If you spend a lot of time in your car, you might as well make it as organized, functional, and comfortable as possible.

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A Drop Stop car seat gap filler so you won’t keep losing your phone or coins in that pesky little gap between your car seat and the center console.


Promising review: “This is one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ products. It solves a problem that everyone with a car has had: items dropped between the seats and center console. I bought two of these at a brick-and-mortar Walmart and was so happy, I ordered another eight sets for each car in the (extended) family online. Four sets have been installed so far in different model cars and each works perfectly.” –WalmartCustomer

Price: $12.88


A pack of two pull-down shades that you can place on the backseat windows to protect your baby or toddler from strong sunlight beaming into their eyes.


Promising review: “These sun shades worked out great in our SUV. It fit perfectly and covered the windows. The installation was simple, you can hang it using the suction cups. The shades slides down and goes up with a push of a button. The mesh is really see-through but still able to shade so my kids can look out the car window.” –Farm

Price: $10.68 for two


A leakproof car trash can so you finally have a clean and easy way to keep the trash you accumulate during the day in one place. There’s also a small pocket on the outside for storage.


Promising review: “Makes a wonderful little leak-proof wastebasket. I use plastic shopping bags as a liner and they fit perfectly.” –Nathan

Price: $8.29 (originally $11.99)


A pack of blind spot mirrors that are so useful when you’re trying to change lanes on a busy highway.


Promising review: “Just got a new vehicle. Old one had blind spot mirrors built into the regular side mirrors. New model of vehicle does not. These mirrors are easy to install on the inside corner of new side mirrors and work perfectly without taking up too much space. Love that they can rotate 360 degrees. Excellent product.” –NosmoKing

Price: $2.47 for a pack of two (originally $2.77)


A set of Febreze Unstopables air fresheners that you attach to your AC vent to eliminate odors in your car.


Promising review: “I really like this product for several reasons, it was easy to use, very fragrant but not overpowering, and it looks nice in my car. This also lasted much longer than I expected, too. I would suggest this product to anyone who’s looking for a good car freshener.” –AJBJMOM2

Price: $5.97 for a pack of two


Or this classic Little Trees air freshener in that coveted “new car” scent. Admit it: you’ve wanted to try out one of these nostalgic air fresheners since you were a kid!


Promising review: “Every car should have one of these at least once in its lifetime! The scent is sweet and mild. I don’t get sick from the strong scent like with other fresheners. Cute and instantly recognizable to any driver. best if all is you get three! Each individually packaged for freshness.” –Snowballsmama

Price: $2.78 for a pack of three


A gel and memory foam seat cushion to keep your lower back feeling great even after long road trips.


Promising review: “This seat cushion gives awesome support to my back! The addition of the gel in the middle makes it remain comfortable for hours at a time. It is lightweight and portable which I like because I take it with me in the car and it makes traveling much more enjoyable because my back does not get sore, even on longer trips. The foam quickly conforms to my back and cradles it, alleviating the discomfort I normally have when driving or riding in the backseat.” –Cletso

Price: $20.83 (originally $24.88)


A universal cellphone mount that uses magnets to grip your phone so it’ll stay put even through tight turns and sudden stops. You can also easily swivel and tilt the mount so you can see where your phone’s GPS app is leading you.


Promising review: “Love this little car magnet. Wound up buying them for every car we have. Works well holding the phone in place.” –Donald

Price: $12.88


Or this cellphone mounting kit with a suction cup, which means you can easily move it between cars. The versatility of this mount is unreal: you can attach to your window, your vents, or even place it in your cup holder.


Promising review: “I really like this thing. It’s sturdy and well-made. It really sticks to the window. I have other devices that mount on the window but they fall off a lot. This product has never fallen off. I don’t care for vent mounts because I like to have the device in front of me so I don’t have to look away from the road but for this review I tried the vent mount. The vent mount worked just fine and kept my device in place. The biggest plus for me was how well it sticks to the window. Most products like this that I have had you can hit the release lever and they pop right off of the window. With this product you have to actually put a little effort into taking it off the window. I would definitely recommend this product.” –LD

Price: $16.97


A power inverter that lets you charge multiple devices in your car at the same time. You can even plug your laptop charger into the AC plug on this device.


Promising review: “I have found myself in need of an AC outlet in my car on many occasions. There have been multiple times after leaving work where I need to do one last minute thing but I’m not home. Every time that happens I find myself racing against the clock to get it done before the battery runs out. I tested this adapter in my car with my laptop and it started charging right away. So that was test number one. Number two test was to inflate a bed that we wanted to use on our next camping trip and I had my doubts but it worked with no problems and the bed inflated at the same speed with blown fuses in my car. I keep this inverter in my trunk because it’s so small and easy to keep handy when needed.” –dru1313

Price: $29.77


A headlight restoration kit to make your lights shine like they’re brand-new! It’ll even improve your field of vision because you’ll be able to see better when you’re driving at night.


Promising review: “I am majorly impressed by this product! Easy directions, quick and easy to use. I had both headlights done in a half hour. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but it really made my headlights look like new!” –Samantha

Price: $24.41


Adorable strap covers that look like foxes to make the often irritating car seat straps way more comfortable for your little one.


Promising review: “I received our Goldbug Strap Cover Fox a few weeks ago. Goldbugs Fox Strap Covers are so cute; we just love the Fox design. They are super soft and the Velcro makes them simple to install because they wrap around the strap. I have only washed them once, but they did great in the machine. I highly recommend the Goldbug Strap Cover Fox.” –treky999

Price: $4.86


A heated seat cushion to keep your backside warm even if it’s below freezing outside. It has two heat settings so you can adjust how toasty you want to feel.


Promising review: “I am so grateful for this heated seat cushion! I park outdoors and in the winter is it cold out there and frequently I have to scrape frost, ice or snow off before I can drive. Getting in and within a minute this seat is warm and feels so good. The heat in the truck takes a little longer to come on, but there is nothing like having heat right on your body. I am so glad I found this! And what a terrific value!! Highly recommended.” –sunny

Price: $23.55


A four-hook hanger that you can attach to the back of your front seat so you have a place to securely hang your purse or tote bag, that way it doesn’t fall over and spill its contents all over your car.


Price: $9.01 (originally $13.05)


A compact wet/dry utility vacuum to clean up any spills that inevitably happen in the car. Detail your car anytime you want without having to use that gross vacuum everyone touches at the car wash place.


Promising review: “For this to be on the cheaper side, it worked amazingly! I was able to detail my whole van. It pulled up lots of dog hair and all. I would definitely suggest this!” –Christy

Price: $32.97


Or this tiny handheld rechargeable vacuum that’lll clean up all of those tiny little crumbs that accumulate in the car, like that Goldfish cracker your daughter just smashed to smithereens.


Promising review: “This tiny handheld vacuum really surprised me. I have tried several hand held vacuums that did not live up to their expectations. After a good USB charge it worked amazing. The brush and crevice tool helped me get into the smallest spots. My son’s car seat proved it all. Not a crumb left in his seat! The HEPA filter traps all the dust and doesn’t push it back into my car. I would highly recommend this tiny vacuum.” –Teacherof28

Price: $34.99 (originally $49.99)


A mirror to place on the headrest of your backseat so you can see what your baby’s up to as they coo and laugh in their backward-facing carseat.


Promising review: “An absolute must-have! Being a first-time mom I was constantly worried my little one would get choked while going down the road. So I had to have this so I could keep a closer eye on her. I like that’s it’s not glass. Refection is good. Not a hazy image. I highly recommend this product.” –Natalie

Price: $10.68


An inflatable car mattress with an air pump to make car naps on road trips 10 times more comfortable. It’s also great for camping trips when you just don’t want to sleep on the ground.


Promising review: “I thought this was a gizmo product, but since I only paid $25, I thought I’d give it a try. Once filled, I found the mattress fit the back seat well. My original concern was that the part of the mattress that sits in the foot wells of the backseat area would just collapse. It did not. I weigh 275 lbs and it held me up securely. Tip: You can move your front seats forward or back to prop the front mattress angle up or down, slightly. Filling the mattress with air was fast and easy.” –Redeyedog

Price: $25


A car seat cover if you’re sick and tired of vacuuming up clumps of your dog’s fur after every car ride. It’s machine-washable and treated with a stain-blocking material, so it’ll protect your car seats from any messes your dog might track in.


Promising review: “My golden seems to like it and fits our Jeep Grand Cherokee and matches the seats. Great value for the money compared to others I saw. Recommend it.” –Susan

Price: $41.95


A duster with baked-on paraffin wax on each strand, which picks up all the random dust and tiny debris hanging around your car’s interior.


Promising review: “The small size is perfect for interior dashboards and center console controls, etc. I use it only to remove light brake dust from my wheels. It’s so soft you never have to worry about scratches. Highly recommend!” –Tom

Price: $8.27


A keychain car escape tool that can cut your seatbelt and break your car window in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to safely get out of your car after an accident. Hopefully you’ll never have to use this, but it’s there in case of emergency!


Promising review: “I have had a few different brands of these over the years. The Resqme has to be my favorite! Luckily, I have never had the need to use any quick escape tool. Simply knowing I have it is good enough for me. The Resqme is definitely the lightest, most compact quick escape tool I have ever had. It even comes with its own keychain so you’ll always have it in your car, exactly where it’s needed. I love the simple yet effective design, it doesn’t add much bulk or weight to my keys.” –Maggie

Price: $16.43 (originally $18.36)


A car trunk organizer to keep your groceries standing up right as you head home from the store. Also, if you just always have random stuff floating around your trunk, this will keep everything nice and tidy.


Promising review: “Never realized how nice it is NOT to have groceries rolling all over the trunk. I’m a single person so the size was just right. A family might want to buy two!” –NJDeb

Price: $13.25


A winter snow shield so you don’t have to go out in the freezing cold to scrape ice and frost off of your windshield. Just place this on your windshield before it snows, remove it in the morning, and you’re ready to drive!


Promising review: “I didn’t know if I’d like this or not. I saw another car with it and decided I’d give it a try because I was tired of scraping the ice and snow. What a godsend! It was wet underneath the guard but not frozen. I park outside and would recommend this guard to everyone living in the snow.” –Sandy

Price: $15.88


A waterless wheel and tire dressing that cleans up dirt and road grime with just a few sprays and a good scrub. It also leaves your wheels and tires with a nice glossy look.


A reusable microfiber wash mitt to make car wash days so much easier. It traps dirt, builds up lots and lots of suds, and leaves behind a streak-free shiny finish on your car.


Promising review: “The mitt works like a champ. You can tell it’s a well put-together item that isn’t going to need to be replaced right away. Did the job perfectly when I washed my car.” –furi0us

Price: $6.68 (originally $8.01)


A car leather cleaner that revives your seats and dashboard after sun or humidity damage. The conditioners in the cleaner restore your leather seats to their former glory, so you’ll feel like you have a brand-new car after using this.


Promising review: “I wish I had pictures to show how amazing this stuff works. I used it on my old 1995 Z28 Camaro. When I purchased the car, the leather was dull and fading. After a couple times using this product, my old beat up Camaro seats were ‘like new,’ they looked amazing! Thank you Armor All.” –DMFA

Price: $5.64


An auto safety kit – it comes with jumper cables, a tow strap, a flashlight, gloves, a rain poncho, and first aid equipment so you are truly prepared for any and every problem you might face on the road.


Promising review: “Great little auto safety kit to put in your kiddos cars. I bought three of these as I have two nephews and a niece starting college this fall, and with them traveling to school, I wanted them to have in case of emergencies. I did also purchase an extra headlamp and threw it in there, but for the price, you get quite a bit of items, but most importantly the jumper cables itself will be worth the kit in addition to the strap.” –KDFortWorth

Price: $43.80


An electric car blanket that plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter and keeps your whole body warm as you drive through frigid temperatures. It’s also great to take along on winter camping trips.


Promising review: “Better than expected. Stayed warm for approximately four hours and shut off. Extra long cord. Super soft blanket. Very happy with this product for the amazing low price.” –Natalie

Price: $19.95 (originally $58.23)


A windshield sunshade to place on the inside of your car whenever you’re parked outside in the sun for a long time. No longer will it be hot enough to fry an egg on your dashboard!


Promising review: “Needed a shade that had a little less height to it. This was just perfect. Dimensions were perfect and it’s sturdy as opposed to those with the stiffness of a beach towel.” –WALaby

Price: $14.90 (available in two sizes and four colors)


A set of heavy-duty rubber mats for the bottom of your car, especially if you tend to track in dirt or snow into a lot.


Promising review: “The quality is over the top, I will never have to buy another set of mats for my car, unless I get sick of looking at these but I doubt it because these mats are beautiful.” –Donnafromsd

Price: $34.48+ (available in three colors)


And finally, a backseat organizer to place all of your kid’s essentials, like a sippy cup, snacks, wipes, and books to read. Little kids require a surprising amount of stuff at all times, and this handy organizer keeps it all in one place.


Promising review: “Lifesaver. My car is a mess, and this really helps keep it a (bit) cleaner. I love packing it up for road trips, which we’ve done a lot of with a 2- and 5-year-old. It fits a lot, and I can access wipes on the front while in the passenger or driver seat. SUPER useful. Nice and big.” –Momof2EnergeticKids

Price: $31.44

With these products, your car will look the snazziest it’s ever been. Go show it off!!!

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