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A Foreo skincare bundle complete with the Luna mini 2, a micro-foam cleanser, and a silicone cleaning spray because as a certified clean-freak, you need to be able to keep your Foreo device as fresh as your newly invigorated skin.

Foreo, Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed shopping editor Maitland swears by the Luna Mini:

“There are three different sizes of silicone touch-points so you can customize exactly what your skin needs, whether you have dry, oily, acne-prone, or aging skin. The narrower tip is perfect for cleaning every nook and cranny of your face, getting into the creases on the side of your nose you blended your concealer so carefully into in the morning. And did I mention it’s TOTALLY WATERPROOF?! Yep, you can use this in the shower and not worry about anything happening to it at all!” —Maitland Quitmeyer

Check out her full review of Foreo’s face cleansing device!

Get it from Foreo for $139 (originally $173.80).


A pair of cozy puff slippers from Crocs that have cushioned footbeds so warm and comfortable, the rest of your body might just get jealous!


Promising review: “I wear these around the house, but in a pinch I could wear them outside the home due to the light sole. More than a sock, but less than a shoe. The color is neon bright and fun. I find them roomy. If you have problems with swelling, these would be comfortable and easy to get on.” —Crocs Customer

Get it from Crocs for $39.99 (available in women’s sizes 6-12, men’s sizes 4-13, and in three colors).


Promising review: “It feels amazing! It’s so soft, even when you aren’t squishing it. It’s one of the best (if not THE best) squishies I’ve ever used. I’ve been using it pretty roughly since I got it, and it has no rips or anything in it. Most of my friends have used it, too. As I’ve used it, I’m starting to smell the mango and it smells nice. I’m one of those people who always has to be doing something with their hands, and I also get stressed out easily. This is noiseless, so it doesn’t bother anyone, and it doesn’t add any weight to my purse. I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere since I got it. If you’re on the fence about buying it, just do it, you won’t regret it.” —Rachel S.

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.


A vintage Bluetooth record player so you can finally play the vinyl your grandpa gifted you years ago that have only been collecting dust on a faraway shelf. No records? No problem! Wirelessly play music from your phone on this stylish player’s speakers.


Promising review: “I have a large collection of rare and unavailable vinyl records that would cost me a large fortune to buy again in different media if available. As soon as I saw this mobile player, I was excited that it had Bluetooth and USB. I spent the last few weeks copying all my records to my computer and now they are safe forever. WOW! Not only it was so easy, but the dubbing quality is amazing. On top of all that I can still just listen to my vinyl records on this player anywhere and the sound production is fantastic. One of the best purchases I made.” —sammy halaby

Get it from Amazon for $56.99.


A colorful pair of high-waisted pants from Lucy & Yak that are so comfy and durable, you likely won’t change out of them for the rest of the year!

Lucy & Yak

This small business prides themselves on their ethically made clothes!

Promising review: “I love these trousers!! They are super comfy and have loads of room at the hip. The length in the leg is perfect for rolling up the cuffs, and the colors are amazing!” —Ria Jenks

Get it from Lucy & Yak for $74 (available in sizes W24/L30 – W40/L32).


A bottle of hydrating 100% squalane oil made with renewable Brazilian sugarcane that will help keep moisture locked into your skin even when the weather tries to dry you out.


Promising review: “I love this oil. I was looking for a body oil to replace a brand I could no longer find. It’s also important for me not to have toxins in the products I use, and this fits the bill. I use this oil in the shower after cleansing and right before I dry off. I pat dry with a towel and stay moisturized all day.” —Rachelle A

Get it from Biossance for $48.


A variety pack of four Tile bluetooth locators to help you keep track of all your most treasured belongings, because you don’t have time to retrace your steps back to the grocery store to find your wallet. Especially since it’s in your pocket…


This bundle comes with one Mate, one Slim, and two Stickers.

Promising review: “The redesigned Slim button location is so much better, and I haven’t had to worry about sitting on my wallet and worrying about my phone going off full blast with the Tile Ringtone. This device, and all of Tile’s devices, are absolutely, 100%, worth the buy.” —Chandler

Get it from Amazon for $68.66.


A motion-activated toilet night-light which is a must-have if you’re tired of stumbling over yourself when you get up in the middle of the night to pee. Choose between 16 colors to light up your night!


Promising review:This little light has different brightness settings which make it last longer on the dimmer settings. Other toilet lights that don’t offer this feature tend to burn out quicker because there’s no way to regulate the brightness. This feature alone is a major selling point. The motion detection is also very sensitive, so it turns on when everything is totally dark if I walk near it. Super easy to install. Just bend the little arm with the light on the end around the rim of the toilet with the unit on the outside and you’re done. Recommended and would buy again.” —Joe B

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.


A pack of nine knotted headbands with enough color options that you’ll have one for every mood. Perfect for the casually posh!

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “The actual fit is perfect. It’s tight enough that it’ll stay in place, but loose enough behind the ears that you can easily wear it all day long. Even with a headset (that I wear for work). Totally recommend these and will buy again.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


An adorably celestial Lisa Frank mug to replace the chipped and leaking (and boring) one in your cupboard. Featuring your childhood alien friends Zoomer and Zorbit, you’ll definitely be feeling a bit ~out of this world~ by your third cup of joe.

Lisa Frank

Get it from Lisa Frank for $20.


A Frick Frog enamel pin who will stick their middle finger up to the world so you don’t have to.


A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray so when you do your business, it stays *your* business. Just spray into the bowl a few times before you poo, and leave the bathroom smelling like a spa since Poo-Pourri is actually made of essential oils!

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “I purchased this product as a stocking stuffer for my boyfriend, and we both love it! Simply spray before you go, and it’s as if a number two never happened. I’ve noticed that five squirts does the job. The product fully serves its intended purpose of masking even the raunchiest of smells. I plan on regular purchases of this product!” —Abbiegale

Get a 2-pack from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in eight sizes and 18 scents).


A funny coir doormat that’ll not only help make sure folks don’t track dirt into your home but *also* remind uninvited guests that they’re…well…uninvited.


An acoustic Fender guitar bundle with an instructional guide for beginners, because you’ve been meaning to develop a new hobby and somebody who sings Hozier as much as you do should probably be able to strum a few chords.


This bundle comes with: Fender Play Online Lessons, a gig bag, a tuner, stings, a strap, picks, and the Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD.

Promising review: “I know this is only my first guitar, but I wasn’t expecting much for the price. This thing is beautiful and also sounds very nice! I cannot wait to get started playing. I think this will be a great learner guitar for me and others in my family who want to learn.” —Joshua

Get it from Amazon for $179.99+ (available in four colors).


A stainless-steel TubShroom because now that you think about it, your shower drain has been looking a little bit like Chewbacca lately…


Promising review: “A great upgrade! So much better than the rubber ones! This doesn’t turn moldy black and seems to get less scum on the actual hairs. I haven’t had any issues cleaning it, and it rinses clean after a quick scrub with a toothbrush or other small brush.” —IronMaiden

Get it from Amazon for $13.98+.


A single-serve Keurig machine that’ll fit anywhere and make you the perfect amount of coffee in mere minutes!


Promising review: “Super convenient! It takes up very little space and is easy to use. Just make sure to clean it regularly.” —Kerimartin

Get it from Target for $49.99 (originally $89.99; available in four colors).


A set of durable silicone oven mitts and pot holders so you can finally upgrade from the ones you’ve been using (ya know, the ones with burn marks and filling falling out) and cook in style.


Promising reviews: “I had been looking for a great pair of oven mitts for a while, so I was excited to try these! So far they’re great. They are really comfortable and very good at keeping the heat at bay. Was also happy to get matching pot holders which also work very well and can also be used as trivets.” —David O.

“I absolutely love the oven mitts! The silicone is great for those extra hot items, the magnet connects to my oven, and the length prevents burns!” —Sarah C.

Get it from Food52 for $60 (available in five colors).


An adjustable hypoallergenic pillow from Coop Home Goods because you haven’t replaced your current pillows in way too long and you hated them anyway. Treat yourself to these memory foam godsends, so you can get the sleep you deserve.


I have had two of these pillows for a few months, and I sleep more comfortably now than I ever have! The memory foam filler (which you can remove or add at your own comfort and discretion) truly makes me feel like I’m laying on the most stable yet airy clouds. They even come with soft, washable covers that only add to the luxe plushiness of my new sleeping experience.

Promising review: “So, it’s been about two years now, and I still love this pillow! It does get worn down a bit, but a good wash and fluff dry seems to do the trick! As I’m writing this I’m thinking I need to wash and dry to get some fluffiness back…but I’m laying in bed being lazy, so maybe I’ll just buy another one! 😂😂” —marinewife

Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in two sizes).


A shag area rug since it’s hard enough to get out of bed on chilly mornings — you shouldn’t have to touch your feet down on a cold floor, too. With this rug, you might just *want* to get out of bed!


Promising reviews: “It is soooooo soft. And it doesn’t shed. Which is a big factor for me. It’s also machine washable. What more could you ask for? The cat likes it too.” —Anonymous

“This soft area rug adds a little coziness to my guest bedroom. Love it!” —Jolanta

Get it from Wayfair for $33.99+ (available in eight sizes and nine colors).


A personalized membership at Rent the Runway so you can get up to eight ready-to-wear pieces that are just SO. YOU! Plus, you’ll save time and money on shopping and laundry. Win-win.

Rent the Runway

Promising review: “Being a Rent the Runway member has really changed my life! I no longer stand in the closet before events wondering what to wear and what will fit. I love being on trend constantly and the ease of it all. It’s also saved me time AND money! I simply browse my saved choices, and in two days (sometimes less), my new wardrobe is at my doorstep. I love paying one monthly fee for endless pieces vs $120 for one dress I may wear twice.” —Kristen M

Get it from Rent the Runway for $69+ (available in three membership plans).


A luxurious, self-cleaning bidet that’ll not only help you save the planet (no toilet paper = more trees), but also your bum from rough tee pee. Attaching to any two-piece toilet in minutes, this bidet will have you ~living in the lap~ of royalty!

amazon.com, Via amazon.com

Promising review: “I originally purchased the Luxe Bidet on a lark after completely renovating my master bathroom and wanting to take my toilet up a level in sophistication. It was easy to install, taking less than 10 minutes with no required skill. The cool water option is refreshing, and the hot option is nice and soothing. One feature I’m quite impressed with is the bidet’s aim. The lever rotates right for washing different bits, and no matter which way you rotate the lever, the stream hits you with extreme accuracy. Lastly, the most important function of a bidet is its ability to get you clean, and the Luxe bidet will get you CLEAN. There’s no more need for wet wipes, quadruple-ply cashmere quilted toilet paper by the yard, or any other expensive and wasteful products.” —M Ham Mon

Get it from Amazon for $54.35 (available in two colors).


A complete wash-day bundle from Tracee Ellis Ross’ PATTERN collection made uniquely for your curly or coily medium porosity hair. It’s time to rehydrate your crown!


This bundle includes: hydration shampoo, medium conditioner, leave-in conditioner, a shower brush, and a mist spray bottle.

Promising review: “I bought this for my daughter who has very thick, curly, dry hair. This product works extremely well! Now, her hair is soft and curls are defined. Her hair looks healthy.” —Chaveje

Get it from Ulta for $90 (also available for low and high porosity hair).


A Wi-Fi-connected Roomba with smart navigation that’ll map your home and clean it accordingly. Plus, it’ll dispose of its own dirt!


Promising review: “We love it. We have named him Steve and now there’s no more fighting about who has to clean. Because Steve does. Effective cleaning, and he scrubs away dirt. I can see a noticeable difference immediately. Minimal clean up or maintenance required.” —Yvette

Get it from iRobot for $599.99.


A 6-in-1 air fryer so you can have fried food without all the fuss — aka no oil needed to make fries. And its EvenCrisp technology means homemade chicken tenders. Is your phone ringing? That’s comfort food calling you!


Check out our review of the Instant Pot Air Fryer!

Promising review: “After listening to dozens of clients and friends talk about their air fryers, I decided it was time to bite the bullet so to speak. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️ IT! Everything seems to taste better cooked in an air fryer. Even salmon is more moist and flavorful. Plus, food cooks more quickly than with a traditional oven or fryer methods. The Vortex is large, so it’s easy to cook two or more types of food at the same time. Do it… you won’t regret it! Salmon and fries for two all cooked together.” —Roseanne Heideman

Get it from Amazon for $119.99+ (available in three sizes and five styles).


A long, water-repellent down coat from Eddie Bauer because Winter Is Coming and if you *have* to go outside, you should feel like you’re still in bed, wrapped in a big, warm blanket.


Promising review: “Warm and wonderful. I wear this long down duffle coat when I do recess supervision outside at an elementary school in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. It keeps the wind, snow and cold at bay which is of utmost importance out there.” —Carrie

Get it from Amazon for $179.40+ (available in women’s sizes XS-3XL).


An oscillating personal heater that’ll keep you cozy and warm as the seasons change. With this1,500-watt heater (that fires up in less than three seconds) you might not even notice it’s gotten colder outside!


Promising review: “It’s small but my gosh does it work!! I’ve had a few little heaters, and this one is by far the BEST one I’ve had yet!! It heated up three rooms in a few hours. Awesome!” —April

Get it from Amazon for $30.97.


A vibrant and all-natural candle called LES from Boy Smells whose hints of cardamom, black currant, and peach blossoms will remind you of the plurality of existence (LES = “them” in French) and the energy of the NYC (LES = Lower East Side).


Promising review: “This is a must-have candle. It smells light and clean. I always have one in my Amazon cart for whenever I’m purchasing other things so I’m never without it!” —Liz Spina

Get it from Amazon for $36.


A Polaroid camera so you’ll have beautiful (and instant) pictures of all the new experiences you’re soon to have.


Promising review: “I will admit that I had my doubts about the idea of a ‘new Polaroid,’ but this camera is awesome. The pictures are the same ‘shockingly good for instant’ quality I remember. For real! I found an old Polaroid photo from the 1980s and put it next to a new one I took this weekend, and the only visible difference was that the person in both photos was about 30 years older.” —Nicole

Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (available in 10 colors).


A portable air purifier whose HEPA filter will help rid your home of allergens, dander, odor, and dust, so you can breathe easier. With three speeds and two modes, you can find the perfect setting for your space!


Promising reviews: “It does not take up a lot of space, and it makes no noise. I put it in the children’s’ room and watched it work. As a mother, I feel very relieved.” —yan

“I am currently living near a construction zone, and I have a small dog that currently sheds a lot. My allergies were bothering me so badly that I could barely breathe in my own apartment, especially with pollen season. After a week of using this in my bedroom, I can tell you that it’s been a huge difference. I’ve been able to breathe which has made it much easier to sleep.” —JRRInBoston

Get it from Amazon for $89.99.


A rose gold detangling brush that’ll make you feel like A Little Princess while it gently rids your locks of knots.


Promising review: “This does wonders for my hair and makes brushing so much easier. I have very fine hair, but tons and tons of it, which makes brushing difficult at times as it tangles so easily. This brush really helps with that and keeps me from having to re-brush my hair every couple hours. It also doesn’t pull the natural waves out of my hair, like so many other brushes did. So my hair is wavy and untangled within a couple of minutes. The ergonomic hold took a little getting used to, but it’s much more comfortable than the usual oval paddle end of most brushes. It gives you more control, which makes it easier.” —L

Get it from Amazon for $9.95+ (available in two colors).


A ceramic cup warmer because you’ve been heating up that same cup of coffee in the microwave since this morning, and it just *doesn’t* have to be like that.


Promising review: “I’m a very slow tea/coffee drinker, so having this mini hot plate is amazing. I can have hot tea until the last sip! Life-changing. I use it every day. I’m using it as I write this review. I drink more tea because I know it won’t get cold and sad. My roommates all want one now.” —PDT

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.


A pack of flexible tie-dye bandages for adult whoopsies and uh-ohs. Kids shouldn’t get to have *all* the fun.


Promising reviews: “Better than other brands of bandages. I love how they hug the skin and don’t fall off.” —Jill

“These are perfect. The tin (which was surprisingly metal and not plastic – a plus!) is organized and convenient. And I love that you can simply buy a refill pack when you run low.” —ABayless

Get it from Target for $6.99.

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