You’ll be pine-ing for all of these holiday decorations, trust me.

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A chunky knit throw pillow that will give your home the ~ultimate~ cozy holiday vibes. I just want to hug it..or wear it.


Promising review: “The quality of these pillows is amazing! Love the warm vibe the cable knit brings to my holiday bedding! Easily worked in with high-end duvet and shams.” —Target customer

Price: $30 (available in three colors)


A 4.5-foot pre-lit Christmas tree because honestly who has time to sit around detangling a bunch of lights? That’s precious time you could be using to eat holiday cookies and drink egg nog.


Promising review: “The Christmas tree was easy to set up and the lights on it are beautiful. A perfect match for my 2 BR apartment!” —Joe

Price: $115


A poinsettia wreath so all your neighbors (and anyone driving by) will know that you are festive as heck.


Promising review: “Huge and real-looking wreath! Brings the holiday spirit to every door!!” —Target customer

Price: $40


A cable knit red Christmas stocking to hang over your fireplace, or really just any shelf! The large size is perfect for filling with all the stocking stuffers your holiday heart desires.


Promising review: “Great quality! Heavy yarn, great generous size, and a rich color. A keeper!” —Target customer

Price: $15


A pack of two stocking holders because you can’t buy stockings without one of these bad boys!


Promising review: “Love these!! So so pretty!!! The perfect touch to my color scheme for Christmas” —Target customer

Price: $20


A felt ball garland that will add an extra pop of festivities than the typical green garland we buy. These look straight out of Whoville, tbh.


Promising review: “Exactly what I had in mind and arrived in the box as pictured. Fits nicely around my railing in the living room. A fun and festive pop of holiday color!” —Target customer

Price: $10


A serving tray shaped like a pine tree so you can put all of your holiday cookies on top and serve basically to yourself because we don’t share cookies here.


Promising review: “This is really pretty! Nice and heavy — and very detailed! Can’t wait to use it — will hold a lot of cookies!” —Target customer

Price: $15


A pack of incandescent lights so the pathway to your front door looks like a road to a holiday wonderland. North Pole who? Nah, it’s just Claire’s ranch home.


Promising review: “Much easier to put together than I was anticipating. It took all of five minutes. Bulbs are super cute and they give off more light than I thought they would. Great little addition to any yard.” —Target customer

Price: $18 (originally $20)


A plaid throw blanket that looks straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie and I’m living for this vibe.


Promising review: “Incredibly soft! The blanket is the perfect amount of vibrant and muted tones. Livens up a room perfectly. Perfect for the holiday season!” —Target customer

Price: $25 (available in two colors)


A galvanized bucket to keep all of your firewood you totally cut yourself for the fireplace.


Promising review: “Looks great next to our fireplace! Holds six good-size pieces of wood.” —Target customer

Price: $25


An 8-ounce stacked glass tree candle that looks like a stunning piece of decor but also smells absolutely ~heavenly~. You can get different scents like Sugar & Spice, Fireside Glow, and Fresh Fraser.


Promising review: “It’s a huge candle! It was a pleasant surprise!” —Gabi

Price: $15 (available in five colors)


A metal decorative house so you can finally start your chic and modern Christmas village.


Promising review: “I ordered on line and was very pleased that it was a nice size and well put-together.” —Target customer

Price: $10


A holiday wreath plug-in for when you’re just not in the mood to light a candle but still want your home to smell like fresh baked cookies.


Promising review: “I like the look! Real Christmas vibes going on here!” —Target customer

Price: $10


A table runner that gives some super classy holiday vibes and will basically match with any kind of table you have. Yes, even your thrifted IKEA table.


A tree lot stand perfect for a mantle or console table. I always love these signs because they make me wish there really was hot cocoa to the left of me, but it’s just the cat tower. *sigh*


Promising review: “This is a perfect height and looks so cute on our shelf! I love it!!” —Target customer

Price: $20


A pom-pom Santa garland because honestly, this is the cutest little garland I have ever seen in my life. Look at the lil’ Santa noses! I can’t handle the cuteness.


Promising review: “It’s a simple decoration that can really add the Christmas cheer to a room. I added it to my kitchen and it looks adorable.” —Target customer

Price: $10


A doormat that will be perfect for all of your IG photos you take of your shoes and whatever drink you’re holding. You know the ones I’m talking about. We all do them.


Promising review: “Adorable! And great quality! Definitely will hold up outside.” —Target customer

Price: $29.99


An oversized lumbar throw pillow to take up more space on your couch with festive vibes without needing, like, a million pillows on the couch.


Promising review: “So soft and comfy! It was way bigger than I realized! It added the perfect cabin-like vibe to our living room! Seriously, so comfy!” —Target customer

Price: $30 (available in two colors and sizes)


A cotton table topper that will look seriously adorable on your console table or long coffee table. Or your dining table. Really, just any surface.


Promising review: “This table runner is more beautiful in person than online. The glitter on the rooftops sets this apart from other runners. So glad this came back in stock! A great addition to my Christmas theme!!!” —Sarah

Price: $15


An animated Santa figurine to really bring some holiday cheer every time he lights up. Just press the button and watch him pop up from the bag and do a ‘lil shake. The lights around the bag light up ~and~ it plays music!


Promising review: “It’s bigger than I thought. It’s perfect to sit near the tree. My 3-year-old loves it. It lights up and the Santa comes up from the bag and dances.” —Sara

Price: $30


A gilded nutcracker because you can literally never go wrong with having one of these decorated in your space. They’re the ~epitome~ of holiday cheer.


Promising review: “Great quality for the price! Fits perfectly with my gold/white decor. Highly recommend!” —Michelle

Price: $10


A battery-operated LED string light to make your home look like it has magical icicles hanging off the trim. You can also use these indoors!


Promising review: “Perfect for what I needed to create a “fireplace” glow feel. Love the timer option. Very cozy and bright but not too bright!” —Bre

Price: $12.59 (originally $13.99)


An animated phone so you can tell your kids this is how they can tell Santa what they want for Christmas while you eavesdrop nearby. *evil hand rub*


Promising review: “This is awesome. My kids love being able to call the North Pole and leave messages for Santa. And it’s also great for adding some decoration.” —Target customer

Price: $25


A climbing Santa you can place against your tree to make it look like he’s climbing it! This animated Santa will take steps to the top of the tree and then back down. My brother has one and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever.


Promising review: “So stinking cute! Perfect to add to the side of the tree.” —Target customer

Price: $30


A snowman window decoration so everyone that drives by can see your holiday cheer, but also you can see it from the inside as well! It’s a win-win! Everyone gets cheer!


Promising review: “Love all four silhouettes we purchased!”—Target customer

Price: $19.99 (originally $20.49)


A marquee decorative sign because nothing says “joy” quite like, well, the word “joy.”


Promising review: “Perfect! Exactly what I was searching for to spruce up my holiday decor!” —Target customer

Price: $20


A rotating tinsel Christmas tree that with a simple press of a button, your holiday spirit will max out as you watch it light up, rotate, and play a little jolly jingle.


Promising review: “Brightens up a small area/corner to any room. Press the black button and the tree spins, lights up and plays a tune, and stops when done. Great quality and very sturdy base.” —Marie

Price: $25


A pack of artificial spruce filler to put in a jar for some classy looking holiday decor. Bonus: It also works really well through the rest of winter since it’s not obviously holiday-related.


Promising review: “They are so pretty! I want to add them to everything!” —Target customer

Price: $10


A Christmas tree-shaped throw pillow because nothing says “I’m in the holiday spirit” like this ridiculously adorable pillow. It even has little 3D pom-poms as baubles. Can it get any cuter? The answer is no.


Promising review: “Adorable pillow. The colors are vibrant and the detail and quality superior for 10 dollars. Great value!” —Target customer

Price: $10


A dancing Santa laser projector to (quite literally) light up your home this holiday season.


Promising review: “My kids couldn’t be happier. We stake this in the front yard and Santa dances on our garage door. It’s bright and cheerful but not disruptive. Very easy to set up and adjust. A great buy.” —Bethany

Price: $38.24 (originally $44.99)

You, seeing all of your adorable holiday decorations every morning like it’s the first time you’re seeing them.

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