The current pandemic has revealed one necessary truth about work: It doesn’t need to be done in an office. In fact, not having to commute and being able to work in your pajamas probably makes you even more productive.

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But what kind of jobs can one do at home? You may have thought that it was a lot of marketing and writing. Customer service, sure. Maybe IT or engineering. But no — according to FlexJobs, it turns out that there are a variety of specialized remote jobs that (were you qualified) you could be doing right now.

Your next job could be on this list.

Life coach

Do you have a bachelor’s degree and several years of life coaching experience? If so, you could be a corporate life coach who helps employees set goals, create action plans and unlock their full potential.

You might also be interested in jobs as a health coach or a behavioral coach — all from the comfort of your own home.

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Mixology and bartending instructor

If you know your way around a bar, then there’s an online job for you. As a mixology instructor, you’ll lead classes in how to make cocktails and serve them with flair. The only downside? No tips.

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Festival coordinator

Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean festivals are over. Sundance must go on. Though you won’t get to visit Park City, Utah, next January, if you’re experienced in marketing and coordination, you can still be a part of the movie magic.

The festival coordinator will be the point person for all media questions, create timelines for advertising and track the marketing budget (among other things). Late nights are definitely a requirement.

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Home stylist

It’s time to put your interior design skills to work. If you have experience pulling a room together and your home is the envy of all your friends, then you might want to consider applying for this job; which bills itself as an opportunity to help clients discover their style and turn houses (bland) into homes (warm, comforting, inviting).

Unless your client wants their home to be a fortress of solitude. Then that’s fine, too.

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Prop styling photographer

Do you have a passion for photography? Would you like the objects in your home featured in an online publication? Do you have the creativity to take a brief like “How To Get Out Stains” and turn in photographs worthy of the Getty Museum? If so, then you might want to seek out this opportunity, which will see you turning household tasks into works of art.

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