It’s time to get rid of that old rusted pot you’ve had since college.

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A premium coffee and espresso maker that will make mornings *so* much better. As someone who has been addicted to coffee for over a decade — thanks, Gilmore Girls — I can confidently say this machine produces the best cup of joe at a not-so-absurd price point.

Promising review: “Nespresso really DELIVERS on this machine. It’s not only pleasing to look at on the counter, but it brews some of the most amazing tasting coffee! The house smells like a gourmet coffee shop all the time now — it truly is heavenly. The machine is easy to operate and easy to set up, plus, it’s a breeze to wash up. The Aeroccino (milk frother) works great, and it’s extremely fast. I really appreciate the option of having it hot or cold. This machine has really gone above and beyond in my eyes.” —BluegrassWoman

Price: $175 (originally $209)


A proper set of measuring spoons and cups so you can stop asking Alexa how many teaspoons are in a cup — 48, in case you were wondering.


Promising review: “These are absolutely adorable! I love them! I have one of the scoops in the flour canister, one in the sugar canister, and another in a rice canister. The spoons are so cute too. I bought a set for myself and another as a gift. Love!” —Maya

Price: $17.99


A mini Magic Bullet blender that can be used to chop, blend, and mix everything from smoothies to guacamole. The best part? It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


Promising review: “Its a compact device which serves every purpose of blending, chopping and uses less space for storage too! For a student like me its one of the best recommended purchases!” —Meghna

Price: $22.96


A Brita filter so you no longer have to offer your guests a cup of lukewarm tap water.


Promising review: “I can definitely taste the difference after add tap water into this filter. I use Great Value filters and it still works fine. I love tap water, but after trying a filter and tasting the slight difference between the two, I’m hooked on using this filter whenever I can.” —QueenLadi

Price: $18.97


An electric kettle that heats up water far faster than a microwave. Reviewers love that its cordless design allows them to bring the kettle to their table for quick refills.


Promising review: “It’s small, compact, lightweight, operates quietly and heats water quickly. It holds 1.7 liters of water but you wouldn’t know it by how light it is when you pick it up to pour water in your teacup. I definitely give this little giant two thumbs-up! I’d buy it again in a second!” —Walmart Customer

Price: $14.99 (originally $16.88; available in white)


A 16-piece dinnerware set, because it is time you throw out all of those miss-matched plates you’ve collected from random roommates over the years.


Promising review: “If you are thinking of buying these dishes just go ahead and buy before they sell out. I ordered two sets and am going to order more for backups. They are the perfect size and weight and the color is fantastic. I ordered the Aqua rainforest. They came very well packed and not a single one was chipped or broken. The mugs are true mugs not just cups. You will love them!” —Tina

Price: $31.62 (available in six colors)


A 14-piece knife set that would make Gordon Ramsay proud. Reviewers simply *adore* the durability of the tools in this set.


Promising review: “So excited to get my knife set!! Lovely and looks great in my kitchen. Comes with a cool pair of scissors, big and little knives and a set of steak knives. They all have their own individual space on the block. The knives are sharp, well-calibrated and easy to use. I’m sure I will have this set for a long time!” —Veroshopper

Price: $54.97 (available in eight colors)


A baking sheet, because, frankly, yours is currently crusted with melted cheese from that frozen pizza incident.


Promising review: “This cookie sheet is a baking machine!! As you can see it’s considerably larger than “standard” cookie sheets!! It cooks like a dream!! Garlic bread, chicken, cookies, you name it…it cooks perfectly and you have plenty of room for whatever you have on your menu!! Everything cooks evenly and the surface lends itself so the food doesn’t stick to it!! This is a must have for every kitchen!! Cooks of all levels will love this oversized sheet!!” —MissyD

Price: $9.88


A set of three bamboo cutting boards that aren’t just functional, but look great on your countertops. Use them to chop up veggies or to create a fancy charcuterie board that is sure to impress guests.


Promising review: “Great boards. I use each one for something different. I use the large board for meats. The middle size board for vegetables and the smaller board for fruit. It doesn’t get all scarred when you cut, the board remains cut free. Extremely easy to clean.” —S

Price: $13.49 (originally $18.99)


A set of glass mixing bowls equipped with matching lids — a must-have for anyone who loves leftovers.


Promising review: “This is exactly what I wanted and even comes with lids. Better yet, it was almost $40 cheaper than the exact same set listed on Amazon, so Yay! for me. Pyrex glass design means it’s sturdy for mixing; lid accessory means it’s great for leftovers.” —GeogAR

Price: $19.97 (originally $29.97) for a set of eight


A versatile set of stemless wineglasses that can be used for fruity drinks or delicious desserts.


Promising review: “My first time buying a set of glass cups. These are affordable and so elegant-looking! You can do mix drinks with these or deserts in them. Beautiful!!!” —XE

Price: $13.49 (originally $15)


A set of gorgeous ceramic bakeware so you can hop on the bread-making quarantine trend.


Promising review: “My mother in law has a pretty bland kitchen as far as colors go. But she hates clutter and knickknacks. She’s always looking for ways to ‘add color’ and this was perfect!! I ordered one for her and I loved it so much I had to buy another one for myself in store! It’s a nice quality, and has some weight to it. Not enough to be too heavy for mom-in-law and not flimsy enough for her to be nervous she’ll break it. You can feel that it’s well-made. The designs and color are perfect too! VERY HAPPY with this purchase!” —Walmart Customer

Price: $20.03 (originally 23.55; available in vintage floral) for a set of two


A nonstick cookware set that will fit easily in your cabinets thanks to its stackable design. Let’s be real: there is ~nothing~ quite as satisfying as matching cookware.


Promising review: “This cookware set is everything I needed. I wish I found this item sooner! It’s lightweight, easy to cook and clean in. I had to throw away my old set because the quality wasn’t the best, and the paint on the pans begin to fade and discolor onto the food I was cooking. I LOVE this set because it’s one of the few I found online that didn’t include the cooking utensils with the set. I exclusively needed the cookware set and am a happy customer.” —Sonya

Price: $19.88 (originally $39.99)


An air fryer to cook your favorite foods to a golden, crispy finish. It’s my new favorite way to cook Trader Joe’s frozen orange chicken.


Promising review: “This is an awesome air fryer. It’s small, powerful, does the job. I had a bigger one before, different brand.. did NOT do as much as this does. I use it almost daily, twice a day. Love cooking bacon in it and not getting burned in the process. Crispy everything EVERYTIME. I would so buy these as gifts! :)” —Stephanie

Price: $59.88 (originally $69; available in black)


A set of three, nonstick tongs that will become your go-to kitchen tool. Use them to toss a salad, flip over meat, or to grab that box of cereal that is just out of reach.


Promising review: “These kitchen tongs are fantastic! Easy to lock and unlock, the nonstick silicone is durable and dishwasher-safe. I love the three different sizes. Highly recommend!” —Shari

Price: $17.99 (available in black)


A stainless-steel sponge holder to keep your kitchen sink free of clutter. Not only is it equipped with non-skid foam feet to keep it in place, but it is also rust-resistant for long-term use. Woohoo!


Promising review: “Love it. It’s small and attractive and holds a large sponge. I purchased another.” —Makeupgirl

Price: $10.11


A cutlery tray that expands (and contracts) in order to perfectly fit the size of your drawers — a great alternative to hunting down the receipt because you forgot to check the measurements.


Promising review: “This is a very large utensil and silverware tray the great thing about it is you can expand it if you need to use all the compartments. For smaller drawers, the two extra compartments fold in. The wood design is very classy and looks great in my farmhouse kitchen.” —Amy

Price: $24.98


A pair of heat-resistant oven mitts because that dish towel you have been using simply isn’t going to cut it.


Promising review: “Absolutely love these mitts. I got bright red which really perks me up! I had replaced worn out mitts with shorter name brand ones and got burned a couple times. These are super safe, and grip well with the gripper strips on the outside. Also have hanging loops which I love for easy/quick access.” —Kathleen

Price: $13.99 (originally $19.99; available in four colors)


A mounted paper towel holder that will save you massive amounts of counter space. Okay, maybe not *massive amounts* but still quite a lot.


Promising review: “Beautiful. Timeless. Easy to install.” —Beth

Price: $16 (available in chrome)


A set of 100% terry cotton dishcloths reviewers say are super absorbent, highly durable, and ultra-cute.


Promising review: “You will enjoy these Sticky Toffee Cotton Terry Kitchen Dishcloths. They are bright and beautifully made, must have kitchen cloths. They work well on any project from hand washing your dishes to cleaning up everyday messes. They wash/dry well and will brighten up any kitchen. Be sure to order a few sets to keep them handy for summer. Use them to keep baked good warm or take along on a picnic.” —Bschank85

Price: $13.99 (available in eight colors)


A can opener that doubles as a bottle opener. This is one purchase I put off for far too long — I ask that you please learn from my mistakes.


Promising review: “It gripped the can so easily and turned so smoothly it didn’t feel like it was doing anything to the can. I didn’t even realize it was cutting the top until it was almost done. It had zero resistance and made no noise. I’m not used to that. I like this can opener better than my electric one. I like how it cuts the cans underneath the top.” —AnytimeOnlineShopper

Price: $13.99 (available in red)


A 40-piece set of Rubbermaid food containers so that you can say goodbye to the days of endlessly searching for a matching lid. These are especially great because they nestle inside one another for simple storage.


Promising review: “Microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Keeps my plastics cabinet neat and tidy. Bowls snap together and stay stacked empty or full.” — TupeloHoney

Price: $17.97 (originally $24.99)


A spice rack that comes with free premium refills for the next five years — because that dish you made last week was a little bland. This epic kit includes everything from sea salt and oregano to rosemary and chives.


Promising review: “I really love this spice rack! I have probably been through at least eight other ones over the last 10 years and I have to say this one is absolutely perfect! It is a perfect size so it fits nicely on your counter and will fit perfectly in the corner as well. It has a very nice variety of spices as well. I have used two of the herbs so far and they are nice and fresh and they taste great. I love that it also spins around for easy access as well. It is a nice looking shiny silver and a perfect addition to my new kitchen! Even the labels on the spices are attractive.”—Brazilchick32

Price: $19.97


An Instant Pot so you can get in on the hype. Use it to make pastas, soups, stews, potatoes, ramen, fajitas, cheesesteaks, and a whole lot more.


A set of mesh colanders because you really should be rinsing your rice before you cook it.


Promising review: “The colanders are very lightweight and easy to clean. Perfect for what I need!!” —Sunshine

Price: $19.99


An ice cream scoop for the days where you don’t want to eat straight from the carton.


Promising review: “Great quality, exactly as I would expect from KitchenAid — heavy duty, and I can run hot water over the scoop portion before I scoop out hard ice cream. This one will last the rest of our lives! Good value!” —Yorkies

Price: $8.97


A meat thermometer so that you can skip any guessing games. Reviewers love its magnetic backing that allows them to store it right on their fridge for easy access.


Promising review: “Purchased this four months ago and I love it! I like the magnet on the back; this lives on my fridge so anytime I need it, it’s right there. Small and compact hence space saving. The display lights up which is very nice for when we use it to grill outside after dark. Definitely recommend this product.” —Sharal

Price: $13.99 (originally $19.99)


A powerful Cuisinart hand mixer that won’t splatter cupcake batter all over your kitchen walls. Reviews *love* the included storage case for easy cleanup.

Promising review: “Speeds 1 and 2 are awesome! I always had to mix my batter in the bottom of my clean sink so it would splatter on the sink walls rather than around my kitchen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new Cuisinart!.” —Nama

Price: $79.95 (available in brushed chrome)


A nonstick wok with tall, sloped edges so you won’t have to scrub down your stove every time you use it.


Promising review: “Love it and for the price I liked it so much I ordered 10 and gave to family members.” —Bridget

Price: $5.76 (originally $8)


A stainless-steel box grater that customers love so much, they had to write in all caps in order to fully convey their excitement.

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