You’ll be so cozy, you’ll make any excuse not to leave your room.

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A king-sized canopy as an extra barrier from the outside world, because don’t you just hate hearing a lone fly buzz right by your ear when you’re *just* about to doze off? This will cocoon you in supremely comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.


Promising review: “Bought this to tie my room together, which it does well. No tears, very pretty, especially with the butterflies that come with it. Fine mesh, so it functions for its intended purpose, too.” —Jules

Price: $20.29 (originally $24.99; available in six colors)


A cushion chair that’s so thick and comfortable, you will *not* want to leave. If only Postmates delivered food right through your bedroom window so you won’t have to get out of the chair…


Promising review: “If you are debating buying this, stop right now and buy it! It has exceeded my expectations! It is huge. I am 5’6 and can cuddle up comfortably on it. It took 10 minutes to put together! The cushion is also super thick and comfortable! I’m very pleased and plan on buying another one for my mom! LOVE LOVE LOVE!” —Taylor

Price: $129 (available in four colors)


A backrest pillow for when you’re just lounging in bed, watching TikToks until you fall asleep at 11 p.m. (which I am NOT guilty of doing, by the way). This is better than a regular pillow because it supports your upper back, lower back, shoulders, and arms.


Promising review: “I needed a back pillow to sit comfortably in bed, as I do my online classes late at night. This pillow was the best solution, as stacking pillows behind my back was becoming very uncomfortable. I will also mention that I have back problems, so the pillow stacking method was aggravating my back. This pillow has helped reduced that un-needed pain.” —DeeD

Price: $15.87 (available in four colors)


A super cute Himalayan salt candle holder to give your room relaxing, moody vibes. Unlike electric Himalayan salt lamps, you can light a candle in it so you can watch, mesmerized, the lamp’s *real* flickering flame.


Promising review: “They arrived in great condition, well wrapped. These are really beautiful, both are of a unique shape and a nice size. They glow so pretty when lit and look great just sitting around. I will be ordering more for gifts and might just keep another set for myself. Comes two in a box, great price for what you get. You won’t be dissatisfied!” —Godisincontrol

Price: $6.64 (originally $10.16)


A fluffy area rug so when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, the first thing your feet feel is the soft, warm sensation of stepping on a cloud, and not the frosty chill of a bare floor.


Promising review: “I can’t say enough good things about this HEAVENLY rug! It is soooo cushy on my tootsies when I getnout of bed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!” —Railchick

Price: $39.98 (originally $59.97; available in five colors and three sizes)


A vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper by Drew Barrymore for covering up your glaringly bare walls with designs that’ll appease your eye for interior design. Plus, it’s easy to remove: Simply peel off the full sheet — it won’t leave residue behind.


Promising review: “Wow, I was surprised at how easy this is to install. It’s self adhesive and easy to apply to your wall without risk of messing up the alignment. Moreover, my girlfriend loves the color and fits perfectly in our floor level bathroom. It is a bit pricier than other options, but the quality is second to none and really great!” —Bobbie

Price: $69


An electric fireplace heater with two heat settings and overheating protection for giving your bedroom fireside vibes without the dangers of lighting a real fire. Plus, if you don’t want the heat, you can turn *only* the flame on.


Promising review: “This portable fireplace is so awesome! First of all, it is super durable. So far, it hasn’t scratched easily and no pieces have broken! It’s also a super high quality product. I LOVE the color of this fireplace! It is so pretty and works in any room too! The biggest thing I love about this portable fireplace is how fast it starts to work! Once you turn it on and turn it to the heat you want, and that’s it. It starts heating up pretty much instantly! All in all, this portable fireplace has been amazing to have. I highly recommend it!” —AmberMil86

Price: $42 (originally $47.82)


A fleece, sherpa-lined blanket robe (with a pocket!!!) for when you wish you could walk around, roll around in bed, or lounge without it slipping off your body because you’re just sooo darn cozy. Well, you can do all that and *still* be wrapped in your blanket because it’s wearable!


Promising review: “It’s so warm. The sleeves are great because if I’m cold and trying to warm up, I don’t need to take my hand out from under the blanket to use my phone or change the channel with the remote. It even has a little pocket.” —Marissa

Price: $22.99 (originally $30.99; available in 11 colors)


A jaw-droppingly gorgeous (oooh la la!) quilt set by Drew Barrymore with a warm gold color that’ll make you want to cozy up in bed *immediately*. Yes, please!


The set comes with one quilt and two shams. As for the size, it fits a full or a queen.

Promising review: “This is a great summer blanket. The color is what caught my eye. I needed warm colors for my room, and all I was finding was blues and greens. The base color is a warm yellow gold and the print is a wine color from burgundy to purple with touches of pink and rust. Beautiful.” —Annie

Price: $39.99


A white noise machine that’ll mask the hubbub of the outside world, because you really don’t want to hear your neighbor’s Parks and Rec reruns at 2 a.m when you’re trying to sleep. It’s fan-based, producing a sound similar to a whooshing wind or heavy rainfall.


Promising review: “This sound machine product does an exceptional job, and it really blocks out noises. I have a nearby warehouse noise issue ( forklifts that make annoying beeping sounds sometimes throughout the night) that was waking me up at times. I bought this machine, and it works incredibly! I am now able to sleep like a baby through the whole night and do not hear the beeping anymore.” —Epmnj

Price: $44.95 (available in four colors)


A giant plush teddy bear that’s (let’s be honest) better at cuddling than your Tinder date. If you like to snuggle in bed, this is your perfect match.


Promising review: “This is a very soft and snuggly bear with a kind face. I got ‘Mr. Snuffs’ for my daughter for Valentine’s Day, and now, one year later, he’s still her favorite to drag around. Even our dog tries to snuggle Mr. Snuffs. He’s an impressive size, but not too large.” —Jane

Price: $39.99 (originally $57.99)


A pack of string lights with eight different lighting modes that you can hang on your wall or intertwine with your curtain. This will add a soft glow to your bedroom while you’re relaxing late at night.


Promising review: “These lights are awesome! I intertwined them in with my living room curtains, and it turned out so well. The lights add brightness to the room without it being overwhelming. Plus, the window looks pretty from the outside as well. They are easy to set up, have different lighting modes, and are a long length.” —Chris

Price: $22.49


A blackout eye mask so you can sleep through disturbances, like sunshine or the bright lights of a passing car streaming through your windows, while you rest. According to one reviewer, this provides “total darkness.” Perfect for light-sensitive sleepers!


Promising review: “This is a wonderful sleep mask. I love that it has an adjustable strap in the back so you can have it fit as tight or as loose as you would like it. The portion of the mask that has contact with your eyes is contoured so you do not have to worry about any light seeping in. Total darkness, great for the swing shift people who need to sleep in the day time. The padding of the contour is soft, so if you have sensitive skin, it should not rub you the wrong way. A perfect sleep mask that is quality constructed so it should last a long time. Super happy.” —Melissa

Price: $9.99


A foldable serving tray for enjoying breakfast right from the comfort of your bed. And let’s be honest, breakfast isn’t going to be the only meal you’ll be taking with you. (*Ahem* breakfast, lunch, and dinner *ahem*.)


Promising review: “The perfect little breakfast lap table, and just the right length. Also, very lightweight which I love. I had purchased a breakfast lap table before and the table was far too heavy and bulky, which I did not like. Also, this table has legs and handles on the side. A great little table. I love, love it! I will be purchasing another before they run out of stock.” —Anita

Price: $16.99


A notch-collar pajama set that’ll help you get cozy while you slip under the sheets for a well-deserved snooze or while lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Promising review: “Very impressed with the design and the nice soft material. Small petite fit, perfect for my mother-in-law who presently weighs about 85 pounds and is 5’5″ ft tall.” —Debbie

Price: $19.99 (originally $24.99; available in sizes S–2X and three colors)


An electric wax warmer that’s a safer alternative to lighting scented candles. Doubling as a desk light ( it *is* bright), this one gently melts scented wax, releasing the aroma throughout the room for ~ambience~.


Promising review: “I love my wax warmer, and it gives off so much light that you don’t have to turn your lights on. Better then a night light. I can put three wax cubes in it because it is very deep. The scent lasts a long time. Yes, I would recommend this product. I love mine so much, I now have three of them.” —Babyblue1951

Price: $15


A pack of silicone putty ear plugs to block out the annoying sounds of living in a busy area, like your neighbor’s late-night MCU marathon (*sigh*), wailing sirens (nope!), and nearby construction (ugh).

Promising review: “I live in a very noisy neighborhood. For the three years I’ve lived here, I have tried countless brands of earplugs so I can sleep at night and work at my writing in the daytime without having to hear the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM music blasting from the cars passing by my house in a fairly steady stream. Nothing blocked out the noise until I found Mack’s: perfect!! The other brands I tried not only failed to block the noise; they also irritated the skin inside my ears. Mack’s are nonirritating and effective. They saved my sanity!” —FormerShoulderSufferer

Price: $3.96 (available in three multi-packs)


A memory-foam mattress topper that’ll transform your too-firm mattress into a soft sleeping haven. You’ll be so comfy, you’ll rue the day you have to leave your bed.


Promising review: “Wow, just wow. What an amazing product. This has got to be what people mean when they say they’re sleeping on a cloud. It mimics a memory-foam bed but feels a little more solid. It is almost thick enough to allow you to sleep on the floor, it’s seriously that good. As a mattress topper, this thing is beyond five stars. No matter what your bed is like, this will give it new life. And no matter what surface you put it on, it stays in place, even on tile!” —Mn6ws6

Price: $59.99 (originally $79.99; available in five sizes and three thickness levels)


An essential oil diffuser that’ll soothe you not just with its olfactory-pleasing scents but also with its changing lights. It’s super cute, you’ll want it on your bedside table.


Promising review: “I’ve owned this diffuser for about a month and love it! The oils that came with it are pleasant. I love the fact that I can turn the colored lights on or leave them off. I can also choose to allow the lights to cycle through the different colors or select one color to remain on constantly.” —JennyPennyPincher

Price: $24.72


A floor pillow for the days when you just want to ditch your bed to lounge on the floor. This will make your space *extra* cozy.


Promising review: “I was looking for a comfortable floor pillow for my kids’ side of the porch, something where they could sit while they read or hang out while we spend our time in our front porch. I came across this pillow on Walmart, and the quality and cuteness is exactly what I had in mind.” —Lesly

Price: $39 (available in four styles)


A room-darkening curtain that’ll keep your bedroom comfy by buffering the light coming through the window without completely blocking it out. Plus, the bird design on it is super adorbs.


Promising review: “I ordered two sets of these multi-colored bird curtains. They are very cute. They do provide complete privacy. They are not see-through at all. I think they’re charming, and I’m glad I got them. All it took to get them unwrinkled from their packaging was a run through the steam cycle of my dryer, no ironing needed.” —Primary Colors

Price: $36.99 (originally $80; available in two sizes and two colors)


A beautiful piece of canvas art that’ll make your bedroom look more inviting, personalized, and lived-in, which all adds to making your space feel ~cozy~.


There’s no framing or assembly required (heck yes!), and it already comes with a metal sawtooth hanger, so all you really need to do is put it up — that’s it!

Price: $49.99


A decorative throw pillow that’s *actually* comfortable to snuggle and not crunchy and firm like the others on the market. You gotta love the beauty and function combo.


Promising review: “This pillow is amazing. I ordered two, and they both came looking exactly alike. They are also massive pillows as well, a lot bigger than I anticipated. They’re very full, plush, and soft. I also really like the boho look. They match the theme of my living room. 10/10 would recommend.” —Lynsey

Price: $15.87 (available in three colors)


A storage ottoman that you can sit on while you read, place your feet on while you lounge, or store clutter that would otherwise spoil your bedroom’s cozy vibes.


Promising review: “GREAT purchase! It’s just the right size, not too large or too small, and the storage compartment is great for keeping things organized in my living room (i.e. books, pillows, throws). Also, SO easy to assemble! Took me a whole three mins. Highly recommend!” —Viviana

Price: $82.14 (originally $104.95; available in nine colors)


A weighted blanket for the nights when you want to feel like you’re sleeping in a warm, comforting embrace. One reviewer even said it has helped them feel calm, relaxed, and well rested.


Promising review: “This is very well made, comes with a good quality zipped duvet cover, and this size covers the top of my queen-size bed. It is heavy enough to stay in place and helped me feel calm and comfortable. I woke feeling relaxed and well rested. I did a lot of research before purchasing a weighted blanket, and I am extremely satisfied with this one and highly recommend this brand.” —SmartShopper

Price: $41.99+ (available in four sizes and two colors)


A pair of bedroom slippers so you don’t have to tread on a single square foot of cold floors ever again.


Promising review: “Perfect! Easy to slip in and out of. Keeps your feet warm but do not make your feet sweaty. Good sole so you can go out in the yard with them. Highly recommend these slippers.” —Joniaragoni

Price: $19.99 (available in four sizes and four colors)


A starry night projector so you can spend a very chill evening lying in bed and watching the galaxy play out on your ceiling.


Promising review: “This is such a fun item to have. It is easy to use and comes with instructions as well. I like how it has there different buttons with various options within the category (top button: display or stars, nebula, and mix. Second button: rotating or not rotating. Third button: brightness). It doesn’t make noise when it is running and is bright and beautiful. Overall, I think this is a great and fun item to have. It definitely makes a space and the time more special and unique. If you are thinking about checking this out, I would recommend it!” —CH52

Price: $49.99 (originally $59.99)


A Woodwick candle that — you’ll love this — crackles like wood while it burns aaaand smells like cinnamon chai. With the scents and sounds combined, you’ll feel like snuggling under the blankets in pure contentment.


Promising review: “Wood wick fireside candles are incredible! Everyone that visits my home loves the scent. They also make a crackle sound that reminds me of a fireplace without all the hassle and mess. They do cost more than other candles but its easily justified by the amount of smell they put out and they last over two weeks using them 8hrs a day! Other cheap candles do have the quality of scent and only last a few days.” —Frank

Price: $30.79 (available in six scents)


A weave chair for giving your bedroom boho vibes and also giving you a place to sit and ~chill~.


Promising review: “No assembly required; came well packaged, good, solid construction, and great-looking. Exactly as it appears online. I had been interested in this chair for months and Wal Mart had the best price by far.” —Kate

Price: $416.44


An electric mug warmer, (my fav little gadget!) that’ll keep your teas, coffees, and hot chocolates warm, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your room to reheat your beverage in the kitchen. Simply place this on your bedside table, plug in, and enjoy!

Anne Felicitas / BuzzFeed

Promising review: “I’ve had one of these for years and absolutely love it and use it every day. It keeps my coffee just the right temperature. The one I’ve had for years has endured a lot of abuse spilling on it, knocking it on the floor many times, etc., and it just keeps working beautifully. Amazingly durable product. It’s one of those rare little devices that solve an everyday problem in a convenient, low-cost way.” —HappyCamper

Price: $21.99


A Google Home Mini for when you feel like playing music that you could ~vibe~ to, like Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” that I have on repeat. (Sorry, not sorry!)

Promising review: “I love it. I love the size of it and that it’s portable. The speakers have a clear sound. It works with all the smart items in your home. I enjoy how I can tell it to turn on and off the TV. It can make phone calls for you and put things on your shopping list in your phone. I can ask Google “what’s the weather?”, how to spell a word, information about different subjects, do a math problem, etc. I have advised my friends to buy one.” —RoPucci

Price: $49 (available in four colors)

Cancel all my Zoom calls, ’cause I’m getting cozy in bed.

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