By Holden Lewis

As you browse homes for sale online, digital slideshows dish out equal helpings of information and frustration. Every photo frames what the seller wants you to see. Want to shift your gaze to the right and inspect that shower head? Tough.

But now you can virtually walk inside a home and look up, down, left and right with technology that functions like Google Street View for a home’s interior. It’s called a 3D home tour. It conveys more information than a slideshow and reduces the need for in-person showings.

3D Home Tours Expand

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 3D home tours gave home sellers a cool way to make their listings stand out. But with the emergence of the disease, sellers felt uncomfortable allowing strangers into their homes, where they could spread coronavirus. Home buyers worried about their health, too. Suddenly 3D home tours were perceived as a safety feature. March saw a jump in the creation of 3D tours, and they attracted more online visitors.

3D home tours are still a novelty, but buyers will come to expect them in online listings. That evolution might happen quickly: Despite stay-at-home orders, buyers have remained on the hunt, and sellers offering 3D tours find enthusiastic audiences.

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