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The New Year’s Eve season, which closes the 2020 sales period is considered the best season, is just around the corner and, for the first time, it will occur in the middle of great changes. The words “Christmas” and “New Year” begin to be on everyone’s mind, but also the way in which Mexicans will experience these important dates, due to the changes derived from the current global pandemic .

The need for businesses of all sizes, especially micro and small businesses, to have a good digital presence, along with the ability to sell online, has become more important than ever. According to the latest study carried out by the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), in its “Report 5.0: Impact of COVID-19 on Online Sales in Mexico” , online purchases increased eight percent, from 31% to 39% in just six months. This report also reveals some of the top reasons to shop online during the pandemic: not wanting to leave home (50%); avoid crowds in stores (44%); find more promotions and discounts on the Internet (37%); and to be able to pay with different payment methods (21%).

In addition, one of the factors that prevented people from buying online until the pandemic began was the perception of lack of security through digital channels; However, the current situation has allowed the industry to take a step forward in this regard – by October 2020, 73% of those surveyed by AMVO said that they perceived online shopping as very safe or somewhat secure.

Today, creating an online store can be considered one of the most important steps for any entrepreneur, given the challenging situation we are currently facing and the upcoming Christmas season. In fact, according to information from the National Association of Supermarkets and Department Stores ( ANTAD ), it is estimated that e-commerce sales will grow by more than 40% between November and December of this year compared to the rest of 2020.

At GoDaddy we are committed to supporting Mexican entrepreneurs and we would like to share five tips that you can consider, not only to have an online store , but to encourage you to take it to the next level:

1. As visible as possible

In many cases, when deciding how to sell online, entrepreneurs believe they must choose only one channel or option; However, the best strategy and current trend is to combine as many channels as possible, since each one can offer you different possibilities. While social media is perfect for promoting your products or services, interacting closely with your customers, and driving traffic to other channels, an online store within your website allows you to customize the design and display of your products, design the purchase process from start to finish, use marketing tools to connect with your customers, connect through your social networks, make decisions about payment and shipping methods, just to mention a few aspects. You may also want to consider simultaneously having your products for sale in an online marketplace, in addition to having your own online store.

The combination of all possible channels can be a successful strategy for your business.

2. Let your customers know about the special actions you will have in the Christmas season. The sooner the better.

Take advantage of the different digital channels and your online store to communicate the measures and actions you plan to take during this season. For example, introduce new products, sanitation measures, delivery protocols, and of course, the special promotions that you will carry out during this season. You can even get ahead of your competitors when it comes to reporting to your current and potential customers.

3. Seasonal surprises!

We all like surprises that benefit our wallet. Hand in hand with the communication of your actions, spread the news of the surprises that you have prepared for your clients this end of the year. Discount for the first purchase, promotions for product packages, flash sales, loyalty programs, a different promotion for each day of the week, and even a discount code for potential customers who did not complete a purchase the first time, are some of the ideas you can take into account.

4. Protect your business and your customers

The safety of both your customers and your company must be of the highest priority. To help ensure that your online sales reputation is better protected, your buyers will expect their payments and transactions to be secure. To address this issue, make sure your website is protected to provide security for your customers. You can add an SSL certificate to help further protect the transmission of personal information from the site. This additional security measure will be visible to your customers with the lock icon in the browser and the “safe site” indicator displayed in the browser’s URL line.

Another important reason is this, did you know that search engines favor “https” encrypted websites and will place them higher in search results?

5. Get ready to increase your sales

A common mistake that entrepreneurs can make is not planning an increase in their sales based on previous analysis. Planning an increase in your sales and stock, considering the behavior of your business in previous months or editions, can help you improve the experience of your customers. Additionally, the current challenging situation and uncertainty can trigger various unforeseen events that can affect your customer experience. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have product inventory ready, shipping providers lined up, and other activities ready for when orders start to arrive.

In this way, you can try to avoid clutter, lack of stock, a problem with shipments, or cancellations of appointments or orders. In addition, you can attend to the needs of your customers when they need it and help increase their preference and loyalty.

Finally, remember that in all channels – social networks, marketplaces and your own online store on your website – you must consider all the available options that best suit the needs of your business. For example, if you already have an online store on your website, or if you want to implement it for the first time to take advantage of the season, GoDaddy can help by providing you with all the tools you need, from hosting and domain to security and marketing tools. Finding the best possible allies to help you achieve your goals can optimize your efforts this holiday season.

At GoDaddy , we’re ready to help you prepare your small business for the big year-end sales season and stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serving your customers.

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