a living room filled with furniture and a large window: The key concepts include balance of furniture and color theories, that will transcend the look and feel of the room.

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The key concepts include balance of furniture and color theories, that will transcend the look and feel of the room.

By Lokendra Ranawat, 

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

– Socrates

The lot of interior designing theories states that everything is a matter of personal taste and style. The key concepts include balance of furniture and color theories, that will transcend the look and feel of the room. And now it’s time to tackle the another important principle: Spatial design of the home.

As in today’s world, space crunch in modern and urban dwellings is a new normal. So, where space is at premium, intelligent interior designing options can be your savior. The best optimum use of a few inches’ area is crucial now to bring openness and airiness for a comfortable homely feeling. You might think that lavish and the ample space of your home brings out more opportunities to decorate. But, perhaps, you do not see the other creative side of it. Just by paying attention to all the minute things, you can enhance the artistry of your home interiors that can make a remarkable difference instantly.

Here are the top 5 easy and handpicked furniture setup rules you should follow to get the best out of your small space and acknowledges a brand new area of advanced experiences.

Turn your bed into a sofa bed

This is the perfect solution for creating a small set up as an occasional guest bed or place it in any room that needs more seating options, especially in a living area. Simply fold out to make a comfy bed or as a sofa to entertain your guests. For an alluring look, you can throw some sofa pillows with vivid attractive colors available in cushion covers.

Add a large mirror with utility

Thinking of making your room look bigger in an affordable way? Simple, add a big and decorative mirror to create more depth and make your room, look bigger as it seems. You can choose the arrangement of mirrors in such a way that is with a sideboard or a large standing mirror with a dresser, which will utilize the space in best way possible, further it will add functionality to your room as well.

Utilize Extended dining tables to maximize space

Regardless of going for large dining units, go ahead with extendable dining tables to save an area when it’s not needed and can unfold to get enough table space. This modern approach to your compact apartments will surely upgrade the style quotient of your room in a clever way.

Buy Furniture items of Exposed legs

Let go of chunky decor and adapt smart minimalist designs to help your home look bigger and classier. The evergreen furniture like sofas, chairs and beds with skirts can feel boxy. But, exposed leg furniture will create the illusion of extra space in the room.

Let in the Natural light

Last but not least, Natural lighting in the home should be tremendous for a healthy complexion. Make sure you arrange your furniture set up in such a way that it doesn’t block the natural sunlight in your home. This will light up all the corners of your room, allowing you to see more of the space, thus making it look more ventilated and expansive.

Thus, these small space tips mentioned above will surely turn your frustration into inspiration!

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