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Painted Parade is a decor store for the maximalist masses. If you, like me, realize you need a birthday-hat-wearing golden dinosaur dressed to the nines at your next party, this is the place for you.

Painted Parade

Painted Parade is owned by Alyson Callison and based in Littleton, Colorado. The entire shop is filled with colorful critters – you can find cake toppers, temporary tattoos, necklaces, gift tags, fabric, paper dolls, greeting cards, *breath* party podiums, and more! Each piece is made with Callison’s charming, must-see illustrations of literal party animals. Check out more of the shop’s stuff on Instagram @paintedparade.

Price range: $1.15–$128

Check out all of their products at Painted Parade on Etsy.


Made By Vermonters has a selection of fun paper goods you can customize with pictures of your one true love (whether that’s a person or a Pomeranian) to decorate with on their special day.

Made By Vermonters

Owner Lindsay has filled this fun shop with everything from party hats to confetti – and all can be personalized with your own photos! You can find a selection of fun prints like mermaid scales and burgers, but I’m gonna have to go for a cupcake topper with my cat’s face. Like the shop’s name says, this is located in Burlington, Vermont.

Price range: $2.95–$95.95

Check out all of their products at Made By Vermonters on Etsy.


Anna + Pookie – this darling shop has a small selection of illustrated party decor your child is sure to adore! There’s even apparel to match! Add a matching sweatshirt to your order of plates and utensils and your kiddo is sure to relive their party every time they wear it.

Anna + Pookie

This empowering small biz is in Atlanta and WOC-owned! Owner Andrea started the business with a goal to create party supplies that “celebrate, empower, and feature black and brown characters” while making party planning a cinch for parents. The shop’s party supplies will do all the work for you! Be sure to check out their Instagram, @annapookie for more inspiration and ideas.

Price range: $7–$50

Check out all of their products at Anna + Pookie on Etsy.


Celebrated Party is filled with sophisticated items that are gonna make party prep breeze. Not only do they have breathtaking and unique pieces, they’ve also got planning guides and hosting hacks!

Celebrated Party

I really believe this Columbus, Ohio-based small biz is the best stop for parties simply themed to be beautiful. Their balloon arches are lovely and their florals are to die for. That champagne poster above? I’ve been trying to come up with a reason to buy it (other than that I NEED IT) all week.

Price range: $18–$170

Check out all of their products at Celebrated Party on Etsy.


Girly Gifts – if you’re looking to have a “cheerful” party theme, then you’re sure to find what you need here. The shop makes decorating easy with themed sections featuring every kind of balloon under the sun (and the sea).

Girly Gifts

This shop makes me wish balloons lasted forever, because I’d use any of these as permanent decor in my home! Owner Nancy has curated these balloons into 20 different categories ranging from Americana to Christmas to forest friends. If you’re in the mood to have a space and ocean animals mashup, or a forest flamingo fiesta…you can’t do any better than this Pleasanton, California-based small business!

Price range: $0.75–$53

Check out all of their products at Girly Gifts on Etsy.


Blush Bazaar is a fan-favorite shop for a reason! The shop specializes in modern party themes, and even has decorative photo walls (we’re talkin’ full size florals and floor-to-ceiling tassels) for truly memorable photo ops at any kind of party.

Blush Bazaar

Blush Bazaar is located in New York. They have a wide selection of balloons; including letters, numbers, and giant options *and* tons of wall decor that’ll fit any party theme.

Price range: $0.65–$140

Check out all of their products at Blush Bazaar on Etsy.


Ship Party Return – it’s make dinner parties (for adults *and* kiddos) a cinch! The shop has dozens of adorable themes to chose from with complete kits that include everything from plates to table runners. Be prepared, with this shop the hardest part of your party will be picking which theme you love the most!

Ship Party Return

Business owners Gracie and Lacie are friends (with six kids between them!) who decided to start a business with on-trend party decor that makes party planning easier on busy parents. Their “party in a box” sets will help you prep in no time, because they know that when it comes to parties, convenience is the greatest gift you can give.

Price range: $5–$90

Check out all of their products at Ship Party Return on Etsy.


Material Gods can help you get your horror movie night started right, with dreadfully funny garlands and tree/bottle toppers featuring your favorite frightening characters.

Material Gods

Not only does Material Gods have a superb selection of horror film-themed fun, they also have a handful of musicians and movies with equally delightful designs. The paper goods in this Margate, United Kingdom-based shop are, well, GREAT.

Price range: $5.05–$23.10

Check out all of their products at Material Gods on Etsy.


Just Add Confetti is a printable shop that’ll customize your decor and send you a pdf to print out, so there’s no need to worry about shipping. If party planning isn’t your strong suit, pick one of these creative kits and let your printer do all the work!

Just Add Confetti

This woman-owned small business is run by artist and blogger, Alison McKown. Her clever holiday and party themes are some of my favorites on Etsy (I had a little cry over how cute those laundry ghosts are). As a mom, McKown knows how hard party planning can be and has shared her creative work to make it a tad easier on fellow parents and guardians. Check out her Instagram account, @justaddconfetti to see her decor in action!

Price range: $2.50–$40

Check out all of their products at Just Add Confetti on Etsy.


Allison Brights – this shop’s rad collection of string lights is sure to add a cozy, cool, or mystical touch to your garden party (seriously, pick the vibe you want and they have lights to go with it). Sure, stars are great, but they’ve got nothing on these beauties.

Allison Brights

Allison Brights specializes in decorative lighting that’ll make your party shine brighter than ALL the rest. Plug in some pumpkins this fall or enjoy the glow from a number of stone string lights year-round. The customer service is top-notch, and the shop owner is happy to answer any questions you may have. I’ve got one…how many lights would it take to fill up my entire apartment? Please and thank you.

Price range: $13.99–$54

Check out all of their products at Allison Brights on Etsy.


Chic Balloon Boutique has such a festive selection of funky balloons you just might ~burst~ with joy when you set them up around your house. Go ahead and have an Animal Planet marathon as an excuse to buy human-sized flamingo balloons. You have my full support.

Chic Balloon Boutique

Shop owner Bethany Baier’s balloon collection is unlike anything I’ve seen online (and I shop online…a LOT). Every time I check out this Naples, Florida-based shop I’m shocked by the number of oddly shaped and niche balloons available. Want a cheeky grim reaper? They’ve got it. A Mardi Gras mask? Of course! Okay, but what about a giant hot dog with all the fixins’? As if you have to ask.

Price range: $0.74–$44

Check out all of their products at Chic Balloon Boutique on Etsy.


Party Touches is sure to satisfy your craving to host a brag-worthy event this year. Snag yourself a rocket piñata and let your overzealous party planning ~take off~!

Party Touches

Party Touches is located in Brighton, United Kingdom. If you’re planning ahead for a specific holiday, this shop is a fantastic find! They have cake toppers, piñatas, garlands, and themed bundles that are all totally brilliant. You can check out their Instagram account, @partytouches for trendy party ideas.

Price range: $1.29–$58.46

Check out all of their products at Party Touches on Etsy.


Darby Creek Trading – this shop’s collection of elegant, eclectic decor is the stuff that’ll make your garden party unforgettable (even if the weather forces you to move it inside). Plus all the products are reusable, so you’ll have some go-to decor anytime a cottagecore kick hits.

Darby Creek Trading

Darby Creek Trading is based in Columbus, Ohio where they take inspiration from the local outdoors to create their unique decor. Each season the shop adds something new, with products changing throughout the year. I’m having a housewarming party in a month and that woodland centerpiece is calling my name. How could it not?!

Price range: $21–$659

Check out all of their products at Darby Creek Trading on Etsy.


Sweetniks is probably gonna be the very best place to snag darling decor that makes post-party cleanup a breeze. I can’t think of an easier way to clean up at the end of a party than by having edible decor! Sweet, right?


I am terribly intrigued by all the cool party treats at Sweetniks! The shop has handcrafted nougat, marshmallows, caramels, and lollipops that could all be used to enhance a party theme or hold down a party all on their own. BTW, the shop is located in New York.

Price range: $7–$51

Check out all of their products at Sweetniks on Etsy.


Ivory Bloom Studios creates gorgeous botanical walls sure to be a hit with your flower child friends.

Ivory Bloom Studios

Ivory Bloom Studios is owned by Sue Jiang and located in Houston. The shop has several three-dimensional backgrounds you can hang up on a wall centered behind a cake, to make a center stage for present opening, or as a fun photo-op spot. There are floral options in several styles and leafy botanicals, as well as personalized name boards for baby showers or engagement parties (that could eventually be used as permanent wall decor).

Price range: $21–$314.99

Check out all of their products at Ivory Bloom Studios on Etsy.


Happy Party Supply has an eclectic mix of decor I couldn’t dream up if I tried! You can find bubble garland streamers, jellyfish lanterns, and lovely tulle table skirts – and that’s just the first few products listed!

Happy Party Supply

Located in Las Vegas, Happy Party Supply has over 500 products for themed birthdays, bridal and baby showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and decor for parties that are simply an excuse to get together. Their video game balloon set is a personal favorite of mine.

Price range: $0.20–$59.99

Check out all of their products at Happy Party Supply on Etsy.


My Party Story – a custom cup and decor shop that’ll put red Solo cups to shame.

My Party Story

Although the themed party cups are definitely the star of this show, My Party Story (located in Atlanta) has a smattering of other party utensils and party favors as well. Never have I ever wanted a princess-themed party…until I saw these dressed-up cups!

Price range: $3.99–$9

Check out all of their products at My Party Story on Etsy.


Catching Color Flies for creative folks who would love to make their own decorations (as long as there are instructions involved).


Catching Color Flies is a pdf-filled shop with DIY paper flower templates designed by artist and shop owner, Abigail Gillespie. There are over 500 different templates you can chose from, including a bunch of template sets. Be sure to follow @abbi_kirsten_collections on Instagram to catch her latest updates and see the completed projects from folks who have used the templets themselves.

Price range: $1.02–$126.65

Check out all of their products at Catching Color Flies on Etsy.


EnFete is here to give sophisticated souls the upscale party their heart desires. Everything in this shop (you heard me, EVERYTHING) is eye-catching in a totally lovely way that’s not at all over-the-top. Woodcut stamped cupcake holders? I mean, come on! Invite me to this party, please.


Business owner and designer Carey Greene has been interested in party planning since she was 6 years old. You can find a large selection of props, utensils, garlands, and even virtual party plans in this Manassas, Virginia-based shop. I’m personally enchanted with their flag cupcake toppers and handy donut stand.

Price range: $1.30–$65

Check out all of their products at EnFete on Etsy.


Pepped Parties has a collection of paper goods that are *primo* treat toppers for your next movie party. Whether you and your buds are Friends fans or still quoting Mean Girls every October third, the decor in this store is here for you!

Pepped Parties

Pepped Parties is in Cheltenham, United Kingdom and a solid eco-friendly choice for earth-friendly folks. All the handcrafted food toppers, straws, garlands and confetti are100% plastic-free. Mother Earth loves this stuff.

Price range: $2.88–$8.67

Check out all of their products at Pepped Parties on Etsy.


Olive Studio Project designs custom treat bags that can make your party snacks seem extra special (even if you can only add in allergy-safe items).

Olive Studio Project

Brownsville, Texas is the home of Olive Studio Project, where you can find custom treat packets in several different themes; including vintage Disney, sports, retro florals, and more.

Price range: $10–$25

Check out all of their products at Olive Studio Project on Etsy.


Pom Poms Art – this stellar shop has a HUGE selection of holiday party decor. If you wanna make up for all the parties you weren’t able to host last year…this is gonna be the place to pick up your HalloXmasValenPatrick’sGiving day decor.

Pom Poms Art

Owner Ngoc Le’s party shop is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and it’s one of my very favorite Etsy spots for Halloween decor! Sure, Halloween is still *several* months away, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over their coffin break coffee cups and shark party hats (which can double as costume party pieces or an ocean-themed b-day). The pinwheel walls are a huge hit with reviewers, and I can see why!

Price range: $3.55–$109

Check out all of their products at Pom Poms Art on Etsy.


Ellie’s Party Supply is sure to be a fun way to surprise someone special on their special day. I don’t wanna burst your bubble, but I’m sure these balloons will be selling out fast!

Ellie’s Party Supply

I can’t think of a better way to decorate and celebrate than with Meg Jensen’s party kits! Based in Boston, this party supply shop is a modern wonderland for Instagram-worthy party shots. Along with the specialized balloon arch kits, you can find giant balloons, cake toppers, holiday decor, and other fun odds and ends for your next party.

Price range: $5–$39.95

Check out all of their products at Ellie’s Party Supply on Etsy.


Candy With A Twist is another fun find for folks who want everything, down to the treats they eat, to be on-theme. I want to live in a world with more flower-themed parties and these candy daisy bouquets are here to make that happen!

Candy With A Twist

Candy With A Twist is a Black-owned business located in Middlesex, New Jersey. These aren’t your every day party treats either! You can get personalized stroopwaffles, Black History-themed candies, printed graham crackers, candy kabobs, and the treat I can’t help but drool over…a cotton candy cake!

Price range: $1.20–$695

Check out all of their products at Candy With A Twist on Etsy.


Apricot specializes in hand-dyed, reusable linens that’ll enhance any party – no matter the occasion or theme.


Designer and store owner Anna Prewett hand makes fabric goods for weddings, dinner parties, and cocktail parties. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Prewett majored in Product Design and used that educational background to make Apricot what it is today. Each beautifully blended print is an artistic touch that’d add to any kind of event.

Price range: $8–$50

Check out all of their products at Apricot on Etsy.


Ford Country Trading Co. is another clever option for anyone who wants reusable decor for their parties. The shop has loads of earth-friendly Americana – we’re talkin’ party games, utensil pockets, up-cycled table runners, and more!

Ford Country Trading Co.

This shop is blessedly denim, with everything from coasters to banners and backdrops made with the timeless material. Several pieces of featured decor are made from salvaged materials, including rustic metal and distressed wood flags. Owner Roni Ford makes all the products in Roy, Washington.

Price range: $18.95–$995

Check out all of their products at Ford Country Trading Co. on Etsy.


The Delicate Dish has a clever dish set system where you can buy miss-matched teacups and dishes to add something totally unique to your next tea party.

The Delicate Dish

This Raleigh, North Carolina-based shop has a hoard of whimsical tea party supplies. Most of the products are one-of-a-kind, but you can also find party favor boxes and mystery vintage tea sets.

Price range: $3.95–$49.95

Check out all of their products at The Delicate Dish on Etsy.


Ella Creates Crafts specializes in modern cake toppers that’ll definitely, excuse me, take the cake.

Ella Creates Crafts

Ella Creates Crafts is based in the UK and owned by Olufunmilayo. The shop has over 80 unique cake toppers to chose from!

Price range: $2.90–$27.49

Check out all of their products at Ella Creates Crafts on Etsy.


Houndsome Dog Bakery has some spot-on themed treats for your pup’s next big event…whether that’s a birthday, gotcha-day celebration, or (here’s hoping!) a wedding. They grow up so fast.

Houndsome Dog Bakery

Elena Suslova owns this pet-friendly patisserie, located in Chicago. The treat boxes can be customized, and have everything from traditional celebrations to get well soon boxes. My heart!

Price range: $9.99–$19.95

Check out all of their products at Houndsome Dog Bakery on Etsy.


The House On Picadilly sells an assortment of themed confetti packets sure to delight the confetti yeti you know who LOVES that darling decorative dust.

The House On Picadilly

The House On Picadilly is a POC-owned small biz in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The shop has a handful of themed confetti options (including sloths!) for decorating your table with a sprinkling of something special.

Price range: $6.95–$14.95

Check out all of their products at The House On Picadilly on Etsy.


A Cake To Remember has edible decor that’ll thrill any child who is going through a creepy crawly phase. Here’s hoping you aren’t ~bugged~ by their newfound passion, because you won’t be able to pass these realistic treats up when you know how ecstatic your kid will be when they see them.

A Cake To Remember

I am blown away by how realistic these wafer papers look! A Cake To Remember is located in Richmond Virginia, and owned by Kara (who ran a cake decorating business for 17 years!). The shop’s “edible embellishments” are incredible, but you can also find decorating tutorials and molds for some DIY cake decorating fun!

Price range: $4–$66

Check out all of their products at A Cake To Remember on Etsy.


Cake To The Top can make your adult birthday party far more fun than anything you did as a kid. After all, you get to plan this one! Thanks to this shop, your party’s gonna be *exactly* your taste.

Cake To The Top

This small biz is in Miami, Florida and filled with banners for special events, parties, and holidays. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stealing a page from Cake To The Top and covering my Christmas tree in a holiday banner this year.

Price range: $0.95–$48.24

Check out all of their products at Cake To The Top on Etsy.


And Tipsy Labels for anti-social socialites who believe in minimalist decor that says “I like to party…a little.”

Tipsy Labels

Tipsy Labels has over 700 laugh-out-loud decorative wine labels to chose from. The labels are printed on high-quality, waterproof paper. You can see them in the wild on the shop’s Instagram account, @tipsylabels. P.S. – They’re based in LA.

Price range: $5–$22

Check out all of their products at Tipsy Labels on Etsy.

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