When it comes to blurring the lines between good and evil, My Hero Academia has always been ahead of the curve with its morally ambiguous characters. On a heroic scale of one to ten, if one equals Deku/All Might and ten equals All For One, one would find that almost all heroes and villains fall somewhere in the six to four range. Only a few heroes would match All Might’s ideal morals, and, similarly, hardly any villains would be as savage as All For One.

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Being bereft of a black and white world—where good is only good and evil is pure evil—the anime fascinates viewers by hinting at how some heroes are villains in the making. Meanwhile, there are villains whose actions are almost justified as they only chose the path of evil because of personal betrayals or corrupted social systems.

10 Hero Joins Bad Guys: Nezu

Many fans believe that Nezu could possibly be the U.A traitor. Claiming that the academy’s principal is the mysterious nefarious villain behind every evil in MHA might seem a bit over-the-top. However, the theory is backed up with some plausible evidence.

For starters, Nezu still seems to hold a grudge against humans for subjecting him to traumatizing experiments. Secondly, since he’s technically an animal, he probably has no personal obligations towards protecting the human race. Finally, considering how intelligent he is, he could easily plot evil plans behind-the-scenes without having anyone notice his true intentions.

9 Villain Joins Heroes: Gentle Criminal

As his name suggests, Gentle presents himself with the utmost grace and honor. Driven by his mildly influential online presence, he commits petty crimes without getting involved in unnecessary violence.

Like many other villains, he, too, joined U.A High School with high hopes of becoming a hero. But, his failure to stand out and become a well-appreciated hero led him down a delusional path. Instead of working harder towards his dreams, he started touting himself as an icon. All of which, ultimately made tread the path of evil. Even so, unlike other villains, he still has a conscience.

8 Hero Joins Bad Guys: Fumikage Tokoyami

With his small stature and bird-like face, Fumikage seems harmless. But, only when he unfolds his quirk, Dark Shadow, does he become a force to be reckoned with, acquiring strength that only a few others from class 1-A can match.

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What makes him tip slightly over to the villainous side is his obsession with darkness. Adding to this, the fact that an emotional outburst can make him completely lose control over his quirk makes him a ticking time bomb that’s just waiting to explode. Hopefully, Tokoyami will learn to garner more control over his quirk before it’s too late.

7 Villain Joins Heroes: Stain

Stain is less of a villain and more of an anti-hero. When he first enrolled himself into U.A, he was well-intentioned and only wanted to make the world a better place. But, he quickly learned that most heroes are in the crime-solving business for fortune and fame. It’s their fallacious motives that made him lose hope in what he stood for. As a result, Stain became a cold-hearted “fake” hero killer.

If guided properly during his formative years, Stain could have dipped his feet in some pure heroism with his ideal morals. Bu,t he took his hate for the seemingly fake heroes a bit too far, wasting his talents in the process.

6 Hero Joins Bad Guys: Endeavor

It’s understandable how terrible an ambitious hero like Endeavor would feel after being overshadowed by All Might’s greatness all his life. However, Endeavor pursues his ambitions of becoming the No. 1 Hero with an unhealthy obsession. In his pursuit of becoming better than All Might, he turned cold not only towards other heroes, but his own family, as well.

No hero is bereft of flaws, but Endeavor has been on a dark path far too long. It’s very unlikely that Endeavor will ever become a villain, but, if he did, would it really be all that surprising?

5 Villain Joins Heroes: Twice

Twice is just desperate to beat his loneliness and make new friends, and it’s this desperation that has landed him among the wrong people.

Moreover, because of borderline insanity and identity crisis, no one understands him. He continues to work with the villains because they don’t judge him, but what if the heroes, too, gave him the same level of acceptance? Maybe then he would switch sides and embrace his vulnerable side more than he does.

4 Hero Joins Bad Guys: Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi is calm, stoic, loyal, and diligently does everything that one expects from a hero. However, what puts him on the other side of the spectrum is his quirk.

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The young hero possesses Mind Control which, by many, is perceived as an evil ability. Due to this, Hitoshi is often misunderstood and even discriminated against. For now, Hitoshi seems to be on the right path to become the Pro Hero he wants to be, but it is possible that his manipulative abilities might fall in the wrong hands someday.

3 Villain Joins Heroes: Himiko Toga

Toga is unforgivably cold-blooded towards her enemies, but, beyond her sadistic exterior, time and again she brings out her emotional side and shows compassion towards the ones close to her.

Toga’s past reveals that she was once a seemingly innocent girl who had the potential to become a great hero. But, as confirmed by her, she was only pretending to be something she was not back then and found her place in the world by joining forces with the bad guys. However, her constant mood shifts where she shows unusual affection for Deku prove that she might still be confused about where she truly belongs.

2 Hero Joins Bad Guys: Katsuki Bakugo

Although woven from the same cloth, Bokugo and Deku have different perceptions of what it means to be a hero. While Deku is kind, polite, and has strong morals, Bokugo is shrewd, ill-tempered, and, at times, morally skewed.

More often than not, it seems like Bakugo is drawn to heroism for all the wrong reasons. Although prodigious with his quirk, he has a lust for victory, especially against Deku. Due to this, fans can’t help but wonder how far would he be willing to go to become the strongest of his kind.

1 Villain Joins Heroes: Tomura Shigaraki

If one thinks about it, Shigaraki and Eri have a lot in common despite having completely polarizing personalities. Both of them had tragic discoveries of their quirks where they killed their own family members. Along with that, they were both taken in by the wrong people who made them believe that the world is bereft of any kindness.

Eri was fortunate enough to be rescued before things got worse, but Shigaraki wasn’t. Carrying the overbearing shadow of All For One on his shoulders, Shigaraki seems to be a victim of his terrible circumstances. Redemption is indeed possible.

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