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The number on the scale? Totally irrelevant. The scale itself? Totally tasteful!

Promising review: “The design is sleek and light, and love the marble design. I thought it was a white with gray marble design, but this has a tinge of purple in the gray. However it doesn’t deter me, just wanted those who are purchasing online to know.” —Jrose

Price: $19.99

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A birthstone candle to celebrate you *and* bring a new twist to the Zodiac candle trend.


Promising review: “The idea of naming each candle scent after birthstones is a such a cute concept and makes a great gift. I bought it to add to a gift basket for my sister’s upcoming birthday. The scents are not overwhelming at all and smell pleasant.” —Iqra

Price: $8


A unique set of vases in an iron tray so you can display your preferred flower or foliage in a chic spot.


This set comes with five glass vases and a decorative tray!

Promising review: “So cute on our kitchen table. The perfect addition and height for an everyday centerpiece.” —Megan

Price: $31.49


A record player that, positioned just right in your room, will subtly let everyone in your Zoom call know that yes, you are as cool as you seem.


Oh- and it plays records too!

Promising review: “Perfectly functional and the color is exactly what I expected. I love it! Definitely worth the buy! It does come with a warranty so that’s also a plus.” —Jade

Price: $89.95 (available in three colors)


A spring floral hand towel to instantly make any Wes Anderson fan swoon. I mean, it’s almost too pretty to wipe my hands on…


Promising review: “This hand towel is so pretty and perfect for spring. I love the design and colors. I bought a few to give as gifts with a hand soap for Mother’s Day.” —Jessica

Price: $5


A wooden wall shelf because it will elevate any room and your knickknacks with its boho flair.


Promising review: “Was looking for small shelves to use as decoration in my bathroom and these are perfect! They were very easy to install. I am overall happy with them!” —EM

Price: $20+ (available in two sizes)


I know it’s technically for kids but come on, this would look so cute in anyone’s living space, regardless of age.

Promising review: “This is the best humidifier we have found. There’s no filters to clean, it’s straightforward to use and the design is just adorable. My kid can’t wait to turn it on to see the mist come out of the trunk. It only uses distilled water and since it is all hard surfaces, it comes clean pretty easily. I feel better about these not accumulating mold than the other ones with a filter.” —Ashleigh

Price: $49.99


A breakfast sandwich maker, because it will completely revolutionize your mornings and help you whip up a heavenly combo of eggs, ham, and an English muffin. Because, to quote Leslie Knope, why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?


Promising review: “This was a gift to my son and his wife. They took it on a family trip and used it to make breakfast for everyone. They loved it! Sandwiches came out perfect in five minutes! Other family members there wanted to know where they could order one themselves.” —Rosa

Price: $24.99


A portable outdoor lantern that will transform every trip to your backyard into an ~adventure~.


Color changing and bluetooth remote controlled? Magical.

Promising review: “Perfect outdoor lamp for when the sun goes down and you still want to stay outside and enjoy your dinner and the company of friends.” —JB

Price: $67.99


An eye-catching collection of hanging glass vases for the ~edgier~ plant parent.


It’s practically a baby mobile, just, you know, your plant babies go in instead of under it.

Price: $63.60


A mixologist set that will make any at-home happy hours feel more official.


With a shot glass, mixing glass, metal strainer, wooden muddler, metal stir spoon, metal shaker base, AND a metal shaker, you’ve practically brought the bar to you. Plus, cocktails just taste better when they’re shaken in ~dishwasher-safe stainless steel~.

Promising review: “Been looking for a little set to make cocktails with! I am just a beginner but hope to get into making fun drinks. This one was great and a great price compared to similar sets.” —Abbo

Price: $31.49


A Friends-themed frame to help you pretend your daily struggles are actually plot points in the sitcom you star in.


*Cue the laugh track*

Price: $15.99


A color-changing essential oil diffuser that will help you find your zen and provide some captivating lighting.


Promising review: “Easy to clean, great output and vapor plume, runs for hours, and has a great color selection. Also looks attractive sitting out, unlike a lot of other diffusers out there!” —Target reviewer

Price: $28


A seafoam glass accessory set to achieve that perfect ~put-together~ vibe for your bathroom.


With a liquid soap dispenser, bar soap holder, and two multipurpose holding cups, your bathroom will have the energy of a calming spa.

Price: $38.99


A woven wastebasket that turns trash into treasured decor!


Promising review: “Moved last month and upgraded the trash in our bedroom and bathroom to these pretty little things. I love that they make something functional beautiful. The light wood weave blends perfectly with bohemian decor and gives a lovely textural element. 10/10 recommend!” —Elise

Price: $19.99


A rose quartz facial roller to pamper your skin the way it deserves. Use this with or without your favorite skin serum or oil for a cooling and soothing sensation.


Promising review: “I was skeptic at first, but I really noticed a difference. I used mine with my normal moisturizer and then coconut oil on top. Looove!” —M

Price: $15


Haven’t you heard? Lava lamps are out, llama lamps are in!

Promising review: “I received the llama as a gift and put it in my craft room. It is super cute and brightens my mood when it is on. It is also great as a soft light at night.” —Michelle

Price: $10


A Ninja Foodi air fryer so you can bring any home-cooked meal up to a restaurant level. It even lets you cook two different meals simultaneously!


Promising review: “This air fryer is amazing! I can do fries and nuggets at the same time! Plus I have tried air fried everything lately as well as donuts!” —Ticarter

Price: $179


A lavender and hyssop bath bomb that’s paraben and sulfate-free, to soothe your skin *and* help you have a DIY spa day.


You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your bath is chock full of ethically sourced essential oils to help you unwind!

Promising review: “This is a really great bath bomb! The lavender smells really good and is relaxing! Left my skin feeling smooth! The bath bomb sizzles really nicely and leaves bits of lavender and purple color in the tub.” —Crystal

Price: $4.99


There’s just something so much more satisfying about packing your lunch away in one of these cuties!

Promising review: “Seriously love this. Right when I saw it I knew I had to have it. I thought it would be perfect for packing my lunch for work and I’ve used it once so far and I love it!” —Lauren

Price: $10


A mushroom grow kit that’s perfect for those with green thumbs *and* those (such as myself) who may have killed succulents in the past…


The pearl oyster mushrooms grow right out of the box!

Promising review: “Absolutely LOVE this kit. Easy to setup. I enjoyed looking at my mushrooms every day and seeing the growth. Will definitely be trying more of the kits.” —Cookiemc

Price: $19.99


Promising review: “I was unaware of this unique type of honey and syrup dispenser until my daughter-in-law brought it to my attention. (We’re both honey fanatics!). This is a wonderful dispenser and just the right size. Works well and easy to clean. I would highly recommend this.” —InStLouis

Price: $12.39


An antique copper finish décor tray that makes a sleek and simple organizational solution while adding stylish flair to your space!


Promising review: “This tray is absolutely lovely! I already had the round one when I bought this to match. I love to set my books on it (when atop my bed) so I can easily move them when it’s time to go to sleep. Anything that can add convenience to my life is a plus for me! And the quality is great, too!” —Pal

Price: $24.99+ (available in two sizes)


Promising review: “This is a really nice fire pit! It is square which is different than most other round fire pits. I love putting a log or two in and watching the fire. Especially nice on cool evenings. Since this weighs less than 30 pounds, I can move it around easily.” —Tammy

Price: $129


A mini flower waffle maker that’s festive and fun for that big Saturday morning breakfast this spring!


Promising review: “I bought this in February of 2020. It is cute. The light stays on to let you know it is ready. The included recipes are easy to follow. It is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp towel. It is small and takes up little space.” —Wendy

Price: $9.99


A super colorful set of knives to brighten up your cooking experience!


Comes with a Chef Knife, Paring Knife, Santoku Knife, Knife Sheath, Bread Knife, Utility Knife, and Slicer all in unique and adorable patterns!

Price: $26.99


A pack of reusable straws in aesthetically pleasing colors, complete with their own carrying case. Who knew being eco-conscious could look and taste this refreshing?


Promising review: “It feels and looks like a normal plastic straw bendy as well. But I love love love using this it’s awesome compared to the metal or hard plastic ones.” —Lola

Price: $5.99


Reminder: these cute little bath bombs are NOT edible but WILL make your bath smell totally delicious!

Promising review: ” thought these were so cute. I gave them to my grandma as part of her birthday gift. She loved them!” —blondeducky

Price: $5 for a four-pack


A string of these classic indoor/outdoor lights, because they’ll make any space look so cozy and welcoming.


Promising review: “I installed my patio lights and they are exposed to the elements of the California heat and rain with absolutely no issues! I would recommend these lights because they let off the perfect amount of light and ambience!” —JM

Price: $12 (available in four colors)


A stainless-steel composting bin that fits conveniently on your countertop, compose your excitement and get composting already!


Promising review: “I really like the look and functionality of this compost bin. It isn’t an eyesore sitting on the kitchen counter top like some other ones. It is machine-washable which is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!” —Emily

Price: $29.99


And an ambience-adding wax melter to satisfy your hunger for hygge.


Promising review: “The light bulb is a lovely warm light and it’s just so pretty!! The bulb also warms up melts really quickly.” —Allie

Price: $15

Oh Target, you never cease to surprise us with your amazing inventory!

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