on that.


Promising review: “Super pretty—holds more stuff than I expected and looks very fancy.” —marjorie43

Price: $10.00


An elevated desk clock because being on time is even cooler than being fashionably late. That sounds like something a dad in a 2000s TV show would say, but I’m sticking with it.


Promising review: “It’s a great little clock. Keeps good time, makes no noise, and is battery operated.” —MF

Price: $10.00


A pink jewelry dish to hold that ring that makes your finger turn green if you wear it too long.


Promising review: “I bought this for my partner to hold all her rings and such at night when she sleeps and she absolutely loves it.” —JP 

Price: $4.99


An abstract painting in a wooden frame so you can tell Hinge dates you’re “into art.” Shh, we won’t tell.


Promising review: “I really love this piece. For the price it’s sturdy, unique and really adds a pop of color to my guest room.” —Curl Queen

Price: $20.00


A quilted velvet throw pillow because who doesn’t want a seat, cushion and decoration all in one?


Promising review: “Absolutely love this pillow. The color seems true to online photos and I love that it has a zipper so that I can wash the cover. Seems well made. Material is strong and durable, yet comfy and soft.” —Hawk

Price: $20.00 (available in four colors)


A striped dish towel to inspire you to actually do your dishes for once. Well, it may inspired you to do like, one dish.


Promising review: “I love these tea towels. I actually use them in baskets and for accents in centerpieces, etc. They are HUGE. I love the texture and that they get softer with washing.” —Lucy Q 

Price: $3.99


A string of hanging icicle lights that’ll make it feel like the holidays are near, even in August.


Promising review:  “Added a sleek touch of lighting with these icicle-like string lights!” —MJ

Price: $5.00


A textured terra-cotta jug to show off your adventurous spirit, love of travel, and appreciation of handmade crafts. You got this at a small market on your solo trip to South American, right?


Promising review: “I love the texture and color of this vase, it’s so cute!” —Amber

Price: $20.00


A patterned damask rug to add a little extra texture and color to your space… Or whatever else a lifestyle influencer would say.


Promising review: “A bold design that looks awesome against my ash-gray flooring. It stays flat and doesn’t curl, which I really appreciate. I use it in my powder room and it really makes quite a statement. I love it. Thanks, Target!” —curious

Price: $10.00

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