Snuggle up under some soft blankets, light a delicious smelling candle, and immerse yourself in a plush robe.

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An electric fireplace to keep your home warm and cozy. Perfect for curling up next to with a good book in hand.


Promising review: “I always wanted a fireplace, but my living room is very small. This fits perfect into a corner and doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you change your mind, you can fold down the back and place it up against a wall. Another bonus aside from watching the beautiful lit fireplace, is that it generates heat and saves on your heating bill. As long as you don’t mind putting it together, this is definitely the fireplace to buy at a very competitive price.” —Mizzlone

Price: $199.00 (originally $249.00)


A Yankee Candle in the scent “Home Sweet Home” that diffuses notes of cinnamon, baking spices, and tea to instantly improve your mood.


Promising review:I buy this candle every fall season because the smell of cinnamon reminds me of fall season, homemade cookies, and my grandparents house. It is a candle that will truly remind you of Home Sweet Home.” —Ambers77

Price: $16.88 (originally $19.87)


A weighted blanket to help you destress, unwind, and relax after a long day.


Promising review: “I love this blanket. It makes it so easy to go to sleep and stay asleep. It also is a great material as it doesn’t make you too hot. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.” —Bethany

Price: $44.99+ (originally $66.99+; available in two colors and two sizes)


A Crock-Pot for pulling together hearty soups, stews, and bolognese sauce. Nothing says cozy sanctuary like a hearty comfort meal on a cold winter night.

Carlos Garcia// Walmart

Promising review: “Using an online recipe yesterday, I slow-cooked a thick-cut, 2.5-lb London Broil and six hours later, it literally fell apart as I lifted it out of the Crock Pot in order to shred it using two forks. The tenderness and flavor were amazing without heating up the kitchen using my oven for that length of time. A boneless chuck, I am told, is equally tender and flavorful after using the Crock-Pot slow cooking method. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time and at an amazingly low price.” —Moosieto3

Price: $19.77 (originally $26.94)


A bamboo bath caddy tray to store your glass of wine, favorite book, and face mask because there’s nothing better than running a warm bubble bath on a chilly winter night.


Promising review: “This is by far the nicest bath caddy/tray I have ever owned! I love how many different compartments it has! It makes it so easy to relax with a book.” —Katie

Price: $28.99 (originally $50.39)


An LED twinkle string light to create a warm dreamy glow in any room for making cozy nights feel cozier.


Price: $19.28 (available in two colors)


An electric foot warmer for keeping you feet warm and toasty anywhere around your house.


Promising review: “This foot warmer has become one of my prized possessions ! Seriously, I can’t believe that I’ve lived without it for this long. My feet are always cold. Even using an electric blanket in bed, my feet are cold, because I’d sweat like crazy if I turned it up enough to keep my feet warm. But this foot warmer is just for my cold feet, and it works perfectly! It’s like a big fuzzy envelope you tuck your feet into, so there’s no looking for the hot spot, it’s all warm and cozy. It does have an auto shut off, but I’ve never noticed it because once my feet have thawed out, I’m asleep. And the cord is super long, so if you need to plug it in across the room, so be it. I may buy another one so I don’t have to share this one between the bed and the couch. I love this thing!” —Laura

Price: $24.43


A sherpa throw so plush and soft, you’ll look forward to snuggling up underneath it after a long day. Add a good TV show, a delicious smelling candle, and a glass of wine for the ultimate EOD mood.


Promising review: “I’ve been in love with this throw ever since it arrived! It’s very soft and warm. Perfect for cuddling up in front of the fire.” —SallyZ

Price: $23.99 (originally $32.99; available in four colors and two sizes)


A plush robe so cozy, you’ll want to wear it all day while sitting next to the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee.


Promising review: “This item is so warm and soft. It’s the type of rope that you cuddle up in on a cold winter day with a cup of hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie, I really mean this. I purchased one too large for me, by accident, but it’s okay because when I put it on all it’s fluffiness makes me feel cozy!” —Virginia

Price: $21.73 (available in sizes S–3X and 10 colors and patterns)


A cool mist diffuser with different LED colors, a sleek design, and ultrasonic technology that can instantly bring a calming, invigorating, or soothing presence to any space.


Promising review: “I’ve had mine for a year now and it still works amazing! It kept my dorm room and my room at home smelling amazing. This can also work in living rooms and bathrooms. Truly a great product!” —Nya

Price: $19.76


A thick memory-foam bathroom rug so you can step out of the bath or shower comfortably onto something luxurious.


Promising review: “I bought one of these for my son’s bathroom because it was thick and squishy, so I thought it would be nice to kneel on when giving him a bath. I loved it so much, I replaced almost all if the other bath mats in our house with this one! Not only is it super soft, but it stays put! I wish it came in more than one size because I would buy more.” —Jessica

Price: $16.84 (available in nine colors)


A wicker storage basket that makes accessing your fuzzy blankets unbelievably easy.


Promising review: “Such a great basket for the price. Perfect for blankets in a living room or even as a cute laundry basket.” —Casey

Price: $37.75+ (available in four colors)


An electric heater with three heating settings and an adjustable thermostat to make any room warmer in little to no time.


Promising review:Surprisingly powerful for such a small heater. The heat radiates in a 360-degree pattern around this heater and that’s so much better than most front facing heaters. If you try to pick this up or tip it just a bit while it’s running, the heater automatically shuts off. That’s a great safety feature. Simple buttons, two speeds only but not bad for a bedroom or family room. Great price too.” —AC

Price: $32.42 (available in two colors)


A velvet accent chair for creating the perfect cozy nook to read your favorite book or magazine.


Price: $229.03 (originally $582; available in four colors)


A back and neck massager with heat and deep tissue massaging that sounds like an amazing idea after a long day while watching your favorite Netflix show.


Promising review:It works really well! I suffer with lower back pain and i like that it sits comfortably behind my back while i sit on the couch. The heat option is wonderful too. I can easily move it to my upper back, if needed. It lives up to my expectations for a back and neck massager!” —Crystal

Price: $31.99 (originally $58.99)


A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker for making your bath or shower as relaxing as possible. Play some spa music or jam out to your favorite tunes.


Promising review: “Bose is the ultimate in sound quality from vehicles, to home theatre, to portable. My husband loves these. They are great to tote around anywhere and hang up or set up and connect to Bluetooth for some awesome sounding music. Great for the beach, pool, gatherings, or just sitting on the porch chilling.” —Shelly

Price: $99 (available in three colors)


An audio/video tower to keep your books and movies organized for easy use. Trust me, you’ll instantly feel better when you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Promising review: “Great price! We ordered two of these to build our own entertainment center! Absolutely love the color and storage! Easy to assemble as well!” —4RealE

Price: $109.99 (originally $133)


Price: $21.97 (originally $25.59)


A set of blackout curtains to bring the term “Lazy Sunday” to a whole new level.


Promising review: “These worked great. I have a south facing window in may bedroom which the dawn sun comes through very bright on summer mornings so it’s great to have some curtains that will block that out. Made a big difference to the light and heat coming into my bedroom. Nice neutral tan color with some gold fleck through the material. Easy to install just run the pole through the seam. Happy with the quality of these.” —ClaraLara

Price: $9.87 (available in 11 colors and two sizes)


A programmable coffee machine that’ll give you a few extra minutes in bed every morning. Honestly though, what’s better than a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning?


Promising review: “I am so thrilled to have a nice coffee maker in my apartment! I have been looking for a coffee maker that was programmable while still being super easy to understand and use. The instruction manual is very straightforward, but if you’re impatient like me, just pushing buttons and figuring out how to work the machine is super easy too. I love the sleek look that the maker gives to my kitchen, while offering me all the standard features of a great coffee maker. This product has great value and is very reliable. I recommend this product if you want a beautiful coffee maker you can rely on for your caffeine needs!” —Kk678

Price: $39.96


A four-tiered wine stand with ample storage space for having a bottle of your favorite wine on hand. What’s cozier then unwinding with a glass of your favorite Merlot while watching The Bachelorette?


A white noise machine for creating a super relaxing environment to sleep, relax, or unwind.


Promising review: “I’ve been wanting a sound machine for awhile now. I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. I fall asleep faster, and sleep sounder. The choice of sounds covers it all. Each night I choose a different sound and I love them all. Very relaxing.” —themiddleone52themiddleone52

Price: $19.99 (originally $24.88)


An ultra-soft down comforter set to bring a new meaning to warm and cozy. Plus, it’ll make your sleep ~that~ much better.


Promising review: “Definitely recommend! Super soft, fluffy, and thicker than I expected. I have had far more expensive comforters that are no where near as nice.” —jennifer

Price: $34.99 (available in 19 colors and six sizes)


A striped velvet corduroy throw pillow that add a bright pop of color to your living room and double as the perfect pillows for a midday couch nap.


Promising review: “Very happy with these pillows. They are fluffy and I like the fact that I can remove the covers and wash them when needed. I actually ordered one set of the grey and one set of the red. The pop of color is just what my room needed.” —JeannieB

Price: $27.99 (available in 18 colors and in five sizes)


A waffle maker because what feels homier then waking up to the smell of fresh chocolate chip or blueberry waffles.


Promising review:The waffles are fun to make and my grandsons love them. They eat them with syrup, powder sugar, and ice cream. YUM! Soft and fluffy!” —Kathleen H

Price: $63.89


A 1,200-thread count sheet set that will make your bed feel like you’re sleeping on a dreamy cloud.


Promising review: “I love how these sheets are soft, yet durable. They are wrinkle resistant and stay put on our queen bed. It’s awesome that this set comes with an extra set of pillowcases as well since pillowcases always seem to wear more quickly than the rest of the sheets.” —Cclo9

Price: $25 (available in four colors and four sizes)


A towel set so soft, you’ll have no problem immersing yourself in one or more of them post-bath or shower.


Promising review: “This towel set was great. They were so much bigger and fluffier than I thought they would be. They were even softer when I washed them.” —takethebus2

Price: $39.98+ (originally $50+; available in three sizes and seven colors)


A shag rug to prevent your feet from getting cold on your wood or tile floors and make your home feel instantly homier.


Price: $14.37+ (originally $23.99+; available in 21 sizes and 10 colors)


A foot and ankle massager with three different massage types and adjustable air intensity that feels like a dream after a long day on your feet.


Promising review: “I bought this for my wife who’s six months pregnant and has to be on her feet quite a bit for work. From the moment she started using it I could hear the ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ coming from the living room. I knew then that this was the best purchase I made all year. I’ve used this my self several times and am very impressed with how well made this product is. I would recommend this to anyone.” —Shadowschoff

Price: $95.39 (originally $159.99)

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